Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ever had sex in a public place?

Yes, a club, bar, restaurant, car park public park, forest...

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  1. Question: Did anyone see you perform in public?
    We have had sex too in club, restaurant, car park, but not in the forest or in bar. To be more specific:
    In club: We fucked in toilet after Nadia was groped hard by guys on her way to the toilets. She wore no panties so she could feel fingers shoving her wet pussy and hands lifting her tight mini skirt.
    In restaurant: I spread her legs while we were having dinner, teared her fishnet stockings, she was ordered to remove her panties under the table. Waitor was watching as i was fingerfucking her, when we left i told her to leave torn panties on table under the napkin... a small gift to her fans.