Monday, 21 March 2016

TMI - Your Bucket List

1. If you died tomorrow, to whom would you leave all your worldly possessions?
I would leave it all to these guys to demonstrate my gratitude for all of those wonderful hours spent with their products and to fund their continuing good work into the future.

2. What did you like to play as a child?
Tha muthafuckin’ fool!!

3. Have you ever gone on a rampant sex spree while depressed?
Don’t get depressed and no excuses required to go on rampant sex sprees

4. Do you mind if your partner wants to have porn videos playing while the two of you are having sex?
I positively encourage it

5. What is the sexiest thing you did last week?
Masturbated :-(
For the past few weeks real life has got in the way of Yummy and YSL naughtiness

Bonus: You have to give your lover a report card about your last sexual encounter.
– What would they score? A B C D F?
A* every time with special mention for technique and enthusiasm

– What could he/she improve upon?
She could bring a couple of friends with her once in a while ;-)

– For what would your lover be reprimanded for doing during sex?
No annoyances with Yummy as we are very compatible, but a pet hate between us is partners constantly talking or talking about things not at all connected with what is happening in the room
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  1. II agree wholeheartedly to your answer to number 3.

  2. heh heh
    for anyone who hasn't read your blog before - they should know that the final Q&A refers to the group sex you guys get into! ;)