Saturday 29 June 2013

Chameleons swingers club, 4some, 5some and a queue of men

We checked into the hotel and immediately turned our thoughts to getting ready for the club. We were staying  in Birmingham for the ETO show but tonight it was BBW night at Chameleons.

I hadn’t seen YSL for nearly 2 weeks and in that time I have had to time to myself so my arousal levels and sexual needs were off the chart. It was a toga party but I decided to opt for taking my white Grecian looking dress I had made for last year’s trip to Cap D’Agde.

It wasn’t long before we were back in the car for the 30 minute drive in traffic to the club. As we pulled into the car park which is situated at the back of the high street shops a large black steward directed us to park . The car park was overflowing and it looks like they are all in the club.

As we entered to pay the woman on the door was dealing with a timid looking woman who’s partner seemed more enthusiastic about swinging than she did. It was good to see the club ensuring the welfare of the lady ahead of making any money.

We entered the bar area which immediately reminded me of a Paris club Chateau de Lyes we visit last year. Well fitted out and full of people manly in towels, not a toga in sight!

The bar man gave us a quick show round the labyrinth of rooms and took us to our locker. Both of us were thankful of packing a back up plan as the togas weren’t happening. I slipped on a full length see-through negligee that has a front split up to the crotch and lace panties finished strappy heeled sandals. YSL looked ready for action in his towel. We explored the rooms before heading to the bar for a drink.

We sipped wine and made introductions to a couple sat next to us. The couple looked like they would be suited at a caravan club rally. They couldn’t be more ‘you would never think’ she looked like her day job was a dinner nanny and him a book keeper. They shared their wisdom of the club and tried not to take insult in their comment of “don’t ever come on a Saturday its only for the beautiful” am I not looking good!

Our drinks spent we headed up the stairs with the intention of enjoying each other. A couple were already in the couples room and we joined them on the large platform bed. YSL immediately focused his attention on making me cum. Having abstained for 2weeks every sensation was mind blowing and intense. I could feel not only the physical orgasm build as his fingers manipulated my clit but a puddle of emotion that had built up over the weeks. The wave ripped through me and clung on to YSL, almost feeling helpless as he continued to pleasure me.

I become aware the couple next to us are watching us as the female administers oral to her partner. YSL parts my thighs and slips his cock inside me making me gasp and proceeded to give me the fucking I had been wishing for all week. We move into many positions and kiss deeply, never loosing the connection from each other until YSL moved behind me and entered my arse. His hands firmly grasped my breast and he pounded me until he spilled his first of many climaxes inside of me.

The couple still watching seem to be indicating for us to join us and YSL suggests I help with the oral. Quickly they retreat and suggest we talk in the Jacuzzi later instead. After a wander round the huge building we found ourselves back in the couples room. The room is empty but following behind us is an attractive Indian couple. We climb on the bed and YSL parts my thighs and starts to lick my cunt so beautifully I’m in raptures. The orgasms keep coming and before long I feel the pressure of his hand forcing its way into my cunt. Its so intense it makes me let out a growl then gasp with the intense pleasure. The Indian couple are fucking but watching and as I start to gush and squirt the male exclaims how much he is loving watching and they move closer. His wife reaches out and touches my breast tentatively at first waiting to see my reaction. She leant in to kiss me while her husband fucked her hard from behind. I reached for her breasts and held one firmly as she rocked from the pounded she was getting.


I turn over and YSL started to fuck me from behind, his cock felt so good that deep inside and before long I was soaking him again. They spoon next to us and I masturbate her whilst both of us are fucked by our partners, the female then asked to go on top. Without argument the Indian male lay on his back with his wife riding him, YSL holding her bottom as they fucked, I kiss the male and squeeze his nipples hard. All of us connected. The female climaxed and lay back on the matting and I took his cock in my mouth and deep throated him. “i can feel your throat” he gasped as I took it all in and agitated his cock with my tongue. The female moved in close to help suck his balls while I suck “this is a dream come true” he exclaimed as he gazed down see 2 women devour his cock.

We grabbed another drink and enjoyed seeing the club fill up. It is unusual to see black women in a swingers club but not here tonight. There must of been at least 6 of them and about 20-30 black males which certainly interested me.

YSL grabbed another bottle of wine from our locker and whilst alone several males approached “you define BBW woman” one whispered in my ear as he passed. A buffet opened up on the bar and the main dance floor became an area of social activity as people took a break from their pleasure seeking to refresh, regroup and make new friends.

A little tipsy but still very much in control we headed back to the play rooms and watch a couple fuck. The passion and skill the guy has impresses us both, it was a delight to watch. We ventured into the open play area, there was a circular platform that YSL perched on and invited close to kiss. A few males spotted play was about to start and moved in for good seats. I paused play and decided I wanted a shower first after the previous activity, I was so wet from cumming so much earlier.


The club has open showers situated on that floor, i slipped of my dress and got in while YSL waited. A large black guy, extraorinrily well hung glanced in and saw me, he immediately dropped his towel and started showering next to me. My imagination ran away with me a moment  and if YSL had been closer I might of grabbed that cock. I towel dried and slipped back on my dress, foolishly I put on my panties which was to be a short lived moment. The room was empty again excepted for the couple who had fled the couples room earlier, they were talking on the sofa. I sat on the edge of the bed and YSL pushed me back and removed my panties and started eating my cunt. I was vaguely away of the door opening and closing but too distracted to see just how many had entered the room.

A large hard black cock appeared with its owner to the right of me, inhibitions are gone and I grasp the moment along with his cock. The guy moves and feeds the tip to me before slowly fucking my mouth. I don’t know is YSL had noticed as he was busy between my legs. I feel YSL move and the man who I was sucking quickly moved to keep his place in the queue. I hear a condom rapper rip open and I know Im about to be fucked by a stranger. More cocks surround me, most black, only one white. Im wanking while being pounded by a man in his 20’s, 6 pack and he smells good, he kisses me and adds to the passion then suckles each breast. His pace increases until he thrusts forward with such force as he cums. As he pulls out he climbs up the bed to kiss me and whisper thank you as the next mans mouth is encompassing my clit. I hear another condom rapper and YSL moves in close to check its on and then holds my hand as I receive the next cock. It had been the huge cock that I had been wanking on my left but alas it was the curse of a large crowd the guy couldn’t perform and reverted to licking me while the next gloved up. A shorter 30ish yr old black guy, Clark Kent style glasses, another 6 pack slips his hardness inside. Instantly I can tell this is going to be good, different and fulfilling. He fucks me better I could of imagined. I almost wish I could of watched his performance he was so good. He paused a moment, bit his lip and adjusted his glasses then started pounding me even harder. My juices are splashing my thighs and im cumming so much. More cocks surround me and part of me wanted to keep going but I was getting overwhelmed with the sheer level of pleasure and how far out of my comfort zone I was.

As he came I tugged on YSL’s hand and said I needed to have a break and certainly another shower! We left the room and YSL took hold of me knowing I would need it. For once I didn’t feel the need for reassurance, just closeness. We went back to the couples room and enjoyed watching a 3some, as it came to an end they said we should of joined them but given the lack of safe sex precautions on their part we were glad to avoid. We lay on the bed and slowly made love when 2 BBW’s and a black guy came in and started to play. One girl was on her back, being eaten by the other while she was being fucked from behind. One of the girls ask for us to join in and I immediately started to play with the one on her back’s breasts. YSL moved round and started on the other side.

“Your turn” the girl being fucked announced and told me to lie back and open my thighs. She buried her face in my cunt and started going for it on my clit. Her tongue action was impressive and had me groaning in minutes. YSL was licking the other girl at the same time so the room was full of notes of pleasure. I was getting close to cumming and she knew it, drawing the moment out and teasing we until forcing a couple of fingers inside and sending me over the edge.






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  1. Gosh I certainly admire your stamina !!!
    Sounds like you had an amazing evening. I think we will need to explore Birmingham ourselves!