Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A year ago today.... The Day I Met Him

A year ago today I met a man, HIM, today I miss him. He loved me more than I ever have felt before in my life, we had such passion and chemistry I doubt I will ever encounter again.

He had messaged me on the swing site, he was coming to town on business and wanted to meet.

I had impressive verifications that essentially said I was classy, intelligent but dirty and insatiable... the thinking mans whore!

I was abrasive and cruel in my first few messages, something I often did, I got over 100 messages a day asking to meet me, coupled with the verifications I had exquisite pictures, abstract of me... my ankles restrained, my breasts held, never overly nude and explicit but enough to know I was a bad bad girl.

Id found out via emails that he had a foot fetish and adored BBW's, he wanted to explore his sexual side more and he liked the sound and look of me.

The night before he was due to fly in I decided I would at least do lunch, I hadn't planned to stay long but lunch with an attentive stranger can be fun. I went on cam to show me, I never saw him but I took his number and messaged him in the morning when he got to the airport that I would collect him and lunch was his treat.

It was a little after 1 when he landed, as I drove in to collect him I was so pleased, not only did he not look like an axe murderer, he looked even more attractive than his pics and as he got into the car he smelt so good.

We went for lunch. He talked, asked questions and flirted but I didn't hear any of it. I was too distract by him, the way he looked at me, this wasn't a 'meet' I felt like from the first moment he could see me, really the true me.

I dismissed this as my fantasy, I just so wanted to be seen as me. I offered to drive him to the hotel and awaited rejection, I asked if he wanted me. He smiled, looked confused as if I should of rejected him.

I remember so clearly the first time he touched me, I was changing gear, he grabbed my thigh, he looked and me and smiled.

We got to the hotel and checked in, he held my hand and kissed me in the lift, it was the first time I'd done this and not felt nervous, drunk or afraid it was so strange I felt like we had a connection.

Still trying to be cool and detached we got to the room I asked him to order water and ice and started to get undressed. I got down to my underwear and lay back on the bed.... that was the moment... he looked at me... he saw me... he wanted me. I can still see the way he looked at me when I recall that moment. It was the first time I'd ever experienced it, the husband has never looked at me that way.

Suddenly it was 7pm and I needed to leave.. we had enjoyed each other, full intercourse had been minimal but he had adored me, he had explored me, he had made me cum so much and shudder in his arms and I felt so at ease with him.

I got the feeling he was in awe of me, he was frightened of me and my sexual prowess, but after I showered and curled up on the bed with him in his arms I could feel him melt, I could feel that connection again.

He dressed me again, the moments spent fastening my ankle straps on my heels was one of the most sensual moments I have ever experienced. Again he saw me.

When I left the room I stood in the corridor for moments, lingering, hoping he would open the door again and come and get me. He didn't. We had talked about meeting again the next day but I heard nothing from him. I was so disappointed. I finished my last meeting at a little after 5 and call the husband to say I was on my way home, my next meeting was cancelled..... just as I arrived home he text... he was free... I wasn't.

I was away the next day and dismissed it all as a silly whim of mine and concentrated on the new project at work. BUT... that night I got the message I hoped for, he wanted me, he wanted more of me.

6 months on he was still my lover.


  1. That is so awesome when someone really sees you for you. This just proves more and more there is someone out there who can accept all of you.


  2. The most powerful line written that sums it up "he saw me, he wanted me"

    So powerful, so meaningful when that happens, when somebody wants something you want, too.

  3. Such connections are not easy to find and when you have one.... You just know that's the one.
    Hope he is still giving you and making you feel how you want and need.


    Os Cereja

  4. Thanks for sharing. What an erotic first meeting. You two had an immediate connection.