Tuesday, 2 March 2010

a filthy but wonderful gentleman

I was drunk and online replying to the hundreds of messages I got on the swing site, I remember I had posted my status as 'invisible'. He messaged me ... it read, I can see you and you look beautiful. It made me smile and replied kindly suggesting he messaged me tomorrow not through the fog of drink as he was unlikely to get much sense out of me. We struck up a great friendship talking. My relationship with M was coming to an end and he was a great ear and a sound mind to be near, plus I loved hearing his antics. he was 50ish, but looked only 40, a fit and well cared for body, coupled with the most piercing green eyes and a captivating smile. He was a sex addict and soooo kinky. The day M dumped me I called him as I needed a friend, he told me to go pack and get on the next train to Edinburgh and he would meet me at Harvey Nicks for cocktails and dinner.

I did! I was sat on the bar stool sipping a cocktail when he arrived. He looked even more sexy and stunning in person. We enjoyed a few cocktails laughing and talking, he held my hand and circled the skin on my thigh as we chatted. He had made dinner so we head back to his and continued what was the most delightful evening so far. I had been fearful in one respect as he seemed to be a very sexual and extremely kinky person, but he had such a way about him I felt at ease. I'm a great believer in arousal starting in your mind before it can happen physically, its rare I can come from just a physical act, I need the mind to be turned on as well... he did this so well. While he was preparing a starter he started to arouse me, moving behind me and kissing my neck and pushing himself against me gently. It was such a tonic from the devastation I had felt in the morning, no pressure, just a frivolous moment for me, with nothing but respect wanted in return.

He told me to go to the bedroom and get myself comfortable... I didn't take another asking, I went to the room and got undress and replaced the clothes with a corset, french knicks, stockings and heels then sat on the bed sipping my wine. He entered some minutes later dress in a latex body suit holding a blindfold.

I had never been with anyone in latex before and it tickled me at first but within minutes I could see the attraction. He was so hard and I must add so well hung, I have never seen or enjoyed such a large cock in my life! He got my on all fours and put on his latex gloves and immediately fisted me telling my I needed to cum before dinner. I gushed and squirted over him twice before he stopped and replaced his fist with his cock. He held my hair while he fucked me hard from behind, fingering my ass as he did it.

After dinner he lead me back to the bedroom and tied me to the bed and gagged me, placed a blindfold on me and whispered he was going to get another man to come in and fuck me. I had told him this had been a fantasy ages ago. I was so aroused yet frightened, but I was confident I was in safe hands. He pleasured me for hours telling me what the stranger was going to do to me when he got there. How he will hold me open and guide him in my holes and help in fuck me and fill me up.

It was light outside when he took the blindfold back off and he lead me to the bathroom where he had ran a bath for me. He bathed me and kissed me all over then rubbed cream into my tender ass cheeks where he had spanked me. We slept for an hour before I was awoken by him entering me more tenderly and we 'made love' for over an hour, it was wonderful end to a very passionate night.

I met with him on a few other occasions, pushing a few boundaries each time. The last time I met him last year I indulged his fetish for latex and wore a latex corset, long gloves and a mask. I gave myself to him and allowed him to take his pleasure and again he gave so much back. He bought an inflatable dildo for me to try which was a fun treat along with a spreader bar. He put the dildo in my ass and made me pump it up until I begged to stop then fucked me so beautifully talking filthy all the time making me cum so much.

I found an email I sent him as I returned on the train...

In the absence of a verification at this point I want to say I had an amazing evening. You are exceptional as a host, a cook and as a lover. Its important for me to be mentally aroused as well as physically and you achieved this and more. I look forward to a future visit subject to you not leaving the country or joining a monastery due to me abusing you so much last night. I know we took a view that last night was getting to know each other so I could trust you and relax more the next time... I think we achieved that and much more and the mind boggles at how we could have a more intense experience but I'm sure we will have a good try!! Before we met whilst I was very attracted to you I did have a concern that you would be and want too much, I think I mentioned I felt you would be a step further on my journey but now I think I need to come to accept that I am a dirty horny woman with an insatiable appetite and there aren't many men that can have me for breakfast! Take care, rest well and I look forward to the next time we kiss.

his reply...

Indeed, I shall reply later when I have recovered a little more but in short your a filthy deep-throating, fist-fuck loving cock slut, that you are. How nice it is to be able to use these words with affection!


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  1. This was deeply sexy. So nice to have wild, fantasy to reality sex, AND have so much intimacy and tenderness that you can liken it to "making love."

    Very nice. I wish I could find a man like that...and he must be insatiable because I am.


    BTW...it is your photo that caught my eye and brought me to the delicious blog post.