Sunday, 16 January 2011

A week in review - sex in front of a log fire

3 orgasms (all gifted to myself)

1 man made love to me in front of a roaring fire (please note above lack of orgasms)

1 man said he had missed me and wants to get naked with me again. He is the man responsible for opening pandoras box and showing the sexual delights of the dark side, he has quite amusingly started to follow the blog as 'the box opener' so very very appropriate!!

6 of you liked my HNT and 3 liked my OHNT

I saw the farmer this week while I was out shopping. He looked hot, in builders gear and hard hat, was very arousing as he leant over and pecked me on the cheek but lingered.

Exciting news!!! I've been asked to judge sex blogger awards this year. Watch this space for details in the coming weeks of how and when to submit nominations etc.

1 comment:

  1. They couldn't have picked a better judge.
    I am unsure about the lack of orgasms in front of the fire.....hmmmm That always concerns me considering the amount of times my body can orgasm being touched right.

    BTW, you would cum every which way if you were in my arms!!!!