Friday, 13 August 2010

My desert island sex toy - what's yours??

those that follow the blog will know I have a special place in my heart for my bullet vibrator, I never go anywhere without it.

It lives in my handbag and shares a little channel pouch with spare batteries, my clit clamp and a small collection of headache tablets. Everything I need for lifes little emergencies!

ANYWAY my bullet died.... RIP, god bless it! it is due a medal of honour for valiant services to man (and woman) kind. It worked long hours in damp conditions, often in cramped coniditons and often with a coworker that require additional on site support to get the work done. All this for very little in return.

So with the holiday looming and very little time to shop the guys at sent me a treat!

The next day the post arrived at work and I excitedly opened my package, the girls in office laughing and saying it must be a sex toy as Im never that interested in the post otherwise.

Within 10 minutes I went to the bathroom and checked that the goods where in full working order. I slipped it in along side my clit, my lips holding it in place and replaced my panties. I went to the kitchen to make a coffee, before the kettle had boiled I was bubbling over. I came holding onto the fridge door while looking for the milk.

Me being me thought I would return to my desk with the bullet in place, now confident that the noise of it was undectable and I came another 2 times before my clit became too sensitive to sit still and unnoticed.

My top moments/things to do including my bullet are:

1) Doing mundane household tasks like ironing or hoovering, making myself wait until ive done all my tasks before alowing myself to cum, also love doing this with my Luna Benwa Balls in

2) I used to love it when HE would slip it in between my lips and tell me not to cum, sometimes he would even peg my lips togther or bind my thighs with ribbons

3) like above HE used to use it on my clit when I was tied up and it had gone so sensitive, it was such sweet torture

4) I used to love slipping it in and letting HIM discover it there

5) It has saved some moments when my partner isnt working the magic and needs a little help in pushing me over the edge

6)Doing the shopping, i came so many times the last time I did this, the added arousal of using it in public, people all around and not knowing im cumming as I lean in the dairy fridge.

7) teasing my partners cock and ass, just gently caressing him with it while my mouth and tongure go to work, it makes a good blow job amazing

In short I hate to be without it, for those that havent got one yet its a must!!

and for you guys listen up... the first time I experienced one was when my partner arrived with it and it was such a delight to see he was equiped to pleasure me. It spoke volumes for how commited to my pleasure.

This is mine

Whats your desert island sex toy???


  1. I'd have to go with the Hitachi. But I doubt I could choose just one.

    Great review, thanks!

  2. Two for me ... one is The Bullet .. discreet and powerful

    The other has to be my GWhizz7 Much like the bullet only bigger!