Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

First thank you to all my readers, lurkers and commentators alike, my twitter friends and fellow bloggers. I hope 2013 was everything  you wished for and 2014 brings you more.

It's been a strange year for me blog wise. Following the blog awards ridicousness and the stream of hateful messages for months after and continued trolling by misguided idiots I have struggled to keep up posting as much. I started blogging to have an outlet and a friend to talk to about my adventures and I have neither the time or requirement of negativity or abuse so I have not felt inclined to share as much. 

I'm still undecided on whether to take the blog private or even retire it. Time will tell this year I'm sure. 

It's 18mths since Mum died and I'm able to reflect these days on the positive memories which I now find a comfort. Dad recently announced he is getting married which I feel uneasy with for so many reasons but mainly as the new girlfriend is isolating him from us. I'm trying not to be selfish but it's hard when he has been so close and integral to the family I hate him being taken away from us.

Home life is much the same, I've lost count of the years since me and the husband were last intimate, at a guess if say 6 or 7 years now. Thankfully YSL fills this void in my life as I'm pleased we are still together as a family unit. The kids are a source of such joy, they are growing into such wonderful people and I do think having a stable happy family home is key to their continued development.

2013 has been a great year for myself and YSL, as ever I've found him a source of strength, a person to confide in and I feel deeply loved and wanted by him. This year we travelled to Cap D'Agde again, our 3rd year we have managed a full weeks holiday there together. We have had many trips away in the UK and indulged in more new swingers clubs including CJ's in Glasgow and Chameleons in Birmingham, the later being our favourite. 

We have experienced some amazing group sex, BDSM acts and as ever thoroughly enjoyed each other in a sexual sense. We've also endured some dire sexual encounters that thankfully we can laugh about and count as a learning experience.

More so in the past few months we have provided such support to each other business wise. YSL has listened when I needed an ear and given my reassurance at a much needed time. 

2014 may bring change as YSL might be working out if the area for a long period but I'm confident that whatever changes it brings we will cope with, adapt and continue our relationship. 

Thank you YSL for being there for me, I couldn't love you more xxxx

Monday, 30 December 2013

Cap D'Agde Club review - Le Tantra

Le Tantra


Open 11:00 - 05.00


The website is up to date and there is good information about the dress code, which is the usual stuff of sexy for ladies and closed toe shoes, trousers and shirts for men, the entry fees, however whilst the photographs of the club are accurate and up to date, they certainly don't do any justice to the place and it is much nicer than the pics suggest.


Le Tantra is no Le Glamour (but then, what is.....anywhere in the world???), however we really like this club as it has a good atmosphere, is kept in good order by the owner/manager who is always visible and the place is very clean. We have visited a couple of times per week on each of our three trips to Cap d'Agde and with Le Glamour being a must do for us on Saturday/Friday and Sunday eveningchill out at 2+2 each year, we have been there on Monday to Thursdays.


It seems to be an ever changing club, following the previous incarnation of it being burnt down in 2008 (along with other clubs at Cap) as it simply had a small, but good, outdoor upstairs terrace in 2011, along with the main club downstairs and in 2012 the terrace was extended and includes a large seating/fucking area along with a retractable roof, which makes things much more agreeable temperature wise on cooler evenings.


The location is just a few seconds walk down a path away from Port Nature next to where the steps are around the shops/restaurants that are near to the beach and it is highly visible with a brightly lit, white palm tree directing the way. At the entrance is a ticket box and couples entry is €20 with two drinks and this is also the cloakroom. Down a couple of steps takes you in to the club itself. The first part of the club is relatively small, it has a dancefloor with seating around it, a pole at the side and opposite is the bar and standing area with the DJ booth at the end of the bar.


The music is dance, sound is good quality and the atmosphere has always been very positive on our visits. At the bottom of the bar room is a doorway that lead in to the play section. It always has a security presence on it and no glasses are allowed beyond that point. The lighting is dull and it is a long narrow sliver of a room with various beds and play areas down it with a shower at the far end. People do play along there and we have done in previous years and found it very enjoyable, however the greatest thing that we currently like is just standing under the air conditioning machine that is blasting out very welcome freezing cold air!!


The upstairs outdoor terrace is reached by heading back out of the main club and going up the outdoor stairs that are opposite the ticket office. Beware, the heights on the steps are very uneven all of the way and whilst you can see it going up, it could be a nasty surprise coming down, especially after a few drinks.


At the top of the stairs is a area that anyone can be in and it also includes a medical table. However the best bit of the terrace is by turning left, once again past a security presence, and this take you in to the couples only section. We have always found it busy in there and of course there is a clamour of single guys at the doorway wanting to see what is going on, and wishing they were in there.


The centre of the terrace features a large four poster play bed and around it are seated alcoves and a bar at the end. Music playing upstairs and once again a very positive vibe.


On all of our visits, we haven't actually joined in and played with others there, simply because the opportunity has not presented itself and we found that people very much kept in their own groups, but perhaps that is either just us or the nights that we went. Having said this, we did take a Swiss couple there this year that we met in a bar earlier in the evening.....and whilst he was fine, she was rubbish!!


Over the years that we have been going there, the owner has taken a special interest in Yummy, i.e. motorboating her breasts and enjoying playing with her cootch and he really does it in such a nice way and always remembers us every year. He knows that we are not a 'free for all' couple and the first year we knew him when he was enjoying Yummy, some unfortunate single guy thought that it was open season and he was unceremoniously told 'priveet paartee' (French accent) and sent on his way. Later on, the owner even brought us up complimentary sparkling wine on the terrace too!!


A good club with a good atmosphere and although group play is not guaranteed by any means, we have always had a great night there.

Monday, 23 December 2013


YSL showed me a daft new app he had downloaded and took a picture of me in bed earlier then 'snoopified' me. 

I thought I would do an enthusiastic response!!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sinful Sunday - Stuffed and tenderised

I had a horrid week, the tension head ache and hadn't slept all night. As the painkillers started to work YSL started to massage my body, slowly and lovingly. The pain ebbed away as he kissed my forehead and it gave way to increased arousal. He turned me over and continued to caress me, I closed my eyes and felt lost to him. He left the room and return with something, I didn't care to look, I just wanted to feel.

He started to spank me, gently at first and building the warmth. He parted my cheeks and lubed my hole, his finger slipped inside before the cold hard pressure if the butt plug was felt. The sting was more than I expected and made me growl and bite at the pillow. I needed the pain and the release was welcome. 

The spanking started again, this time harder, quicker, so much more intense. He stopped and his fingers pushed between my thighs and before I could draw breath his hand was inside me. I was so full and about to cum.

He is everything I ever need

and more. 

Sinful Sunday

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sinful Sunday - covered

Covered in jets of warm cum as we take turns masturbating each other at our hotel earlier this week. 

Sinful Sunday

Monday, 9 December 2013

Just doing the washing up

Checked into a luxury apartment for a night of pleasure with YSL, guest joining us shortly. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sinful Sunday - aroused for me

I love that from touching me YSL becomes so aroused, it turns me on and gives me the confidence in his desire for me.

Sorry not been posting much, been on the receiving end of continued hate messages and it's become a tad wearing.

Sinful Sunday

Friday, 6 December 2013

Something for the weekend #43

How to get involved with Something for the weekend...

With lots visitors to my blog most weekends I thought I would create a weekly blog round up that gives my visitors a quick list of some great reads in the blogosphere.

We love new blogs, don't be shy, add you link and become part of the community. I will be posting this each Thursday night and closing submission Saturday at noon GMT. I will be adding a few posts that I think my reader will enjoy and you can add posts from blogs you have read that you think make the grade.  If I've already added one from your blog you can add another bonus one! I hope you join in and enjoy discovering some great posts.

 A few simple rules:

 1) Choose a post from the past week that you want to draw attention to, you post can be from your archives but should only be posted once

 2) The post should be sex or relationship related, it can be erotica, education, discussion or pictures/video

 3) DO NOT USE YOUR POST TITLE, unless it describes what the post is about, tell the reader what is about e.g Photos and details of 3some, Male sex toy review and pictures, Thoughts on Poly Relationships.If your unsure just ask and I will amend

 4) Add a link using code on the side bar to let people you are part of the SFTW community Tell people to visit if you are using social media, this is about helping other bloggers in the community so share the joy and it benefits us all.