Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring time, sexy time

Spring has sprung! Supposedly the warmer weather makes us want to strip down and get down. Tell TMI Tuesday blog about your sexy spring.

1. Spring time we start to show more skin. Do you shave (e.g., legs, chest, pubic area, back) more in the spring than you did in the winter?
Absolutely no difference whatever the season, it is always shaved cootch for me and trimmed for YSL

2. Do you or would you have sex with the windows open in the spring?
Oooh, gosh how daring!!! Sex with the window open, whatever next??
Sure, I’ll have sixteensomes on a public beach, I’ll get fucked by complete strangers that I never see in a completely pitch black dark room, I’ll take a series of black men fucking me one after another in a sex club, I’ll take two fists up my cunt, but open the window, now that is just attempting to push my boundaries too far.

3. Does your body confidence improve as the weather gets warmer and your body is less covered?
LMFAO said it best: “I’m sexy and I know it” :-)

4. Does warmer weather turn you on?
a. Yes, I see more skin and get turned on.
Because I’m a great voyeur (see this week’s Sinful Sunday)

b. No, I like winter– I like to make body heat.
Sure, sounds good to me

c. Well, I get frisky come spring and flirt more but don’t get more sex.
Because I enjoy good and great sex all year ‘round

d. No! I am very self-conscious about showing more of me; warmer weather and skimpy clothes bring out my insecurities.

5. Love, romance, and sex. For you, which of these gets better in spring?
It’s all good all year ‘round for me

Bonus: Thinking of a current relationship that is important to you, what “Spring cleaning” needs to be done? Meaning– Assess what serves you–what to you want to keep, what do you want to throw away?
YSL’s cock serves me well, so I’ll keep that.
To throw away, everyday life distractions that that I can spend more time enjoying cock.

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