Tuesday, 18 January 2011

TMI Tuesday - random sexual facts.... 5 most amazing sexual moments

1) First time I was fisted.
I was lay on M's sofa, we had been teasing each other and enjoying hours of foreplay, I was soaking wet, he worked more and more fingers inside me, I was delirious with pleasure, then all of a sudden I came so hard, he had pushed his fist inside me and I gushed and squirted all over the sofa and him. I had never experienced anything like it before.

2) First BDSM experience
I bought the restraints for us a as play with him was getting more and more naughty and it was something I wanted to try, first time he tied me it was just my wrists, he bent me over the sofa and took what he wanted. He spanked me, fucked me, used ice and hot wax on me. I was dripping wet as he thoroughly abused and pleasured me. We moved to the middle of the room and he hog tied me and tripple penerated me, toys in both holes while he fucked me mouth.

3) When HE pissed in my ass
He had woke me pushing inside me and we slowly fucked without even opening our eyes, he couldn't cum because he needed to pee so he slowly filled my ass with it as he held me tightly.

4)First time I tried anal fisting
Me and M had been talking about it via email while I was away in the middle east. I had read a book that had featured it and it had aroused me and then M asked me the very next day if I fancied trying it. The day after I landed I went to his, it had been his birthday and I had some treats for him. We enjoyed playing for a while getting me aroused then he bent me over and fucked both holes, then started to work his fingers inside while still fucking my pussy. It felt so amazing. I think we only got to 4 fingers when I hit my limit, my head was in the clouds and obviously I couldn't see! perhaps M can confirm how many?

5)The First time I managed a full anal fisting.
It took literally months of anal training before I finally managed. The moment HE pushed inside me, Ive never cum like that in my life. I gushed so much it was like a tidal wave. I hit what I believe they call subspace in BDSM terms. It was so intense and mind blowing.

Planning a battle reenactment with M, if our previous encounters were anything go by its going to get messy and a lot of fun.



  1. I am truly hoping that next year this TMI will include having PY and Hedone in the best FFF experience.


  2. You have had a lot of messy fun :)

    #2 OMG to be used like that! I want it so badly.


  3. And that's all been in the last year, right? Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!