Thursday, 17 February 2011

HNT and the rest of the circus night

So the MAN BIRD is escorted out the room and after a calming walk in the car park and alot of mouth wash the get back in the mood. The next part of the evenings surprise is here, the phone rings, J tells me he has a couple coming but as ever the woman cant make it! same old story, we tell him to go away but he suggest he invites his other couple friends to join.

We decide what the hell, the night cant get worse, 30mins later he calls again they have arrived. we bring them to the room and the nightmare (which you have to laugh at) begins. The woman is a gob on legs, she doesnt shut up, she is ranting ob how she wants fucked, how she never got fucked at the weekend and that she doesnt need to know our names or anything, just fucked. the single guy is quiet and says nothing. The hubby is vile and im being complimentary and kind with that comment. Me and J decide best way forward is just to enjoy ourselves so we play on the bed with each other. They all get naked and the woman stands at the side of the bed wanking both guys.

For the first time she has gone quiet, she is watching the TV (thats the television in case you thought MAN BIRD has reentered the room) she is catatonic no expression just wanking and watching. I start to giggle. J leans in to pretend to kiss me to hide my laughter. We both make an approach on her thigh and she does nothing, no moment or reaction. its mad!!!

Im sucking J no and her husband asks to take the rear gaurd. J tells him to put on a condom and he refuses, he says he's had the snip, ffs! what planet is he on??? he thinks its because I dont want his ugly children!

Because I wont play bareback he removes himself from play, his wife is now catatonic but on J's cock saying nothing, no expression of pleasure and he has a very pleasurable cock indeed!

They decide to leave (thank god!) but the other guy thinks he is invisible, he still hasnt spoken, just stood there wanking as this bizarre woman starts ranting again and telling us about her husbands heart condition while me and J fuck merrily on the bed. She seems oblivious to us ignoring her and enjoying ourselves.

As the room emptied we roll around laughing on the bed. pinching each other to check this was real, the night had been inexplicably mad! We soon got down to business and played long and hard all night. J hasn't fucked my ass before but this night he did, he also indulge a few other of my pleasures.

Cant wait for next time!

Join in the fun...

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  1. There really are some odd people about!!! Still, lovely HNT pic, and lucky guy to be in it with you!

  2. Wow sounds like a very odd night, but still lots of fun with J, he sounds amazing. Very sexy pics as usual, Happy HNT.

  3. That was funny and hot and just all round amusing. Great HNT! Loved every second. And the images too, of course!

  4. absolutely loving that first pic!

    circus clown

  5. Love the completeness and fun in your posts, plus your way sexy ;)

  6. I mean, he really wanted to sleep with you bareback???? He gets the idiot award!!!!
    Sounds like the two of you ultimately had a good time with each other....that is usually the best anyway!!!

    BTW, I have missed you babe!