Tuesday, 4 January 2011

TMI - random sexual facts

Hi everyone! Happy New Year it's time for the first TMI Tuesday of 2011. If you participate let me know so I can add a link to your TMI post.

Jan 4, 2011 - Virtual Sin idea http://virtualsin.wordpress.com

A few "what do you think" questions.

1. What drives your sex life? Rate the following factors: libido, relationship, play, convention. Add other factors you think relevant.in order of importance...
libido - i have a high sex drive and I find myself getting emotionally frustrated without an outlet
relationship - i love to express my feelings through sex, whether its passion, affection, stress or even anger
play - i do adore to have an adventure
convention - doesn't factor for me

2. What sense turns you on? Vision, touch, scent, taste, other?touch and scent as well as the important part of having my mind stimulated. Vision is low on my list in fact being blindfolded to heighten the other senses is my preference.

3. Which of the following turn you on? Which turn you off? Comfort, familiarity, novelty, risk, pain, other?
Knowing someone intimately is a big turn on for me, knowing how to turn them on and have them aching.
If I'm in a trusting relationship risk, pain (erotic) and novelty are all good. If my other half wants me to dress up as a pixie and spank me till I squeal I'm up for it!

4. Of the factors above, which are currently working well?The erotic pain I often ache for especially when I'm stressed the Therapist helps sate.

5. Of the factors above, which are not going well?
Other than the therapist and J who I see now and then I'm without a regular partner so all of the above I seek and more than anything I want intimacy and affection.

I'm off to meet the therapist this afternoon. Christmas has been stressful work and family wise so I'm hoping for a little relief from a therapy session.


  1. Happy New Year and enjoy your session.

  2. Happy New Year Yummy!

    The therapist always seems to be booked, perhaps you can get me an appointment? ;-)


  3. Your therapy is the best I know! I need to get some therapy to keep me on track!!