Thursday, 8 March 2012

Competition to win your share of over £200 of sex toys

I get lots of emails asking about sex toys I use, brands and what things I get the most pleasure from. With this on mind I'm about to launch a new page on my blog all about my favourite sex toys, posting updates of whats toys I'm enjoying and any reviews I think you will enjoy and I want you to join in.

I want to know what's in you toy box, send me a picture, tell us about which are your favourite toys of the moment and include pics of you using them if you feel inclined. I also want to know what's on your toy wish list.

If you send me 'what's in your sex toy box' I will add a link to my main blog page as well as the toy page, the post will be linked back to you and I will send you a 'toy box badge' for your blog. If the post is totally awesome i will also post it on my main blog. And the even better news is... I've got over £200 of sex toys to give away to the 3 best entries. I will be enlisting a couple of naughty friends including YSL to judge the best. You can post it on your blog as well after the winners are announced if you want.

You don't have to have a blog to take part either, if you want to share the fun you are having I'm very happy to just host the post.

Email your posts and pics to yummyx72(at) along with your blog details and what name I should use on the link.

Closing entries for the competition are the 31st of March.


  1. That's quite the stash you've got there! We might have to see if we can gather up our own collection and take a few shots.

  2. I've got a picture of my collection, but seeing as my camera was nicked and I've got new toys.....

  3. I need to get on this!! Will e-mail soon!