Saturday, 16 July 2011

The weekend away -Saturday

We head down for breakfast enjoy the coffee and Eggs Benedict, it feels so lovely doing such ordinary things together, just the simple pleasure of walking into a room with him holding my hand makes me smile. We make plans for the day and laugh about our constant similarities, joking we'll be finishing each others sentances next!

Back in the room im lay on the bed waiting for him to join me, expecting a warm cuddle, he climbs on the bed and immediately parts my cheeks and devours my holes, focusing mainly on rimming me. It was heavenly, I love this act, it is so intimate, he does it to me with such passion and dedication to my pleasure, guilt almost passes over me at how selfish im being as I lie there enjoying the attention when I reach back and feel how hard he is it is clear im not be selfish at all.

His fingers start to enter my wet cunt and soon he pushes his hand inside and starts to fist me. The combination of the rimming and the fisting is so intense. Im in a frenzy, overwhelmed by the feelings he is stirring inside me, I can feel an orgasm building, I know it is going to be incredible, I feel every nerve ending in my body tingling in anticipation of it washing over me. I cum so hard, soaking his hand as I do. Its so intense im shaking and in need of being held, I don’t need to say anything, he knows what I need.

When ive recovered he moves so he is sat at the top of the bed, his cock near my mouth as I lie on the pillow. He slowly wanks himself and lets me lap at the precum that is constantly oozing out of him. I cup his balls in my left hand and tell him ‘I want your cum’, these words turn me on as much him ‘give me your cum now’ im wanking myself as I say this patiently waiting for it ‘give it to me’. He does…. He shoots it into my mouth.

After more cuddles and fucking we head out shopping, walking hand in hand as we amuse ourselves and enjoy people watching. I was as Hedone would say a shoe whore as ever but YSL didn’t seem to mind umouring my obsession.

It was getting late in the afternoon, the sun shining and we wanted a drink. I remembered a canal side bar id been too on business some years ago so we headed there. Sat outside talking about the fun and pleasure of the weekend so far. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out something, its wrapped up but I know what it is. He smiles and suggests I go to the toilets.

In my box of winnings was this toy that slips between your lips, it has a bullet inside it and the vibrations (all 8 various settings) pulse along it to the tip that tickles your clit.

I put it on in the toilets and head back to where we were sitting, I don’t even get to the door, I have to go back and turn down the setting otherwise I know its going to be like’ When Harry met Sally’. Its on a lower setting so I know I can take it for longer and so I don’t go mad if I do cum with the intensity on my ‘just cum clit’.

I can hardly speak, its arousing enough to of done this for him but the soft whispering vibrations carrying along my pussy and clit I know im going to be cumming in public very soon. He is amused and aroused by it. I put my sunglasses onto to try and hide the obvious arousal, he tells me I have my bedroom face on. Sat there looking at the caal, YSL at the otherside of the table I feel the first orgasm build, im so keen to not express it and hold back its only a small one but enough to make my clit more sensitive to the toy.

We leave the bar, walking up stairs was a challenge, I wanted to cum with almost every step. We stop to read the menu of a restaurant but i cant absorb anything, im trying to read it but im in a state and all i want to do is cum. We must of got about 300 metre, we are crossing a bridge, I have to stop, Im going to cum. The place is packed, people passing us on the bridge, bars either side of the water overlooking where we stood. Im clinging on to him, I start to cum, my knees want to buckle he holds me tight and kisses me. It takes me a few minutes to recover as I needed to let the over sensitive moment to pass as the toy is still against my clit. We exit the bridge and are browsing restaurant menus, I can’t move again. Im going to cum again, it passes and we walk towards the hotel. The toy has moved with how wet I am, its even closer to me, its full on attentions are felt by my clit and each step strokes it across my engorged clit. Its getting too much to bare. I need to out. If I was in the bedroom he would have to pin me down at this moment and make me take it. I find a doorway but he spots cctv and I can retrieve it. He tells me to keep walking, we find another doorway, he tells me to cum for him first. People are walking past us and he hold onto him, listening to his words of encouragement and affection and cum for him.

With the toy removed we head back to the hotel, I need him to fuck me.

Back in the room I don’t have to ask, he pushes me back onto the bed, yanks down my panties and pushes his face between my legs, lapping at my juices then he moves in one fluid movement to penetrate me. Fucking me hard until I cum on his hardness.


  1. I've lost count of how many orgasms you had that day... suspect you have also!! Delicious reading... bravo :SL) x

  2. Interesting toy! I am assuming underwear is a must? Gosh with the way I thrash I don't think I can have an orgasm in public!

  3. Now that's the way to tour the town and restaurant hop!