Friday, 1 April 2016

Towering Fetish

Perusing the forums section of, I came across an intriguing thread that had a lot of people excited about the idea of women towering over them. As you will likely know, Yummy is 6 foot in stocking feet and her single profile was very explicit that you had to match her in height to stand any chance of her arranging a meet. I had never previously given any thought to a woman’s height in any way whatsoever, never mind about it being a sexual fetish, I had always just accepted a woman as who she was, regardless of stature, but it seems that tall women are very much prized by many men.

Since meeting Yummy, I have never felt intimidated by her height or thought of her differently to other women that I have known who have been a lot shorter, however I do feel a certain sense of pride (and admitted amusement) when I see other men looking at her in a sexual way who are considerably shorter than her and are clearly in awe of her.

The first memorable occasion occurred in a UK swingers club. We were in one of the rooms that had a large bed situated with the head of it up against a wall, but with plenty room on all three other sides to either view or join in. The room was reasonably busy with about three or four couples playing on the bed and a host of men and a few couples viewing on watching what was some very hot action. We entered the room and decided to watch. We were situated with our backs to the wall facing the bottom of the bed. In front of us was this small Indian guy who looked to be late 20’s and about 5’ 4” tall (short). He turned his head around, initially just to see who was standing behind him and from looking straight ahead (at his height), he was clearly surprised to only see tits and a tummy. I distinctly remember his head slowly tilting upwards like it was a cartoon and he was hesitant to see how high this giant was that had snuck in behind him and was only mere inches from his nose. He then saw her face and his face then went from one of confusion to pure joy. All of this time, Yummy was focused on the bed action in front of us, however there was now an even greater thing of interest to our new Indian friend. He just kept his gaze on Yummy and although it sounds completely unPC, in fairness we were in a darkened room and he was of Indian heritage, the dominant features that I could see were the whites of his eyes as his pupils looked upwards and the beaming smile from his teeth.

It was funny, rather than creepy or uncomfortable……and no he didn’t get any further with us….although he did enjoy looking on as we tussled with others that night.

The second memorable occasion was in Cap d’Agde. We were walking through the shopping centre one evening having just gone past Melrose on our way to Port Nature. It was busy with people walking both ways when a small Japanese guy suddenly saw Yummy at the last moment as he was walking towards us and was clearly transfixed with her stature. He must have only had the chance to see her face on for literally two seconds due to the crowds and then turned as we passed just to get those vital extra nanoseconds of viewing time, when he stumbled and fell to the ground. We glanced back and he didn’t appear to be hurt in any way so we just kept on moving.

I did inadvertently set up a meet for us with a couple where the guy was 5’ 3” (I hadn’t appreciated the height factor at the time) and perhaps we’ll talk about that another day, but for the moment to provide you with an idea of how that night went, here is a little vid to provide some first clues.

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