Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Dungeon Club

A bit like our first night at Clair Obscure I was a little nervous going to a full on fetish night. I know some of you think I'm experienced and ├╝ber confident but I worry that they will think we are out of place and in above our heads, but with YSL at my side Im ready for any experience as I have confidence in 'us'.

When we arrive it was a conflicting sight, so many enthusiasts with great gear in but... It was the Christmas party so comedy was added to the image before us. Adding green tights to leather shorts and vest makes an instant kinky elf!

We grab drinks and soak up the room, a representative from every fetish and kink seemed to be in the place, if you ignored the outfits at a quick glance it was light any works Xmas do. Look closer and there's a guy in some purple Buck Rogers type suit talking to a TV and a girl with a collar and as pieced as my pin cushion, everybody accepted and relaxed, good company to be in as I'm dressed the most vanilla in the place!

We get chatting to another couple, swingers that like a little spanking and bondage, both attractive and good conversation. They were here to expand their horizons much like ourselves.

We head downstairs and watch the equipment in full use, before us on the spanking table is a sub guy getting a caning from a FemDom dressed as Mrs Christmas. His cheeks are already as red as her dress and covered in strike marks, 1 thank you mistress, 2 thank you mistress... He counts to about 15 and moves away on a strike, she warns him and makes him start again. He takes 20 before she swaps sides and starts again. His backside is almost purple when he stands and thanks her again.

To the right is a big guy in a business suit, a petite blonde is taking such a thorough flogging, I'm wincing with each throw there is so much power behind them. To the left a pretty blonde FemDom and a guy dressed in full Military uniform dish out punishment and experimenting with equipment. I found his uniform coupled with his precision quite arousing to watch.

The spanking bench was dutifully cleaned by the sub and before I know it I'm bent over the spanking table and YSL I pushing a butt plug inside me and telling me there is an audience behind me.

YSL gets his tools of choice out of our bag, most have big sports bags, one a tennis racket case... Us... A Chanel large handbag!

He lines up in front of me what is about to be used and collects a few extra from the Dungeon library of tools. He starts with the flogger, throwing it so confidently, part of me is so proud of YSL, it might sound silly but we are both new to this environment and I know the way he is striking me would have any expert nodding with approval.

The glass paddle comes out and a brace myself as my position gives me no harbour from the full might of it, no room or ability to move away. He strikes me hard and mixed with the pain is the absolute arousal and knowledge of being utterly his.

I'm having to grip onto the butt plug to keep it in place, I have visions of it shooting out at taking out one of the spectators. He places the Glass paddle back down in front of me and exchanges it for the crop. He leans in and tells me I'm being a good girl but have to take more, he also tells me how many are watching my red cheeks take it.

He pushes me forward and strikes me with the crop, I know I'm aroused but the proof is dripping down my thighs as I take the hardest and most prolonged cropping I've ever had.

Intermittently he crops the end of the butt plug sending sensations deep inside me. He pauses a moment and leans in to tell me he isn't finished yet, I know he is checking I'm ok though and I encourage him further.

He continues with the horse hair whip and my skin feels alight, even when he isn't touching me I can feel him intensely upon me. He finishes with another flogging then gently removes the blug and caresses my skin before helping me to my feet, part of me wished we were alone as I wanted him close and inside me right now.

After the enthusiasts admire our glass paddle we head upstairs for a break and celebratory activities, Santa had gifts for us all. The Dom, from my first visit, dressed as Santa encourages me with many innuendos to delve deep into his sack for my gift. It was bondage tape, an enthusiastic sub we were chatting to asked me to bind his wrists, I oblige as we watch a woman tied in rope suspension and another woman shared tales of her role as a professional FemDom.

We head back to the dungeon and watch a thorough flogging amongst other activities, a large guy throws his flogger fiercely against a nice round pre reddened bottom. She complains he is striking her in the wrong place but he continues after verbal acknowledgement but no adjustment. He changes tools and strikes ever harder, you can see her whole cheek lift with each strike, something I feel when YSL strikes me and I like watching it and it mirrors the image I had in my head and arouses me further.

The flogging ends and he retrieves what looks like a cross between a pastry lattice cutter and a combine harvester and offers to plough her furrows! She declines and he demonstrates on his and many of the spectators arms how gentle and pleasing it is but fails to win her over when he draws blood on himself using it, I hard to try hard not to giggle.

To our left our usual bar lady at the club is exchanging places with the lady we had earlier seen in rope suspension. The bar lady exclaimed as she left that she could fry an egg on her arse. She lies on the table and enjoys being spanked by the Military guy, he increases intensity slowly but punctuates every now and then with firmer strikes and finds her limits.

YSL leads me towards the wall where the chains were, on our way the enthusiastic sub was in the same place I was earlier inviting the FemDom from last week to punish his arse. After a light spanking she goes to collect another item, the Military guy came over to offer his services but he declined, it was too much for him. I ask if I can, I already have the flogger in my hand when he nods. I've never used one on someone else so I was delighted when my throw ended with a satisfying crack noise and a yelp. I continue as YSL sets up in the corner, the FemDom returns and I head to be chained to the wall.

My breasts are exposed and he attaches our purple leather handcuffs to each wrist then secures each wrist to the rings on the wall. My arms are outstretched and unable to move . He moves in and whispers to me, he knows it turns me on so much, he tells me he is about to flog and crop my breasts.

I'm ready for his attention but surprised by his ferocity and intensity, this is the most in the zone I've seen and felt from him. He alternates strike on each breast I'm growling and stamping with the pain, our eyes are locked and I feel like we are hard wired to each other. Each strike is now pushing my limits, too much and I want more of it. He breathes on my breast before gently sucking my nipple, it takes my breath away with how sensitive my skin now is feeling.

He takes hold of the riding crop and I nod that I want it. It's the first time I look up and take in the room. The sub guy is getting a post spanking massage, a caning is happening on the table and at the door as a few onlookers, a blonde TV gives an encouraging nod and continues to watch.

The first sting of the crop has me trying to pull away, he is relentless and I feel my thighs become more soaked with each hit. Its too much and this time I can't take more, YSL reads me and checks I'm ok, I want more but can't. He lifts my slip and crops my thighs and cunt, in my head I know if we were at home right now he would untie me and fuck me while I'm in such a state, I want that right now.

I think YSL knows my thoughts, he unties me, just as I drop my arms he spins me round and re ties me and pushes me against the wall with his entire body. I gasp, the dungeon wall is bitter sweet against my thoroughly cropped and flogged breasts. I love that he has been so spontaneous and controlling. He lifts my slip and proceeds to flog my bottom, thighs and back. The rhythmic thrashes have me almost in a trance except for the awakening sharp pains that follow the beat.

He pushes against me again, his face so close to me telling me he isn't finished and ensuring my breasts are pressed against the wall still. He picks up the crop and strikes me harder than I've ever felt. I thought it was going to be too much for me as I'm engulfed in such a feeling of emotion but as soon as I've taken it I'm ready for the next. I adore feeling so entirely at his mercy.

After I can't take no more he leads me into a side room and we lie on a bed holding me close and giving me the care I need. When I recover enough he suggests we go home and be close. I don't argue and once home he holds me in his arms and masturbates me until I cum and then rewards me with cumming over my red tender breasts before falling asleep holding each other.


  1. The Dungeon Club sounds fun and exciting, if a bit overwhelming. We're relative amateurs, of course, but we'd love to visit such a venue. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and of course you've the pictures to prove it.

    As always, hearing of your confidence in your relationship with YSL and the strength he gives you is inspiring.

  2. Before I began experimenting with BDSM I didn't understand how closely it connects the dom with the sub. But now I do.

  3. Incredible story, loved the pictures. I love the trust that you two have in one another, and the adventures you have together.