Tuesday, 30 March 2010

TMI tuesday!

1. Have you ever broken something in someone's home unknown to them and never told them? If yes, explain.

ooops sorry! it was the toilet seat, I was drunk, sat and fell at same time, you know the move i mean don't you??? when you take it at an angle??? well i over shot the toilet and took the seat with me. I pee'd and replaced the toilet seat and left swiftly. I did hear someone say that some one had broken it the next day, i just tutted and shook my head. Some people eh!

2. What's one sexual guilty pleasure that you wouldn't openly tell your friends about? Why?

This would be a long list! no body knows at work that I'm naughty, they think I'm up for wife and mother of the year awards, butter wouldn't melt in my mouth (if only they knew it's because I was using the butter to lube myself). But if there was one thing I wouldn't its the anal play, i like it too much and I like it too kinky.

3. Take a peek over any celebrity's shoulder in the bathroom...who are they and what are they reading?

Gerrard Butler and he's reading my blog while wanking!

4. Roses are red, violets are blue...[finish this line with your own rhyme]
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
stockings are my favs
and so are shoes!

5. Do you believe in ghosts or other supernatural activity? Why or why not?

erm hard one, no but ...
Had a real spooky thing happen, I was in a meeting (had lunch with the guy today) the sun was shining through the window and just then my PA and another director joined us, the PA shriek and said look at that, pointing at the wall. Projected on the wall was the most perfect image of a fetus in a womb, like what you get when you go to the hospital. We laughed and said one of us must be pregnant. It was me! I was 3 month gone and didn't know. So it was a bit freaky!

Bonus (optional): How many times have you thought about sex in the last 24 hours? What triggered it? Who did it involve? Provide as much details as you like.

Well Ive cum 7 times in last 24 hours, triggers lover and a friend and just because I'm a damn dirty girl!

Join in the fun...TMI Tuesday

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