Thursday 23 October 2014

Cap D'Agde 2014 - the fun just started

Day Zero - No more sleeps


The countdown felt like it had gone on for far too long. Yummy and YSL have been parted due to work commitments for most of 2014, only getting brief snatches of each other at weekends, so the prospect of being together for nine full days in the centre of hedonism, Cap d'Agde, was something that was very much looked forward too. 


We exchanged messages, with every first message of the day being along the lines of '4 more sleeps, #excited', until finally the day came of 'no more sleeps'. Late that afternoon we met at the airport hotel, both of us exhausted from full days at week, but so glad to be together and at the start of our fourth visit to the South of France. 


Things got off to a good surprising start. The hotel that we were staying at had been upgraded since our previous visit. It is a budget hotel, but now it is far more luxurious and appealing, with a restaurant that had an interesting menu. The restaurant wasn't open when we went down for dinner, so it was our traditional drinks on the patio, seeing the planes land and take off, but sadly this year nothing was sighted on Foxwatch. After drinks we went inside for dinner, which was surprisingly good with excellent service, once again we were surprised and very satisfied. 


We had a early start with a long day ahead of us the next day, so it was time to retire to the bedroom for a little sex and Spartacus on the iPad, both of which were of top quality. The alarm was set for 04:40 and it was time to get in that much needed sleep. We had a week of daytime nakedness and clubbing ahead of us as well as the prospect of being awake for 24 hours on the first day as Le Glamour doesn't close until 6am!!!!



Day One - The longest day


The alarm goes off at 04:40......but we have been awake since 4am, excited at the prospect of what is to come, and celebrating it by having early morning sex. YSL showed the itinerary of travel to Yummy the evening before and she whispered, we'll fit in the sex before the flight, to which YSL simply smiled indulgently, not really envisaging that it was even remotely likely to happen....but happen it did, and it was a great start to the day. 


We shower, dress, pack away our items and it is time to head for the short bus ride to the airport terminal. Just looking out of the hotel window, the road looks busy with traffic. We walk to the bus stop and the airport bus is packed, but it is only when we arrive at the terminal do we experience the full impact of activity. It is like a shopping mall in the run up to Christmas and it is only 05:30....where are all of these people going?? 


We head to check in our bags, the queue is long, but passengers are processed quickly and when it is our turn we find the check in guy to be very polite, pleasant and friendly, more surprises as we are travelling with a budget airline, but nonetheless very welcome.


Off to security and this is where the sheer volume of passengers really kicks in. The airport has closed the upwards escalators to avoid it feeding more people upstairs than there is space for, so it is a walk up a flight of stairs, passports checked and then the next line for the security check. There must have been about 200 passengers waiting in front of us, many of which were football fans travelling for a big international match in Europe. One of the fans took YSL's eye, a tall well built girl with a very short skirt that showed her ample thighs and fantastic breasts, but sadly she was off to Germany rather than joining our fun in France. 


The queue was once again handled very efficiently and considering the number of people, we got through relatively quickly and it was time to head for breakfast. 


The restaurant was busy with football fans doing their early morning drinking, whilst we knew that we were in for the long haul, so it was the traditional full English breakfast and coffee. The gate is called on the departures monitors, so it's time to head for the flight. 


The flight leaves on time, only one episode of Spartacus is watched and we are on the decent to the South of France. A smooth landing, passport control, collect our hold luggage and it's off to collect the hire car. Outside the weather is fantastic, clear blue sky and hot, but sadly it's an hour's wait to collect our hire car, however when it does arrive we find that we have been upgraded and have a lovely new car to enjoy the journey to the Naked Village in. 


It is still lunchtime and we know that our apartment will not be ready until late afternoon, so we make the drive from the airport to Agde and then make practical use of our time and collect our week's worth of groceries at the large supermarket called Hyper U that is only about ten minutes away from Cap d'Agde. This way we don't lose any naked time during the week by having to do mundane chores such as shopping externally. 


Shopping is completed and we have a trolley full of fine French food and drink to last us all week. The car is loaded up and it's time to head to our final destination. A stop at the gate to buy our pass to enter the Village and then on to check in with our apartment rental company. 


Sadly our apartment still isn't ready and it is only 15:30, so only one thing to do in a situation like this, return to the car and start taking your clothes off in the middle of the street!!! We are finally naked with both of our bodies fully exposed to the sun. We decide to head down to the beach and enjoy our first drinks at one of the bars. We walk naked through the Village, which was relatively quiet as most people will be at the beach and then take prime position at a bar table that looks directly over the mixed section of the beach. It is wonderful to finally relax, have a couple of Desperados and soak up the relaxing and free environment that is Cap d'Agde.  


After a couple of hours, we wander back to the rental company and after a short wait the moment finally arrives for the keys to be handed over to us. We opted for a change in location this year. We have traditionally gone for apartments in the large dominating building that is called Heliopolis, however last year we discovered the joys of air conditioning in an apartment (which is a rare feature there) and so our priority was an apartment with a/c and so this lead us to the Helio Village which is a small enclave of low rise terraced apartments just behind Heliopolis. We drove around to our designated car park, unloaded all of our luggage and shopping, put things in fridges and then set about discovering what would be our living quarters for the next seven days. Ground floor was a kitchen, then passageway with a loo and shower wetroom off to the side and a storage/closet area at the rear. A very tight and narrow staircase lead to a mezzanine bedroom upstairs, but it quickly became apparent that this arrangement was not going to work for either of us as the ceiling was too low (it was impossible to stand up straight) and neither of us fancied using the staircase on a regular basis sober, never mind after a few drinks. Luckily, in the kitchen area there was a sofabed and when we pulled it out, it was actually very comfortable and don't take up too much floor space, so sleeping arrangements were solved. 


It was now 19:00 and we had been awake since four that morning. Flying, queuing, driving, shopping and unpacking had taken its toll on us and we knew we had a night of clubbing ahead of us, so to make life easier we opted for our first ever meal out in Cap d'Agde


For all of our 21 days that we have previous stayed at Cap d'Agde we have always had our meals in our apartment and made sandwiches for taking the beach as opposed to eating out, not due to attempting to reduce costs, the reason simply being that French food from the shops is simply so tasty, fresh and easy to prepare and cook. However, this time, there was no apatite to cook, it was time to sit at a table and let someone else bring the food. 


We headed to a well known pizza restaurant in the village called Le Ghymnos that has the attraction of a wood burning stove. We were relatively early, so the restaurant was reasonably quiet. Beer, wine and water was ordered along with a couple of pizzas and we surveyed our fellow patrons. A bit of an older crowd this year with most being aged fifty plus, which isn't a bad thing in our books as we have usually found the older people to be more friendly, interested in playing and simply more mature in outlook as opposed to the younger, beautiful crowd who are a little colder and more interesting in parading than engaging. 


The pizzas arrive and they are magnificent. Handmade bases, fresh toppings and all finished with that wood burning touch!! Throughout the meal we are entertained by naked people walking past the restaurant window, new diners entering in their exciting eveningwear and the arrival of outlandish motorcycles as it is the last night of the annual Cap d'Agdebike week which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. 


One particular diner of note sat at an adjacent table to us and she was a American lady who was part of couple and she must have been in her mid 80s. She was just like an old lady straight out of New York  Woody Allen movie with her mannerisms, terms of speech and general bewildering questions and topics of conversation. Cap d'Agde attracts all different types of people and there is never any judgement, which is the relaxed beauty of the place.


Stomachs full, we head back to the apartment and it is time to put on some upbeat music and get prepared for another night at the most exciting sex club in the world........ Le Glamour


Yummy looks fantastic, black negligee, enticing making, plump red lips and full hair. YSL is dressed as required, black linen trousers and white linen shirt. Just one last thing to do......Yummy is going to have a busy week following the 2014 drought, so a little Durex aloe vera lube is put into a syringe, Yummy kneels on the bed to present her cunt to YSL and he inserts the syringe and fills her with lube. Yummy lets out a little sigh as the lube hits inside and YSL smiles broadly upon hearing it.


We are both feeling good, leave the apartment and head for the club. It's 23:30, no queue and straight in. Previously we have bought a bottle of spirit with the entrance fee, but this time due to the long day, we feel that serious drinking wouldn't be a great idea, so just go with the standard entrance at €60 that includes two drinks. 


Drinks in hand, we take our place at the bar. It's quieter than we had expected for a Saturday, but it's still early and plenty of time to go. The tunes are pumping, we are enjoying the thrill of being back in France and we people watch as they come in. The club quickly fills and soon it is a sea of people in various states of exotic dress, breasts on display, pumped up good looking European guys and a few girls wearing very little, cunts completely exposed, dancing on the poles at the end of the dancefloorWhilst the dance section of the club is good, we want to explore the 'libertine' section downstairs. 


On our way to the staircase, we pass a girl and her partner on the edge of the dancefloor who we had seen earlier around the club and even in such a bizarre environment, a whole group of people were staring at her, with one lady in particular literally open mouthed in disbelieve. The girl was in her mid 20s and a perfect plastic surgery dream/nightmare depending upon your view. She was reasonably tall, perfectly sculpted, filler lips, flawless face, long blonde hair and space hoppers for tits!!! As you would expect, she was wearing a very tight, but small and revealing sexy leotard. Seeing people like this as sensations on TV and on the internet is something we have become hardened to, but to see one of these people in real life is quite staggering and hard to look away from, but look away we did, we had more to see.


We head down the narrow spiral staircase and as always it's trios to the left and couples only the right. We head right. A lot of people down there, but many simply wandering about exploring for the first time and not too much sexual action. The rooms and layout are the same as last year, with the highspots for us being the dark room and the medical table. As there isn't that much interesting happening in the open areas and rooms, we head for the dark room to see what awaits us. 


It is reasonably busy in there with only sounds of moaning and glimpses of outlines and shadows now and again providing some indication of what and who is in there. In the darkness we immediately start kissing passionately. Around us people are speaking and whispering to each other in French with regular female sexual satisfaction breaking in. YSL puts his hands between Yummy's thighs and she is absolutely soaking wet with cunt juices flowing out of her. He starts to masturbate her and she holds on to him tightly, cummingwithin a minute of him first rubbing that incredibly engorged clitoris.  YSL unzips his trousers and pulls his solid cock from his underwear at the same time as he indicates for Yummy to turn around and bend towards the wooden panel partition that has holes cut out for wandering hands to pass through. He lifts up her negligee, pulls her arse cheeks apart and rams his hard cock into that deviously soaked cunt. It feels wonderful to be back in that cunt, fucking in public with other sexual activity all around us and the passion that is heightened by the surrealness of it all. 


A strange hand starts feeling Yummys arse and YSL disengages to let this new friend explore further. We can't see anything and don't know who this is or what this person looks like, but one is for sure, he is expert at what he is doing. Quickly his hand moves down from the arse to the cunt and his fingers are in that freshly fucked wetness from behind. Yummy gasps, knowing that it is not YSL's hand or fingers and quickly starts moaning as she is finger fucked by a stranger. YSL moves around to the front of Yummy, he is holding her and kissing her whilst the unknown man continues to masturbate her. He keeps going, he is clearly loving what he is doing and Yummy is on the verge of cumming......and cum she certainly does. Holding YSL tightly with a strangers fingers in her cunt she shudders and lets out that familiar moan and expression of 'fuck!!' . The stranger continues, Yummy catches her breath with a groan and before long she is cumming again. 


It is hot down there and we need a drink. We both say 'mercimonsieur' to our mystery man and make our way out of the dark room. 


We weave our way through the labyrinth of corridors, passing by the orgies of group sex and make our way back up the spiral staircase to the full on party upstairs with the dance music still pumping out and head to the bar for drinks and then out to the courtyard area for fresh, night air.


Outside, it is just as busy as in, and it is entertaining to simply people watch, see who is there and enjoy the styles that the guests have adopted for their night out at one of Earth's top sex clubs!! There appears to be an cohort of Russians this year with what appears to be no shortage of funds. The women look stunning, but a little bored, whilst the men look like businessmen on their day off with expensive polo shirts and chinos, but sadly, many are hopelessly drunk and one is insisting on receiving a blow job from his woman.....even though it is quite clear that no erection is going to be taking place from his inebriated member.


Refreshed after drinks and night air, we head through the crowds of the club and once more down the spiral staircase. Bodies are writhing around us in the underground passages and siderooms, but we know where we are heading, it is the darkroom again. We pass through the wooden archway that leads to the room itself and as always, it is black with only the sounds of pleasure around us. We kiss and masturbate each other, which is of the course the prelude to YSL turning Yummy around to enter her from behind. 


The number of hours awake is starting to take its toll, we slow down from frantically fucking and make our way to a wall that is just external to the main part of the darkroom. Yummy is pushed against the way and passionately kissed by YSL. His hard cock is again brought out from his trousers and YSL starts masturbating whilst kissing Yummy hard with his tongue deep in her mouth. Yummy catches her breath and whispers to YSL that she wants him to continue masturbating and shoot his hot cum over her cunt. He pushes his solid helmet against her soft mound and continues rubbing the length of his shaft. The horniness and headiness of the whole scenario and knowing the Yummy wants his cum over her is just too much and soon YSL pushes his cock a little further in, parting her lips and splashes her labia, clit and inner thigh with those precious hot juices.


It is now 5am on Sunday morning, we have been up for over 24 hours, the last 6 of which were spent in a hedonistic French sex club. What a day!!! We wake up in a hotel in England, catch a flight, drive in France, shop in a hypermarket, undress in the street and walk naked, drink at a French Mediterranean beachside bar, take possession of our new apartment, eat pizza in a restaurant and finish the day in a club. This is only day one. We have another seven wonderful days together ahead of us.

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