Tuesday, 17 April 2012

TMI - illicit skills

If you are hesitant about confessing crimes…lie…be creative.

1. Do you know how to pick a lock? Have you ever used this skill to gain unauthorized access?

Nope, more likely to go for grabbing the keys and being blatant. I'm not one for snooping.

2. Do you know how to open a safe with a rotary combination lock? Have you ever used this skill to gain unauthorized access? What did you find?

Nope, if I could I would be able to remove the 3 bike locks that are attached to my damn bike!

3. Have you ever made a copy of a key you were not supposed to have? Did you use it to gain unauthorized access? What were you looking for? Did you find it?

Nope, again not into snooping, I'm quite respectful of others privacy.

4. Have you ever stolen or guessed a password? Did you use it to gain unauthorized access? What did you do?

Nope, but I do know most of the husbands passwords but never used them except for his bank account :)

5. Do you know how to get data from a computer that requires a password you don’t know?

Nope, but I know a man who can!

6. Do you know how to record a telephone call? Have you ever done so secretly? Did you hear anything interesting? What?

I do but only done it for work purposes and to record how drunk and abusive my mum was.

7. Have you ever used a webcam or nanny cam to photograph someone secretly?

Nope, YSL is very willing behind the camera. I did suspect someone was filming me once so I unplugged their camera and switch plugs off to be sure.

8. Have you ever used an infrared camera to photograph someone secretly in the dark?

Nope as above!

9. Have you ever learned anything important by deliberate eavesdropping?

Yes! But only on the kids and I use my intel carefully, I read their face book messages and I've banned them from changing passwords so I can do this. It's not to be nosey, just trying to keep them safe on-line.

10. Do you know how to hot-wire a car?

Nope. TWOCKING isnt my thing.(taking without consent..)


I do know how to steal a kiss, take someone's swinging virginity and turn a previously vanilla guy into a bad man with a penchant for cropping me until I beg him to stop. (you can see each strike, 8 in total from Sunday night)

Bonus: Have you ever been paid for your sexual skills? What skill(s) did you perform?

Nope I'm far to much of an enthusiast to make it pay! It would be like working in a cake shop and letting everyone have a taste for free.

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  1. Always loving your answers YUMMY!!!



  2. Great answer to #7. Nice to know that when we meet we'll be able to see the camera and not worry about being filmed secretly. :)

    Your answer to #9 was wonderful as well. You're a good mum.