Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sex and Tea

I'm a bit behind the times with this one as I only came across it a couple of weeks ago, however I thought that it was a good and novel idea, a video from a UK police force that was promoting sexual consent using tea as an anology. 

From what I can understand (and I may be wrong), it started off with this blog post a year ago which was then picked up and put into animated form as outlined here and then taken forward by Thames Valley Police last Autumn with a big promotion of it on YouTube.

For those who haven't seen it, here is the video:
Whilst the video is simple, effective and of course carries an important and serious message, once you have seen the original, the follow up parody version that was made below is somewhat amusing:
I then got to thinking about the connection between tea and sex and as you would expect, the Internet never fails has solutions for all, no matter what the question.

The above is (sadly) not a joke mock up and I have no intention of linking traffic to this nonsense, so just go to eBay and look for it there if you are desperate enough. But, yeah, remember, supplies are limited...yawn.

Or how about this one?? Not making as bold a claim as Sex Tea, but the suggestion is there
These lot are knocking out Green Tea which can 'apparently' increase sex drive

Another brand of Sex Tea is available here with a fully comprehensive FAQ section for you sceptical doubters out there

And of course it must all be true, because this article 'Reveals All'

"And this is the important part, if I am unconcious, WAKE ME UP. I will want that tea"

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