Friday, 2 March 2012

So many men

I spent the afternoon working at YSL’s place, its relaxing just being in his presence even if we are distracted by other priorities. The evening plans weren't set as yet but the backup plan is to head to the club. After a few email exchanges with potential playmates we resolve to head to the club as nothing was ticking all the boxes for us.

Before getting ready we were in bed naked, enjoying closeness and conversation. I was so aroused and begged for him to let me cum, initially he declined and said it would have me in a state for going to the club. After more begging and pointing out regardless of cumming or not I would be in an aroused state, the point was unarguable and he parted my thighs and masturbated me until I came. I tried to hold back I was enjoying his playing with me but his actions and my arousal were too much.

We dressed and headed to the club later than usual but we are getting to realise that nothing much gets started until after 10.

In the bar we chat with a guy we met the previous week on our Yummy On Tour night at Le Chambre. I have no intention of playing with this guy but Ive certainly warmed to him as a nice guy on the swinging circuit. One of the guys we had been messaging before we came out joined us, he leant in for a kiss with me which was tainted by the taste and odour of cigarettes, we enjoyed chatting but the adverse happened that the more I chatted with this guy who had eaten my cunt of a few occasions the less I liked him, its a good job he can lick well because his social abilities suck.

We get undressed and go for a look around the play rooms, there isn’t much happening in any of the rooms so we head back for another drink. Mid way through our second drink the bar virtually emptied which seemed to indicate play was happening. We often are the first to play at the club but I think both of us were in the mood very much to only join in with what we wanted. We resigned ourselves to one last look around and to head home if nothing interested us, knowing fine well that the sex alone is far from a disappointing end to an evening. To our surprise and delight there were 2 couples playing on one of the main beds/platforms. There was a perfect space between them for us. I lay back and YSL started licking my cunt. The bed only allows access from one side so sandwiched between the 2 other couples and YSL lapping at my cunt only select players that were either already on the bed or invited would get a chance to touch so I was able to totally relax and enjoy.

Before long hands from the couple on the left of me reached for a breast and the same from my right, The woman on my right also move so she could suck and play with my nipples. One of the guys who had been playing with the woman on my right moved across and offered his cock to my mouth. I took it and whilst mentally it fuelled my arousal being so much the centre of attention, his cock was far short of adequate or even a mouthful. To my left another cock is offered to my hard, YSL has moved to fisting me so he can watch whilst I'm receiving so much pleasure. It the first time I haven’t hesitated in this situation, just gone with the moment without worry, YSL has me feeling confident and able to relax and drink it all in. Ivan, a club regular, who is extremely well endowed offers his cock in place of the little guy. I can hardly get my hand around it and welcome the sensation. Another guy replaces the cock in my left hand, his cock is also huge, I’ve seen him in the club loads and he has previously wanted to play and I've declined, Id never seen his cock before which is strange given that I’ve seen him fuck.

Right at this moment I have 1 woman, 1 man feeling my breasts, 2 larger than average cock in my hands and YSL is fisting me. There are a few on lookers masturbating their hard cocks and tentatively trying to get in the queue. I came as I did the inventory in my head, counting up how many people were right now aroused by me and were showing me. I must of nearly broke YSL’s hand I had cum so many times but this last one I could feel my cunt take hold of him and not let go.

I sit up and cling to YSL as I shudder, I need to be just his now. I feel all my juices flood out of me as I sit there trembling.

YSL takes me to the bathroom just to hold me in private, he knows I need it more than anything right now. We dress and head home, I need to be close and more than anything I need him inside me. As we get under the covers he is almost instantly pushing his hardness between my lips and telling me how much he enjoyed seeing me get so much pleasure. He knows Im feeling guilty, he reassures me without me even having to voice my concerns. The warmth of his cum filling me is so rewarding, I'm still aroused though and I take hold of the Hitachi and hold it to my clit. I ask him to finger my hole and guide his hand to my arse. He gets the lube and presses a couple of fingers inside. I want more and ask for it, pushing back in him and taking all he could give me. I feel another strong orgasm start to build as he is pushing all his fingers inside up to the knuckles. I don’t want to cum yet I want to take all of him but its not negotiable, my body has already committed to cumming and it washes over me, My own cum mixed with his is felt hitting my thighs as I shudder with sheer pleasure.


  1. So many men. A pity that I wasn't amongst them.


  2. that was a very erotic post... loved it....

  3. The perfect way to end a memorable evening. Awesome post!

  4. Always such a pleasure to read about yours a d YSL's wonderful, intimate and exciting adventures. So very hot and so much love and trust. X

  5. Great stuff, love reading about your adventures.