Tuesday, 11 January 2011

TMI Tuesday - random facts about me

1) what book or magazine have you read recently that turned you on?
I adore ready Nancy Friday books if i need to get aroused, ordinary people write to her with there sexual fantasies and she is a sex psychologist she works them out, I have to admit I don't often read the psychology part I love to dip into other peoples fantasies, it often surprises me what other people fantasise about and what new things turn me on. http://nancyfridayfantasies.com/

2) what sort of porn do you watch to get aroused?

In the main I like BDSM porn, a woman tied up and forced to cum, sometimes I like to watch anal fisting porn but I like amateur porn rather than the professional stuff

3) what porn website is your favourite

I probably visit Xhamster more these days as most of their stuff plays on my IPhone which is great for a cheeky alone moment

4) what music do you like to have on while having sex
Depends on what I'm upto;
Making love it has to be classical stuff or Snow Patrol
Filthy sex something with a heavy base, something with a rhythm. I had amazing sex to this, it turns me on just to hear it now.

5) when masturbating do you prefer;
A)reading smut
C)watching porn
D)I don't masturbate (haha)

A little of all (except d)if I'm at home i tend to read and then use imagination, if I'm at work it tends to be porn.

Bonus what blog turns you on without question? I going to go with which bloggers turn me on without question...

Some I'm sure you can guess!





There are many more of you that turn me on, I'm just too lazy to list them all!

One of the things that in the past has turned me on so much I have been lucky enough to have fantasies sent to me by fellow bloggers and readers, it is so arousing to know you have turned someone on enough for them to do that.

Post if you played xxx


  1. I turn you on? Cool, because the feeling is mutual!

    I might have to play this meme later tonight

  2. Besides always being interesting, some of your posts really turn me on, as in tenting in my pants, throbbing, and dripping precum with an elevated heart rate.
    Even more than that, knowing that you enjoy these types of comments and knowing what kinds of reactions you are causing!!

    Great TMI post!

  3. Thank you for the suggestions!

  4. You turn me on too!


    Is this a little backward: At home reading and imagination turn you on but at work you watch porn?

    Nice job you've got there ;-)

  5. You have turned me on more times then I can count!!! Do I need to mention the Orgasms I have had???!!!

    Oh wow some new sites to check out. Happy cumming you sexy woman!