Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sinful Sunday - Tooled up for the job

For those that didnt see our picture last week for sinful Sunday(one of my most commented on pictures ever) we had a 3some mmf. After a few hours play and we were getting ready for the main course we retired to the bedroom. Our host disappeared for a few minutes and we made use of our time, kissing and caressing each over feverish and passionately, I hear him return, I turn to invite him in to our embrace and find him... Tooled up for the job!

Sinful Sunday

Friday, 29 June 2012

Swinging in Paris

Landed and on the train in to Paris and it finally hits me I've escaped again. I'm excited and ready for our adventure together. The hotel is another 15minutes walk and I'm grateful when it's finally in sight as ever YSL has chosen well the hotel is perfect and situated just up from the Louvre near the Paris Opera.

We dump our bags and find a wine bar to do some serious unwinding. It feels so French, the music, the cured meats, the bustle, everything just as it should be. Wine consumed we crawl into bed together and make love before falling asleep in each others arms.

I'm woke by the words "you are waking in Paris with your lover" he has opened the doors already and the room is full of light. He pulls me close and hugs me, I'm smiling already before I've opened my eyes fully.

He disappears between my thighs and wakes me fully as I cum courtesy of YSL's tongue. He joins me back at the pillows and slips his hardness deep inside me and kisses me with such passion. His excitement for our trip can be measured in hardness and inches, I can feel him positively brimming.

We both climax and curl up together and plan our day ahead, sightseeing and our main inspiration for our trip Les Chandelles tonight after taking in dinner.

Sight seeing is relaxing and indulging as its my first trip to Paris, YSL ensures I see the highlights and we take in lunch just off the Champs Élysées after taking in the Louvre, the designer shops, always hand in hand. Lazily we people watch, sip beers and devour fine food, his eyes loving me all the time.

We board a boat and enjoy the sights along the river, getting off to enjoy the Eiffle Tower, enjoying a rest in the sunshine before finding our way back to the hotel. Its hot and we have cover many miles on our feet and im ready for a cold beer and a rest.

 We spot a few potential restaurants and work out which street we think the club is on so we are organised for later.

We shower and clamber under the covers for an afternoon siesta but instantly his naked body presses against me sleep is the last thing on my mind. I instinctively push back against him and let outlet a moan as I feel his cock swell, his hands encircle my waist and caress my tummy as his cock pushes inside of me. YSL starts slow, giving me time to absorb every thrust until he pushes me onto my front and thrusts even deeper, taking my breath away and starter an orgasm to swell inside of me. He pushes one of my legs forward, I'm positioned like I'm climbing a wall especially as I claw at the bedding whilst his fingers push into my arse, preparing in for fucking. A few more hard thrusts has me cumming all over his cock, he retrieves it from my quivering cunt dripping with my wetness and slides it in to my arse without waiting for invitation.

I bite the pillow as the initial burn and sting takes me be surprise, he pauses, holding still but remaining deep, while I relax and acclimatise to his cock stretching my arse wide. He takes a handful of hair and pounds me hard, I feel his vock swell and stiffen more, the thought if him about to spill his cum deep inside me mix with him using my arse to please himself slams me into another climax that is amplified by the reality as I feel his warmth flood inside me.

Im still too aroused and he grabs is belt from his jeans and throws it towards my cum filled arse, it stings and caresses me and adds more fuel to the flames, its so aroused. The sound of each crack of the belt adds to the arousing nature of the moment. He's hard again and kneals behind me wanking and keeping me pressed into the bed. He is close to cumming I can tell by his breathing and he stuffs the tip into my arse again and gives me no pleasure but so much at the same time, filling me again with more cum before turning me over and holding me as he rubs my clit to a beautiful fulfilling orgasm.
I can hardly sleep but manage 20 minutes of a nap, enjoying watching him in a deep slumber. The alarm sounds and I'm already awake and forming my plan to get dressed, I'm nervous, we are about to go to the world renowned club and it's a huge pressure being judge don the door. I e-mailed them earlier in the week to check door policy for the night but no reply, we have both read the rules, the advice, the articles on the web, they form a mixed report but with a reoccurring theme that it's up market and classy. YSL has a sharp Boss suit, Ralph Lauren shirt and tie ready and I'm wearing my off the shoulder Garbo cocktail dress from my favourite designer Igigi, black classic patent heels and some seductive lingerie. I tie my hair up, Audry Hepburn style and add pearl earrings and necklace to finish the classic look. I would fit in at the Opera as well as the club tonight.

For all my concerns of if the door will let us in right now I don't care, YSL wants me and he is clearly pleased with how I look and likewise, if we had time I would drop to my knees and beg for his cock.

Its a little after 9pm as we head towards the club, it doesn't open until 11pm but we need to get dinner. I had noticed a quaint French restaurant earlier and as we study the evenings menu YSL kisses my neck and takes my hand leading me inside. We order the same and aren't disappointed by any course, the food is exquisite, complimented by good wine and perfect company.

The portions were perfect leaving us full but able to consider fucking. I reapply my channel lipstick and perfume and we walk the final 100yards to Les Chandelles. We know we are at the right address, approximately but unsure of which door, it's too discrete for us to identify until out of the darkness 2 men appear and ask in French if we are looking for the club. We register quickly they are security and we push the door they are pointing too and enter a dark waiting room area with a buzzer next to a hatch. Im aware we are on camera and avoid pulling any stupid faces and await the attention at the door. The door partially opens and an attractive gent in a black suit pokes his head round to address us.

He looks us up and down, taking in my imperfect curves and by his face I know his decission and his next words confirm it "ave you been before?" he says in a heavy French accent after trying the same in French and realising its easier for him to speak English.

"non" I say, trying to hide the already building disappointment

"it is members only tonight my friends, I am sorry" the door is shutting before anything else can be said.

We step back outside and YSL squeezes my hand, we already had a back up plan in plan "it's there loss" I say as we walk to get a taxis "we will try again tomorrow, maybe it will be a different policy" YSL adds.

I had already done the research and found Paris has dozens of other clubs, I read reviews and had a list in order of interest along with a map. YSL stops a cab and hands over the map and points at our next chosen destination Overside, a libertine club, from the reviews it sounds like a smaller scale Le Glamour, the nightclub being core to the fun and with play rooms.

The taxi pulls up at the address and we step out of the car, YSL looks around trying to guess which door it is, I point at the arched enterance leading to some steps, looking more like a subway enterance with harsh lighting, leading into an underground passage. A door opens to the right and music can be heard eascaping into the echoy passage. A security man can be seen, I stride up to the door and smile at the security guy, his eyes sparkled back and he opened the door again this time directing us to a small hatch where a pretty smiling lady greets us. Once my bad French is exhausted she runs through the rules in English and takes my bag.

The bar man, sexy as hell gets the order mixed up but resolves it with a smile and sends us on our way with an extra aperitif. I feel over dressed, everyone around is in a near naked state and after a nerve steeling drink I disappear and remove my dress, returning to YSL who's jaw has dropped as I strut back to him in only my bra and a fitted slip and of course my heels. It feels like the whole club is looking at me, I'm the tallest in here by far, the shorter men stare up and the ladies checking just how high my heels are.

YSL has his proud face on, he takes hold of me and kisses me passionately. The room is full of an eclectic mix but it seems predominately under 30 and thin. A stark contrast to the UK club scene, which I find is over 30 and all shapes and sizes, just sexually confident.

We enjoy people watching, amused by a guy who looks like a bad Elvis impersonator dancing like he is having a fit through to a hot red head pole dancing. A Thai girl takes over at the pole for a while until the track changes, clearly a Eurotrash chart topper with a line dance type routine and I wish I could record what we see before us, a line of naked and near naked people synchronised dancing with Elvis looking on with envy.

We finish our drinks and go to find the play rooms, they aren't obvious and after a few wrong turnings and discovering a chill out area YSL locks the location and takes me with him. To our left is a romanesk room, a central podium with a 3sum in full swing surrounded by a circle of couples fucking and playing on the encompassing seating. A large bearded chap sits on the outskirts watching with tented trousers, I think he would be suited to a toga and chewing on a turkey leg as he watches the orgy.

We turn a corner and a couple sit chatting on the edge of a small play bed and on the right a man has his face buried in a woman's cunt licking her as she lies out stretched with her back arched porn style. The next corner takes our breath away, neither expecting as much activity but both delighted by what we see. To the corner of the room a large cage bed has a woman being fuck, she's all about the performance and it feels a little false she's playing with a woman who is stood at the cage enters cr trying to entice her inside but she is also being fucked from behind. All around the cage are coupled playing and fucking, we both enjoy watch the couple to our left, they both looked like they had just come from work, very professional and unassuming but right now with her dress pulled up, her panties round her knees and his cock deep inside fucking her hard they contradict everything. YSL pushes me against the bars and unzips his cock, slipping inside me and joining the throng of people fucking. It's getting busy and by the time I cum the room is packed.

We move to the next room and find a space on the large beds, along the corridor that lines the rooms is reminisant of the school disco, coupples frightened to join in just watch. as we play, people come and go, the traffic in the room has a high churn or as ever with have such hunger and stamina for sex we out play everyone. YSL fucks we hard from behind and then flis me over to fist me, a small crowd stops to watch, as ever our play is different to how the French do it but its appreciated and accept, the men particularily enjoyign the show. I swap places and falate YSL, His cock is emence and I enjoy lick my own juices from it. He doesnt want to come just yet and we retire back to the bar for refrechments and more people watching. Both of us tower over what seems to be a room full of petite people, again turning heads, I have mixed feelings of the attention but focus on the positive and drink in the looks YSL gives me as he appreciates every inch of me at the bar.

After the chill out we head back to the play rooms, its less busy and there is more room free. YSL is fucking me hard and an attractive couple come next to us on the bed, I get the feeling they are interested and its confirmed when we touches my breasts after and encouraging look from her partner. she un zips his pants and starts to suck him, shes a tad pissd and messing around and his cock isnt stiffening. he offers it to me and I take it. I suck lick and cajole it while YSL pounds me even harder, his cock is still semi flacid and I give up on what clearly is stage fright and cast his cock down just as he cums, good timing on my part, I congratulate myself on dodging the mess and try not to giggle as the pissed girlfriend, unaware that the flacid cock had indeed been spent and she is down dragging her hair through it.

We change positions and the guests leave, the girl shrieks at the sticky mess now decorating her cleek dark bob, more group scenes errupt around us but all I want is YSL. I know there is noone else in the room he strikes an interest for, the the young, pretty French people are trying to out porn fuck each other instead of just letting go and being natural.

We grab one last drink, accompanied with some macaroons (my fav) and try our luck in the roman orgy room. The play is lacking the depth of passion we both yearn for and YSL suggests we head back to be alone.

its about 4am and outside its raining heavy as we emerge from the subway type exit, the valet hails us a taxis, from the inside of the car the lights of Paris are blurred and colurful as we race through the streets, its almost like a scene from a movie, YSL kisses my hand and squeezes it gentle to communicate his want to be close to me.

The rain lets up for the brief moment we exit the cab and enter the hotel, im still soaked through though and need to get my dress off, for so many reasons. In the room YSL pulls me close and kisses my exposed flesh between my neck and my breasts, I remove my dress and shed the underwear, I want to be naked and made love too.

Part 2 is here - Swinging in Paris - Part 2

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Naughty Hangout - Theme 'Water'

Fresh water pearls...

Quite 'clean for me I know but for those that want the naughtier me....

Water ....

my arse filled with it, slowly expanding me, making me feel so full
the video of it is HERE (and dont worry no yakky stuff just water)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sinful Sunday - Watching me

Yesterday we had our first planned MMF, the host for our night was bi, generous and quite able.

This is a moment YSL sat back and masturbated as he watch a man eat me.

Make sure you check out all of this weeks players and the link to my Pussy Pride update HERE

Sinful Sunday

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Naughty Hangout - theme peak

My peaks with the aftermath of YSL in a 'fit of peak', I adore the reward of his warmth as it hits me, showing me how much I arouse him.

Go see who else played

Monday, 18 June 2012

TMI - Happy Birthday

1. What star sign are you?


Just grabbed this off the net from HERE and it is frighteningly close to the truth!

Your sexuality is lively, lusty and adventurous. You love to break new ground, in sexual encounters as in everything else and you are quite willing to go for what you want. Ruled by Jupiter, the grand leader of the gods, you are expansive and all-encompassing in your tastes and interests.

You are uninhibited, ready to make love on impulse and not impressed with delaying tactics, or feeble, wimpy attempts to win your favour.

The most important issue for you is truth and honesty. You hate intolerance in all its forms (how's that for logic...?) and you are as open about your desires and sexual needs as you are about everything else.

Guilt and shame are foreign to your sexual persona and you do not have much patience with more convoluted souls in these matters. Lusty Sagittarius lays the cards on the table (and that might be a good place to get started...!).

Most people find you disarmingly friendly and you appreciate openness in return. Sex for you is fun and can be a doorway into higher awareness. You are anything but conservative in sexual matters and you are a sucker for the new and exotic, especially things redolent of adventure and far-away places.

Admirers should take note that making plans for travel at the drop of a hat, or intimate accounts of personal experiences in foreign parts will get your juices running. This should be followed immediately by passionate sex before the urge ebbs away..

2. Do you believe in horoscopes?

I didn't until I found that above! I do like the fun of them but I'm a firm believer in controlling our own fate and destiny.

3. When is your birthday?
December :) it has its draw back being so close to Christmas, often too many friends are busy with works parties and my pet hate is all my favourite restaurants switch to the 'Christmas menu" and reduce the standards of service just in time for my celebration.

4. What’s the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?

I think the gift of nothing was the worst especially as I thought he was kidding and I kept asking when I was getting my surprise all day. it all added to the embarrassment and annoyance later.

5. Are you organised when it comes to other people’s birthdays?
No, I'm terrible for forgetting others birthdays until the actual day but always make it up by trying to pick a great gift and a meaningful card.

6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
Drinks with friends is the normal for me, I generally have to arrange it though which Id rather someone else did. Kids normally bake me a cake that needs a health warning on it! I used to enjoy going out for dinner but as above I tend to avoid these days with the Christmas thing taking over so hubby normally buys in ingredients for a meal he cant cook and I have to rescue it.

7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why?
I think there are 2 ages that have brought with them positive change in my life  28 and 36. At 28 I really felt I knew who I was and had my goals so clearly fixed and I knew how to achieve them. I was very work focused though and when the children came along that changed. At 36 though I really found myself again, I took back control and made some positive changes in my life that brings me to this point in my life, I'm reasonably successfully work wise, I have brilliant and well mannered children, I have a lover that gives me so much joy and pleasure.

8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?
Food and drink with friends would be great, I wish that could include YSL, I'd love them to meet him but alas that will remain a fantasy.

Bonus: Tell us your best birthday memory?

The birthday just gone was probably my best, not the actual day as that was pretty crappy but 10days later YSL took me away and indulged me in a luxury weekend, packed full of love, great food, fantastic sex and some sight seeing. We spent so much time wrapped up in each others arms and just being close, I can still picture us giggling are we rolled around of the bed together.

This year is the big 40 for me, I'm dreading it for not the ageing reason but because I've heard that there is a surprise party in the offing. Just hoping he doesn't try to invite anyone I've used as overnight excuses to stay at YSL's!!

I'm sure me and YSL will have our own fun party to celebrate, I quite fancy the idea of a naughty party of our own with some of our friends new and old.
Bonus, Bonus:  May we see you in your birthday suit? (post a photo)

E- Lust 37

Photo courtesy of Molly at Molly's Daily Kiss

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What I Want - I want to be humiliated. Call me a slut. Call me a whore. Slap my face. Expose me.

Dinner Party Entertainment - At that moment, J's eyes went wide--he finally realized I was leaving him there, tied to the bed.

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My Abstinence Only “Sex Education” - The speakers were a married, Christian couple, and the man told us about how he had pledged to stay a virgin until he was married.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sinful Sunday - Sucking on double J's

2 foursomes this week which should make the score 2 cunts and 3 cocks but I declined both cocks on the sampler menu and enjoyed my usual with a side order of naughty lady on both occasions, what can I sat, I'm a fussy fucker.

Sinful Sunday

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pussy Pride and my vaginal revelation

Molly is championing pussy pride and I'm all for it! Go here to read more and join in

I had added to my proud thoughts as a recent revelation has occurred regarding my pussy and I thought I would share. I would love to here if anyone else has the same thing!

My pussy has many names depending on what I'm doing. At home its my fouffy or my twinkle
In the bedroom with my lover it's my soaking wet cunt.

I never had much if a relationship with my pussy until about 5 years ago, then we got intimate. I learned how to pleasure myself as previously it was almost by accident if I ever came.I

 remember when I was younger just entering pubity enjoying the feeling of filling my pussy, I used to use anything I could find in my bedroom, a firm favourite was my bed stead. I didnt dsicover my clit until I was much older and throughout my marriage it was the poor relation it seldom got touched if I was to cum it was down to me to put in the effort.

Since my sexual rebirth I now have a great relationship with my clit and understand that playing with it in certain was gives me differing pleasure. My clit gets so engorged and sensitive when I get aroused, it stands out of hits hood and is rigid like a small cock. sometimes it gets so hard it gets stuck out of its hood and needs a little lbe to ease it back inside. When I cum I go hyper sensitive and love the torture if being touched in such a state, even pinned down and forced to cum again.

My outer lips are big and fleshy, they close totally over my inner flower, I used to put a bullet against my clit and peg my lips together over it to hold it in place.

I'm shaved totally, I prefer the feel of it myself, I enjoy shaving myself but adore my lover doing it for me, or for him should I say, such intimacy and trust.

My inner lips are small and sensitive, I love the feeling as his tongue runs over them, lapping at my wetness as it flows from me.

I can achieve orgasm through penetration and I love to be fisted, the feeling of being so full, stretched to my limit turns me on. I can take both hands and YSL assures me my cunt feels just as tight around his cock after I have been stretched so much, I put that down to doing my Kegal exercises regularly.


My recent revelation though explains an awful lot of my preferences and some previously disappointing experiences. It turns out my cunt is set further back than most!

So many times Ive had to say "further back" when guys have been stabbing there cock in no mans land, even having a smear, ive never questioned it, just always accepted my vagina is where it is.

Having done some reading up on it it may answer why I adore anal and the sensations I find carry into both hole.  It also explains why Ive never found sex with short guys easy and define my preference for taller men

I love this explanation of it YSL found:

A Female that has her vagina positioned further back towards her bum. These females generally have the sexiest body. Furthermore these females are the best to have Doggy Style sex with.

Touch it, Lick it, suck it, spank it, bite it, fist it, fuck it, just respect and love it please.

Pussy Pride

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

TMI Tuesday - Think Kink - belated!

This is last week that I dint get to do with being away in Paris - this weeks is HERE

1. What’s the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically?
kink for me is me a mental state and I think its often that kinky is only the fiirts time after that its preference and pushing boundaries

2. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they?
I think I have lots..
Being woke while being played with

I adore anal play and like klismaphilia (introduction of liquids to the anus)
Pegs and clamps
Fisting including anal
sensory deprivation
Being restrained
Medical play

3. Have you ever been spanked? Did you enjoy it? Tell us more…
I adore being spank and cropped or flogged - lots of videos on the blog of this being done to me.

4. Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up? Did you use rope or  restraints?
Yes, ive tried both my preference is to be on the receiving end and I adore leather restraints but I also love YSL physically restraining me or making it abundantly clear not to move, or else!

5. Would you classify yourself as more dominant, submissive, a switch or entirely vanilla?
I consider myself submissive but do enjoy the odd moment throwing the flogger on some willing victims arse

6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?
there are so many but I think this moment tops it CLICK HERE

7. Have you been to a BDSM club? What was it like? If not, would you ever go to one?

yes and details here:
Clair Obscur
Dungeon Club

8. What’s your favourite fetish item or implement?
the riding crop, flogger and the speculum

9. Favourite kinky clothing material?
naked but i have always fancied trying being restrained with saren wrap :)

10. Thigh boots – love ‘em or hate ‘em?
love them

11. If you’re kinky, who knows about it? Do you tell people or is it a closely guarded secret?
its a secret

12. What are your personal limits?
I have a very detailed limits list wihich is amusing and informative HERE. if you want to do a version of this let me know and I will post a link

13. What’s your safeword and why did you choose that one?
we go for the traffic light system when playing hard, it allows me to say no as a natural response to pain but not stop play. In the main YSL reads me perfectly and Ive never had to say Red.

14. Which fetishes do you just really not get?
I think im very accepting of others fetishes and kinks, just because I don't want to be led round on all 4's and treated like a dog  doesn't mean I cant accept that others can be aroused and find reward in such behavior.
I get it but couldn't do it, not to be kissed or fucked, the ache must be so great.

Bonus:  Complete this sentence:  To me, Fetish, Kink and BDSM means…having an open mind and exploring every fantasy that crosses your path
How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!
Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday - done the most

I didn't get to do last weeks Think Kink as I was in Paris but ive just done it HERE so please take a look

We want to know what thing you’ve done the most times.
1. What sex position have you been in the most times?
I think spoons is likely to be the most likely as its one of my favorites, I adore feel YSL so close to me and his arms around me. Just his warmth pressed against me and he often kisses my neck and whispers to me his thoughts, desires or tells me the things we have done together or about to embark on.

2. What book have you read …?
Thats got to be Nancy Friday, My Secret Garden, certain pages are falling out and well thumbed with damp fingers from masturbating while reading it. 
Its just hundreds of fantasies people have written in to her to rationalise and evaluate, I must admit to not paying much attention to the 'what that means' part.

3. What movie have you watched …?
The most times is probably a kids film, Ice Age or Monsters Inc, and these days the Twilight saga I almost know word perfect but thats not been through choice. Usual Suspects and PS I Love Youprobably rank pretty high in number of times watched.

4. In the last week, who have you texted … ? (no names, list the relationship or type of person) My Dad we text each other loads

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten …? 
Too many snacks! with traveling last weekend, 6hours of driving without any stops and a car full of kids Ive sickened myself on Maoam's and crisps!

6. Today, which website have you visited …? what a great source of information and links to great sex bloggers all around the globe

7. When dining out, where have you eaten …?
Im not going answer this directly as its too specific to where I live but I will share my favorite type of food is a good steak and YSL introduced me to the Brazilian Rodizio Grill concept and we have been a few times, each time I have loved it.

8. Which sex toy have you used …?
The Hitachi! and I'm pleased to say YSL has just confirmed its packed for our night away tonight :)

BonusIs there something you’d love to go back and relive in your sexual past?
(Thank you to Husband of Two Sexual Minds for this week’s bonus question)
How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!
Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

YSL: masturbation, anal play, picobong sex toy and thinking of me

A wonderful contribution from YSL:

The weekend of four days and nights with Yummy in Paris and London taking in a couple of clubs, sharing her with a Frenchman and enjoying the sights and great food was absolutely wonderful. It was followed a couple of days later at YSL Towers with a very passionate morning that was rounded off by me giving her such a cropping that produced one very pronounced marking and a glowing red bottom that was described by the lady herself as a little 'ouchy'.

Yummy had to be away this weekend, so I was left to my own devices, but the problem was, and it is one that we both suffer from, the more sex we have, the more we want, it's almost like a drug!!! Being somewhat aroused, I exchanged some messages with some potential new 'friends' on the swinging site that we are members of and we now have a couple of 'meets' lined up for next week which are looking very promising and we certainly have one very enthusiastic lady who sent a text that included the line 'we'll meet at the pub.....with the knowledge that my house is only 10 minutes away'. Excellent!!!

Of course, all of the exchanges, viewing pictures, hearing about the fantasies of other couples and what they would like to do with us just got me even more worked up. Being Yummyless, the natural option would be straight masturbation, but I really wanted something different that would take me that bit further, then I remembered about the Picobong Tano Plug Vibe that Yummy got for me last week. I do enjoy anal play now and again when I am in the mood, the feeling of my prostate being massaged and stimulated really does provide an extra dimension both in masturbating and the incredible feeling during ejaculation.....and I was in the mood!!

I took it out of the box, unscrewed it to insert the battery and I must admit I was a little perplexed about how the thing actually switched on as there weren't any obvious buttons or sections to turn. Reading the manual that came with it wasn't helpful as it was talking about + and - buttons, then just as I was about to give it, I noticed the symbols were embossed into the logo on the side of the Plug. We were in business.

I tested out the range of settings that it had as the speed can be adjusted and there are various pulse settings, but it needs to be set before insertion.......well, unless you wish to fist yourself to push the buttons afterwards...which wasn't quite on my agenda that evening. I thought that I would go with the hard pulse option, but it was a little annoying rather than stimulating, however I got it right second time on hard continuous.

With my earlier attempts at switching it on taking so long, my erection had died down, so it was time for some coaxing back. I laid naked on the bed on my back and stroked my cock with thoughts of Yummy sitting on top of me running through my mind. I wanted my ass filled at this point too, so I gently lubed up my asshole and ran some over the Plug and placed the head at my entrance. It felt so smooth going in and by the time it was half way there, my body just took over and accepted the rest of it in by itself. Such a wonderful feeling for it to slip in so easily. Oh, the vibrations against my prostate were just what was needed and there was an added bonus that vibrations were also transmitted to the flared section, so there was a lovely tickling sensation just under my balls on my perineum.

The sensations just washed over me and within a couple of strokes of my penis, I was fully hard to bursting. My erection and my ass were the centre of my world as I continued wanking, drinking in all of the pleasure whilst thinking about Yummy straddled across me, her wonderful warm tummy lying on me giving me such comfort, the emotion in her face as she is impaled on me and me tightly holding her perfectly formed breasts.

With sex, I enjoy the journey just as much, if not more so than the final destination, so I like to take my time and hold back from cumming too early. I was slowly masturbating for about forty minutes with my Plug keeping me on the edge for most of the time, thinking about Yummy, kissing her and holding her when I suddenly knew that it was time to release my cum. I opened my eyes, watched myself increase the pace of my stokes and then just took in the joy of the fountain that shot out. At the same time, my ass was contracting and the intensity of the Picobong Tano Plug Vibe so heightened the sensation of my orgasm, just as I hoped that it would. I was in bliss. It was such relieve.

Sinful Sunday - totally taken

Sinful Sunday

It's been a tough weekend and I've never needed to be in YSL's arms more. To add to the frustration he has be alone and free all weekend whilst I'm miles away and doing my best to survive the weekend.

Despite the physical distance I've felt YSL's love, comfort and care, keeping my sanity in check and giving me plenty to smile about.

I will be posting a wonderful contribution from YSL later today, after reading it I'm aroused and enjoying the thoughts of being totally taken by him as I masturbate.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

HNT - TNH theme Vista and Brand

The first 2 are from the weekends Paris trip (obviously) I think the one with me looks like im naked in paris except for hand bag of course! and YSL is managing to pleasure even the the toughest of ladies.

as for brand... my arse branded by YSL and the YSL official shop in Paris, we had to get that pic!