Saturday, 14 August 2010

what can I say... other than Im a very bad girl

and don't say I didn't warn you, the pictures are very naughty!
proceed with caution and an open mind!!!!

Was one of those nights where I parked all inhibitions at the door (must say it was helped by more than a few cheeky drinks an a smoke).

He is a sexy fucker R, tall, very attractive, tanned lush body and a delicious cock but a bad boy through and through. Kisses like an angel, fucks like the devil.

I did warn you that these pics were naughty and Ive been pondering how to blog about it but ive decided to just post the pics and let you:

a) wince
b) admire
c) ponder
d) consider hiring me as a drinks cabinet for those special occasions

After my aperitif of cock we had a few beers

then we got down to some serious fisting, he had me gushing everywhere

After cuming so much I was lay on the sofa while he fixed some drinks then....

He had got some Jack Daniels in for me knowing it was my fav

He had me gushing everywhere, the floors were soaked

We played Dr's and Nurses... well i was getting a damn good internal any way!

More drinks and I seem to remember a game of base ball??? anyone know where he put the bat?

The glass dildo got some abuse

This is the first half of the evening!


  1. the first half of the evening and you were still at the pub, right?

    Do you let loose when you get home?

  2. Love the photos. Keep posting them, please.


  3. Bad? Oh no, you're good, very very good! Thanks for sharing these pics, I think they're hot!

  4. Well I wouldn't have you any other way, but I can think 50 ways I would have you.
    Very hot pics and nice looking cock you were sucking on.

  5. @Yummy: You are such a bad bad girl. Photo number 2 made me wish I had a cock.

    These are very provocative and arousing. Thank you for sharing


    @Bumtickler: You absolutely crack me up! :D


  6. Your a fabulously wonderful place to be and explore x