Sunday 30 October 2011

A contrast in swinging

The last 2 swinging experiences have been contrasting and a personal education to where my comfort zones are. The first, 2 weeks ago, we had gone to the new club but when we got there it was pretty quiet. Only another couple and a single guy and it was all very polite chatting. We decided to head to the other club. We got there at about 10:45 wasted no time at the bar we stripped to our underwear and headed upstairs to play.

All the rooms were full, people fucking and playing on all the beds, it was BBW heaven for YSL, full figure sexy ladies in abundance. We head to the bed in the main orgy room and we sit close to a 3 some that was in full throng. YSL started pleasuring a lady, Mary, she was sucking another guys cock while YSL went down on her. Her partner turned his attentions to me, wanting me to lie back but I wanted to watch YSL. Hands appear on my breasts from behind and I allow them to touch while I watch. I wank 2 men that are teasing me and I enjoy the attention. At one point we are part of about 10 or more bodies all touching and playing with each other.

After YSL makes Mary cum several times he rejoins me on the bed and encourages me to lie down. He fists me and makes me cum hard and squirt, Mary is transfixed by YSL doing this to me and the guys clearly aroused. YSL holds me while inviting 2 men to fuck me. Neither last long but the attention is pleasant but it was lacking the intimacy of previous moments. I move further up the bed and get on all 4’s, Ivan, a very well hung swinger we have met on most club visits takes me hard from behind. YSL sits in front wanking his hard cock while he watches me, I feel more aroused and thoroughly enjoy the moment. Ivan climaxs before I get to but the pleasure of his hardness was still enjoyed. I move forward and take YSL’s hardness in my mouth and slowly suck him, knowing my cunt was totally exposed to the room while doings so.

Mary had been entertaining a few men but just at that moment she was ready for someone to fuck her. YSL takes his cue and goes to the edge of the bed where she was bent over and fucks her hard. For a moment Im lay alone watching YSL fucking Mary, seeing her face light up as she felt YSL’s hard big cock push inside. Her partner joins me and lies between me and YSL fucking Mary… I instantly feel cut off from YSL and I feel uncomfortable. Graham, Mary's partner, gently rubs my clit, im struggling with my arousal and I know im dry which is a rarity these days. I move so I can see YSL still and try to get back in the mood but continue to struggle. A young guy asks if he can lick me and he does so skillfully but to no avail as my mind had gone far from the pleasure. I move again and manage to watch YSL finish, cumming hard and making Mary squeal again.

We dress and head home after a quick exchange of screen names for the swingers website. One of the guys from the group play earlier is ordering a taxis but YSL kindly offers to drop him off in town so an exchange of fun swing stories entertained our journey home instead of our normal debrief.

I was feeling the need to be held and YSL immediately address it, pulling me close and stripping me naked. We spoke a little of how it had been the most apart we had been in a club situation and I told him I hadn’t felt comfortable. He agreed and pulled me close.

We head to the bed and he makes love to me, long, slow and tender, then upping the tempo and fucking both holes hard until he fills me with cum. I so needed this closeness again, my feelings from earlier had been a surprise and an unwelcome one at that but it had clarified in my mind what I already thought was the case, my pleasure of swinging is from joint pleasures, the extension of ‘us’, adding new experiences to ‘us’ not as an individual.

The next evening we had together YSL asked how I’d felt in more detail, both keen to ensure that we understand each other’s needs. We talk at length whilst curled up together but some things don’t need to be said though, YSL always makes me feel so wanted and safe when swinging.

So we head back to the club again….

We arrive early and are both pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the quality of our fellow swingers. There is nobody in the room we have on our ‘no’ list. The ladies all seem to be YSL’s type, especially the lady with the huge breast at the end of the bar that I suggest Motor Boating as we survey the room.

We head upstairs and find play has already started, the main orgy room has 2 ladies being pleasured in so many ways and Mary is bent over the bed sucking cock while being fingered from behind.

We watch for a while before YSL tells me to lie back on the bed and Mary lies next to me. The first of the men to give me pleasure (Jag guy) rubs my clit slowly and squeezes my nipples while I caress Mary's breasts as YSL licks her thoroughly. Jag guy looks for approval to fuck me and I nod, he slips on a condom and pushes his hardness into me. YSL leans over and kisses me, he starts to fuck Mary and holds my hand. I adore this moment, both close and sharing the experience, arousing each other in turn. We whisper to each other and enjoy the fucking. YSL’s hand moves across my body and arouses me further, I feel a trail of goose bumps where his hand touches, he reaches my throat and firmly but affectionately holds it, the sight of it I can tell pushes Jag guy over the edge and he cums and I turn my attention to watch YSL and Mary. Within minutes eager hands on my body appear and I smile at the BBC I had enjoyed a few weeks earlier. He kisses my neck and trails his hands over my breasts while he also pleasures the lady to my left. The Adonis looking guy has just been fucking her so hard with his large hard cock, he moves in front of me and I take the invite to suck him. I take him deep and he proceeds to fuck my mouth, I pull back and catch my breath before he does it again. He asks to fuck me, I get on all 4’s and wait for him to find a condom, once inside me he pounds me hard but puts too much of his weight onto me and my arms give, as I fall forward he pushes hard into my arse, it would of benefited from the kindness of lube but thankfully his shaft was wet from my cunt. He fucks me hard until I cant take his weight any more. YSL is right next to me fucking Mary still and stuffs his fingers into my arse where his cock had been, I suck Adonis again while enjoying YSL’s probing.

I start touching the lady next to me, Debs, waiting for approval and then her eyes encourage me. I lean over and start sucking on her breasts while exploring her cunt slowly. YSL joins me and I continue to rub her clit while YSL fingers her cunt. The BBC returns to the bed and I smile and invite his attention he is distracted on his way to me and the Jag guy beats him to me. Jag guy asks to fuck me from behind. I get on all 4’s and he impales me in seconds. He sheepishly takes hold of my hair and I turn my head and tell him to pull it, making it clear rough is good. He starts pounding me hard as one hand holds my hip firmly. He lets go of my hair and changes angle so he is as deep as he can be and holds both my breasts. He starts to shudder and grunt as he cums hard, clinging onto me still as he enjoys the moment before retreating from the bed.

YSL has Debs on all 4’s and she is in such a state of arousal she is quivering on the verge of cumming, I whisper to YSL, she is about to cum, she gasps that she is and starts climaxing long and hard. As she collapses on the bed she exclaims she has never had such an experience. YSL fucks her until she cums again, she is so enthralled moments after she leaves the room she returns with a friend pointing at YSL and say “it’s him, OMG he is so good” as jokes about needing a queue for YSL’s attention.

The BBC arrives on the bed and starts to play with me, just at that point YSL needs a drink, its been hard solid play for a couple of hours and I was also getting parched. He kisses me just as BBC is putting a condom on and tells me he is going to get water and not to stop. I’m a little apprehensive but I know most of the people in the room and know he wouldn’t leave me if he wasn’t sure. I relax and pleasantly distracted by the fucking I then got. BBC holds my ankles, making me so wide open for him and he slams into me each time, when YSL reentered the room he said it was such an arousing sight just seeing my stocking clad legs either side of his torso as he fucked me also he could hear him slam into me before he could even see me.

I cum from the fucking and having YSL so close again, having him kiss me and whisper to me increased my arousal so much. We switch position and BBC fucks me hard from behind as I watch YSL play with Mary again. After he cums I join them and we share Mary. We finger her simultaneously and then I fist her, something I’ve never done to another woman before and before long she starts cumming, my hand is soaked.

I then hold her cunt open and feed YSL’s cock into her. YSL tells me to lie on the bed in front and instructs Mary to lick me. She starts licking me with enthusiasm but gets distracted by the fucking but im enjoying watching the YSL. Mary starts to work her hand inside of me, she has been wanting to fist me and takes the opportunity, I’ve never been fisted by a woman before and thoroughly enjoy the experience as she manages to make me cum twice. I move back to sitting next to Mary and finger her arse while YSL fucks her, I tell her to cum on YSL's cock and tell YSL to fuck her hard lick he fucks me. Before long Mary starts to cum as I hold her and YSL shoots his cum.

Ivan joins us on the bed and asks to fuck me, get on all fours so I can watch the fun and enjoy Ivan’s very large manhood. He only lasts a couple of minutes before I feel him stiffen more and swell, I tell YSL what Im feeling as he sits in front of me holding me and kissing. Just as I finish speaking Ian starts to cum, falling back on the bed and smiling at me.

We head home elated by the nights fun, both thoroughly enjoying all aspects of the nights events, falling into bed with cocktails and fucking until YSL fills my cunt with his cum.


  1. I read this entry earlier today when I was cruising your site for something. lol I LOVED IT! I love all your descriptions of how you felt when YSL was too far away and even when each one was taking their turn with you. Going to a swingers club is something I want to do but as much as I really want to go I get anxious at the thought because I am a big girl and just afraid of all the unknown possibilities I guess. I need the right person to go with me I guess.

    So again thanks for sharing because now I want to push myself to try and experience this even more! :)

  2. What touched me about this entry is the compersion you have for YSL, and the tenuous emotional balance you must maintain . . . you love seeing him pleasure himself with other women, so long as you feel you are a part of it. Fortunately he is sensitive enough to understand your needs and make you feel better when circumstances leave you feeling distant.

  3. Gohhhooooooooodd, this is all kinds of hot.

    Nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check my site for deets :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this very exciting story! We have just gone to our first sex club, and while our experience was nothing like yours, we had fun.

  5. Back for a re-read


  6. Wow, a hot one for sure. My first time here and will definitely be back. Thank you for sharing.