Tuesday, 22 February 2011

TMI - Coitus Interruptus

Topic: coitus interruptus - have you ever had sex interrupted by

1. phone or visitor
Yes! Several occasions, once though I took a conference call with a client while my partner continued to lick me.

2. sickness or injury
Yes! Both knee caps popped out of joint (a frequent occurrence as I broke them both when I was younger) but worse thing was his parents were due home any moment and I was stuck ontop!

3. a fight
nope, I’m a lover not a fighter, I rarely even raise my voice unless in defense of others

4. a sex technique disagreement
Yes! I will not do 69, Apart from a man would have to be over 6ft 4 to manage the logistics of me being so tall, I can not concentrate on giving head when getting attention. Why rush it, spend time on each other?? At least that was my argument he said I was selfish I put my pants on and left

5. an enviromental problem such as excessive cold or heat
Yes! Hotel had no aircon and it was so hot outside, no air circulating, we had been fucking for a few hours and the sweat was pouring out of us to the point we both got dehydrated, we went to the bar got drunk and then restarted the fun when refreshed and armed with a bucket of ice

6. lack of preparation
Yes! Why would a guy who swings not bring condoms? He thought I wouldn’t mind FFS!

7. any other amusing or interesting cause
hmm… stopped to be sick? Does that count? All that motion of the ocean as we fucked while very drunk made me a tad green around the gills!

Or perhaps cum in my eye lol god that stings more than you would think! I spent the following half hour bathing my eye in bathroom.

Wishing you a tantalizing Tuesday Virtual sin for these suggestions last week.

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  1. 1. Wow not THAT's multi-tasking. Not to mention you heave one helluva concentration level.

    2. Yummy you have had some crazy, unbelievable predicaments.

    Happy TMI Tuesday