Tuesday, 19 April 2016

TMI Tuesday - I see you

I see you

1. Have you ever had sex in front of other people? What were the circumstances?
Gosh, can’t really recall from the top of my head…..oh, hang on, I think I may have done. The circumstances?? Let me see….
  • When I arranged a party in Scotland, selected who could come and then enjoyed what unfolded around me for the rest of the night
  • When I was on my first sex club visit with YSL in Blackpool tied to the wall as YSL teased me
  • When I visited a sex club on a weekly basis and assorted highlights over that period were:
    • Several men masturbating over me resulting in a large number of heavy hot jets of cum being shot all over my tits
    • My first experience of a black man fucking me on a four poster bed whilst a large, appreciative audience looked on in states of arousal
    • A 14some in one of the rooms that was just a mass of excited bodies where we all just reached out to each other, stroking, caressing, touching, kissing and generally pleasuring each other such a hedonistic atmosphere where everyone was in tune with the moment. A particular highlight of that scene was a very nice lady lying down on her back whilst I straddled her face, she pleasured my dripping cunt, YSL was fucking her and as we were face to face, we held each other above her and kissed, what a heavenly triangle that was.
    • At the end of one evening, YSL was fucking me from behind, he came in me, then he whispered in my ear, “stay there”. Unknown to me a regular guy who has a huge cock had been alongside all of the time and he entered me straight after YSL
    • On a BDSM night, YSL was spanking me whilst I bent over a gym horse. YSL started spanking my cunt, all of the while we were watching a very attractive couple that we first met earlier in the evening and got on very well with. He was very handsome, and she had great ‘boob spillage’ over the top of her corset. I got more and more aroused with the cunt spanking and the thought of enjoying the couple that my cunt suddenly had the tap turned full on and an absolute torrent of juices flowed from me onto the hard concrete floor. The splashing could be heard as it gushed onto the floor soaking all of my legs and that of YSL.
    • When had the wife of a husband approach me on a bed and ask if I could suck her husband’s cock again because he had enjoyed it so much earlier in the evening. So polite, but so arousing too to have the wife ask on the husband’s behalf.
  •  When we visited a club called The Attic and I first met a very delightful, tall, handsome man who fucked me so well in the couples room whilst others looked on and YSL masturbated to the show before him
  •  When we visited a club called Chameleons and I was shared in the couples room with YSL and the handsome man above. I was held by one whilst the other one fucked me and they then swapped roles. It was heavenly.
  • Prior to visiting a club called La Chambre we checked into our hotel shortly after lunchtime and as we had a few hours before the club was due to open, we decided to amuse ourselves with a pre-club 3some so put up an ad on Fabswingers for a single male to join us. An eligible male quickly came forward and we retired to the bar whilst he made his way across town. 3some fun followed in our room that included him fisting me as we proceeded to drink more wine and then it was time to kick our male out,
    go for an Italian meal and then on to La Chambre. Fantastic pizzas at the restaurant accompanied with more wine and by this point we were drunk, horny and ready for the taxi. We stumbled in to the club and a lot of that night is a blur, but what is well remembered is that we spent a night being the bread of a 3some sandwich with BBW model Lexie Cummings as the filling in the middle. 
    Lexi was kind enough to give her business card at the end of the evening and we even took a lovely photo of her delicious bottom, which she kindly posed for.

    We really liked Lexie and we think that you will too, so here is the sexy lady herself in action
    and a bonus one too
  • When were away on a business trip I decided that we should pass the time in the hotel by arranging a 5some, so our three guests were a black guy, his female partner and a single female who had the most delicious full boobs. A few image highlights can be enjoyed here 
  •  It was a warm summers day and we were sitting in the garden. As it was such a nice day I thought that the appropriate thing to do was to arrange a 5some for the evening as I thought that YSL might like that ;-) He contacted a very nice full figured lady that we know, she then invited a male partner, I called a very attractive lady, the room was booked and we enjoyed a very nice evening/night.
  • Had a few group sex scenarios in various houses
  • Possibly done a few other things……….but you know, deep down I think that all of this sort of sex nonsense should be all done behind closed doors and never mentioned in public ;-)

2. You are invited to Adult Show & Tell. What is it that you will show and tell.
Thank you for inviting me here today. I would like to show you how I like to have anal sex and I would like to tell you that as my shaved cunt is currently unoccupied that I think that you should lick it and drink all of the juices that are produced from me being so aroused. Thank you.

3. What part of your body do you like to show off?
My cunt is a perennial favourite, but as soon as it is shown it always needs attention. Here is an example of how it needed a peg and hand one day.

4. What part of the human body do you enjoy looking at the most?
Hmmm, I enjoy all parts, and as I enjoy showing my cunt, I do of course savour cock, so here’s a nice pic of my two favourites together.

5. When you watch porn, what is it that you most enjoy seeing?
Me? Porn??? Alright then, perhaps I have masturbated to this genre just once or twice in my life

Bonus: Post a pic of your body part that you like to show off.
It just seems more natural when this body part has a friend alongside it :-) 

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  1. "A 14some in one of the rooms that was just a mass of excited bodies"

    I like to consider myself rather liberal in my sexual tastes and never judge others for what they like. But 14? That's disgusting! What a slut you are.

    Anything more than 12 people is depraved and shouldn't be allowed! It's just wrong.

    ; )