Tuesday, 13 March 2012

TMI - top 10

Let your imaginations run free because we want to know what secret something or someone you’d add to your wishlist.

1. We all know and love a Top 10 list, who or what is number one on your wishlist? Famous men on my top 10 list would include Gerard Butler, Ashley Banjo and Ralph Fiennes on account of looking like YSL when he does his sultry come to bed eyes.

2. Tell us 2 naughty things you’d put on your wishlist and 2 more naughty or nice things you’d add to the list.

So hard to even think of 1 never mind 2!! Does going back to Cap D'Agde count? This time more prepared and confident....

Others for the list...
I've recently enjoyed being centre of attention at the swing club, something I never thought I'd have the confidence or desire to do but it has been amazing, down to the affection and care YSL gives me. I would like to explore this more and maybe try it blindfolded so I can just enjoy the sensations.

We are still waiting to enjoy our first Bi MMF, between cancellations and us being extremely fussy it hasn't happened yet, I'm sure it will be all the better for waiting and being selective.

3. Your order has been mixed up and instead of your selected gift you receive Fireman Sam (see http://mollysdailykiss.com/2011/12/07/inflation/). What do you do?

Pucker up and get blowing!

4. The miss-delivery is sorted and you get the right order. Because of the mix-up you’ve also received a free gift voucher for one of many new accessories available to enhance your new wishlist item. What do you choose?

A new sexy piece of lingerie or maybe some nipple clamps if they have any big enough for my nipples!

5. Your best friend arrives at your back door just as the courier (who is to die for) arrives at the front door with your accessory delivery. What do you do? (choose one)
a) usher your friend away because it’s ALL YOURS! and you can’t wait, let alone share
b) tell your friend to come inside with the intent to have them join in
c) what the heck, two’s company, four’s an orgy! (invite the courier in as well)

Hmm I'm stuck at the first line... My best friend has arrived at my back door

Bonus: Do you have a real wish list in the works? If yes, what’s on it?

I have some new naughty toys on there way to use, lots of cock rings to try, lingerie and some BDSM items so we should have some fun trying that lot out. We will probably take a load with us on our next #YummyOnTour which is at the end of the month.

I'm wanting to see what's in your toy box and giving away over £200 of l toys here http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2012/03/competition-to-win-your-share-of-over.html


  1. You do have some large nipples. We adore them.

  2. Mmm, Gerard Butler. :D

    I love nipple clamps but I'm so picky about them, it's hard to find any that fit the way I like. C'est la vie!

    Nice answers, happy Tuesday!

  3. The right pair of nipple clamps can be a pain (hahaha) to find! I hope you find it soon!