Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sensory deprivation: What do you enjoy most about it or Why do you like it? What have you done in that type of play?

Sensory deprivation is such an intense experience and I must add I can only do it with a trusted lover as with any sort of bondage. Just having a blindfold on is amazing, not knowing where the next touch is coming or what it is, listening to every sound to get a clue.. the Velcro being pulled apart knowing the restraints are about to be applied, the soft humming of a vibrator as it is turned on and wondering where it will be placed. Feeling the warm breath of you lover as he hovers over you ready to kiss you but making you wait mmmmmmm. Every touch is magnified, you feel everything so much more. But take away your hearing as well. Not knowing what is to happen, you mind becomes a fertile and creative place. Tied up in that state anything could happen. Every touch is electric. The therapist is always amazed at my bodies reaction to every touch when in this state. The goose bumps, the erect hard nipples, the juices flowing from me.

Last night I met the therapist for a 'coffee' and he blindfolded me and put in the ear plugs. tied my wrists together with a belt and then teased me for an hour. It was so good, he used my speculum to open me up while he licked at my swollen clit then and fingered my ass. he moved away and the thing about sensory deprivation that not being touch is as intense as being touched. the next thing i felt was a sting on my left nipple as he clamped it, as I got my breath back he applied another then fisted my furiously until I gush all over the place.

Thanks for the question, now aching and wet sat at work. I'm alone and have 20 mins before next meeting... fresh batteries and a little porn now required x

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  1. I like tying arms and legs spread on a bed and blindfolded. Then playing here and there on the body, kissing, licking, sucking.

    Will have to try ear plugs. Sounds even better.

  2. I am with you, sometimes writing about gets you so horny even if you have already done it.

    Lets here how the batteries worked out for you.

    I agree sensory deprivation is erotic and torturous at the same time.

  3. Oh wow wow wow.
    That was a deliciously sexy description of your sensory deprivation experience. Thank you for that.

    ...off to take a cold shower and aim that shower head you know where...