Friday 29 June 2012

Swinging in Paris

Landed and on the train in to Paris and it finally hits me I've escaped again. I'm excited and ready for our adventure together. The hotel is another 15minutes walk and I'm grateful when it's finally in sight as ever YSL has chosen well the hotel is perfect and situated just up from the Louvre near the Paris Opera.

We dump our bags and find a wine bar to do some serious unwinding. It feels so French, the music, the cured meats, the bustle, everything just as it should be. Wine consumed we crawl into bed together and make love before falling asleep in each others arms.

I'm woke by the words "you are waking in Paris with your lover" he has opened the doors already and the room is full of light. He pulls me close and hugs me, I'm smiling already before I've opened my eyes fully.

He disappears between my thighs and wakes me fully as I cum courtesy of YSL's tongue. He joins me back at the pillows and slips his hardness deep inside me and kisses me with such passion. His excitement for our trip can be measured in hardness and inches, I can feel him positively brimming.

We both climax and curl up together and plan our day ahead, sightseeing and our main inspiration for our trip Les Chandelles tonight after taking in dinner.

Sight seeing is relaxing and indulging as its my first trip to Paris, YSL ensures I see the highlights and we take in lunch just off the Champs Élysées after taking in the Louvre, the designer shops, always hand in hand. Lazily we people watch, sip beers and devour fine food, his eyes loving me all the time.

We board a boat and enjoy the sights along the river, getting off to enjoy the Eiffle Tower, enjoying a rest in the sunshine before finding our way back to the hotel. Its hot and we have cover many miles on our feet and im ready for a cold beer and a rest.

 We spot a few potential restaurants and work out which street we think the club is on so we are organised for later.

We shower and clamber under the covers for an afternoon siesta but instantly his naked body presses against me sleep is the last thing on my mind. I instinctively push back against him and let outlet a moan as I feel his cock swell, his hands encircle my waist and caress my tummy as his cock pushes inside of me. YSL starts slow, giving me time to absorb every thrust until he pushes me onto my front and thrusts even deeper, taking my breath away and starter an orgasm to swell inside of me. He pushes one of my legs forward, I'm positioned like I'm climbing a wall especially as I claw at the bedding whilst his fingers push into my arse, preparing in for fucking. A few more hard thrusts has me cumming all over his cock, he retrieves it from my quivering cunt dripping with my wetness and slides it in to my arse without waiting for invitation.

I bite the pillow as the initial burn and sting takes me be surprise, he pauses, holding still but remaining deep, while I relax and acclimatise to his cock stretching my arse wide. He takes a handful of hair and pounds me hard, I feel his vock swell and stiffen more, the thought if him about to spill his cum deep inside me mix with him using my arse to please himself slams me into another climax that is amplified by the reality as I feel his warmth flood inside me.

Im still too aroused and he grabs is belt from his jeans and throws it towards my cum filled arse, it stings and caresses me and adds more fuel to the flames, its so aroused. The sound of each crack of the belt adds to the arousing nature of the moment. He's hard again and kneals behind me wanking and keeping me pressed into the bed. He is close to cumming I can tell by his breathing and he stuffs the tip into my arse again and gives me no pleasure but so much at the same time, filling me again with more cum before turning me over and holding me as he rubs my clit to a beautiful fulfilling orgasm.
I can hardly sleep but manage 20 minutes of a nap, enjoying watching him in a deep slumber. The alarm sounds and I'm already awake and forming my plan to get dressed, I'm nervous, we are about to go to the world renowned club and it's a huge pressure being judge don the door. I e-mailed them earlier in the week to check door policy for the night but no reply, we have both read the rules, the advice, the articles on the web, they form a mixed report but with a reoccurring theme that it's up market and classy. YSL has a sharp Boss suit, Ralph Lauren shirt and tie ready and I'm wearing my off the shoulder Garbo cocktail dress from my favourite designer Igigi, black classic patent heels and some seductive lingerie. I tie my hair up, Audry Hepburn style and add pearl earrings and necklace to finish the classic look. I would fit in at the Opera as well as the club tonight.

For all my concerns of if the door will let us in right now I don't care, YSL wants me and he is clearly pleased with how I look and likewise, if we had time I would drop to my knees and beg for his cock.

Its a little after 9pm as we head towards the club, it doesn't open until 11pm but we need to get dinner. I had noticed a quaint French restaurant earlier and as we study the evenings menu YSL kisses my neck and takes my hand leading me inside. We order the same and aren't disappointed by any course, the food is exquisite, complimented by good wine and perfect company.

The portions were perfect leaving us full but able to consider fucking. I reapply my channel lipstick and perfume and we walk the final 100yards to Les Chandelles. We know we are at the right address, approximately but unsure of which door, it's too discrete for us to identify until out of the darkness 2 men appear and ask in French if we are looking for the club. We register quickly they are security and we push the door they are pointing too and enter a dark waiting room area with a buzzer next to a hatch. Im aware we are on camera and avoid pulling any stupid faces and await the attention at the door. The door partially opens and an attractive gent in a black suit pokes his head round to address us.

He looks us up and down, taking in my imperfect curves and by his face I know his decission and his next words confirm it "ave you been before?" he says in a heavy French accent after trying the same in French and realising its easier for him to speak English.

"non" I say, trying to hide the already building disappointment

"it is members only tonight my friends, I am sorry" the door is shutting before anything else can be said.

We step back outside and YSL squeezes my hand, we already had a back up plan in plan "it's there loss" I say as we walk to get a taxis "we will try again tomorrow, maybe it will be a different policy" YSL adds.

I had already done the research and found Paris has dozens of other clubs, I read reviews and had a list in order of interest along with a map. YSL stops a cab and hands over the map and points at our next chosen destination Overside, a libertine club, from the reviews it sounds like a smaller scale Le Glamour, the nightclub being core to the fun and with play rooms.

The taxi pulls up at the address and we step out of the car, YSL looks around trying to guess which door it is, I point at the arched enterance leading to some steps, looking more like a subway enterance with harsh lighting, leading into an underground passage. A door opens to the right and music can be heard eascaping into the echoy passage. A security man can be seen, I stride up to the door and smile at the security guy, his eyes sparkled back and he opened the door again this time directing us to a small hatch where a pretty smiling lady greets us. Once my bad French is exhausted she runs through the rules in English and takes my bag.

The bar man, sexy as hell gets the order mixed up but resolves it with a smile and sends us on our way with an extra aperitif. I feel over dressed, everyone around is in a near naked state and after a nerve steeling drink I disappear and remove my dress, returning to YSL who's jaw has dropped as I strut back to him in only my bra and a fitted slip and of course my heels. It feels like the whole club is looking at me, I'm the tallest in here by far, the shorter men stare up and the ladies checking just how high my heels are.

YSL has his proud face on, he takes hold of me and kisses me passionately. The room is full of an eclectic mix but it seems predominately under 30 and thin. A stark contrast to the UK club scene, which I find is over 30 and all shapes and sizes, just sexually confident.

We enjoy people watching, amused by a guy who looks like a bad Elvis impersonator dancing like he is having a fit through to a hot red head pole dancing. A Thai girl takes over at the pole for a while until the track changes, clearly a Eurotrash chart topper with a line dance type routine and I wish I could record what we see before us, a line of naked and near naked people synchronised dancing with Elvis looking on with envy.

We finish our drinks and go to find the play rooms, they aren't obvious and after a few wrong turnings and discovering a chill out area YSL locks the location and takes me with him. To our left is a romanesk room, a central podium with a 3sum in full swing surrounded by a circle of couples fucking and playing on the encompassing seating. A large bearded chap sits on the outskirts watching with tented trousers, I think he would be suited to a toga and chewing on a turkey leg as he watches the orgy.

We turn a corner and a couple sit chatting on the edge of a small play bed and on the right a man has his face buried in a woman's cunt licking her as she lies out stretched with her back arched porn style. The next corner takes our breath away, neither expecting as much activity but both delighted by what we see. To the corner of the room a large cage bed has a woman being fuck, she's all about the performance and it feels a little false she's playing with a woman who is stood at the cage enters cr trying to entice her inside but she is also being fucked from behind. All around the cage are coupled playing and fucking, we both enjoy watch the couple to our left, they both looked like they had just come from work, very professional and unassuming but right now with her dress pulled up, her panties round her knees and his cock deep inside fucking her hard they contradict everything. YSL pushes me against the bars and unzips his cock, slipping inside me and joining the throng of people fucking. It's getting busy and by the time I cum the room is packed.

We move to the next room and find a space on the large beds, along the corridor that lines the rooms is reminisant of the school disco, coupples frightened to join in just watch. as we play, people come and go, the traffic in the room has a high churn or as ever with have such hunger and stamina for sex we out play everyone. YSL fucks we hard from behind and then flis me over to fist me, a small crowd stops to watch, as ever our play is different to how the French do it but its appreciated and accept, the men particularily enjoyign the show. I swap places and falate YSL, His cock is emence and I enjoy lick my own juices from it. He doesnt want to come just yet and we retire back to the bar for refrechments and more people watching. Both of us tower over what seems to be a room full of petite people, again turning heads, I have mixed feelings of the attention but focus on the positive and drink in the looks YSL gives me as he appreciates every inch of me at the bar.

After the chill out we head back to the play rooms, its less busy and there is more room free. YSL is fucking me hard and an attractive couple come next to us on the bed, I get the feeling they are interested and its confirmed when we touches my breasts after and encouraging look from her partner. she un zips his pants and starts to suck him, shes a tad pissd and messing around and his cock isnt stiffening. he offers it to me and I take it. I suck lick and cajole it while YSL pounds me even harder, his cock is still semi flacid and I give up on what clearly is stage fright and cast his cock down just as he cums, good timing on my part, I congratulate myself on dodging the mess and try not to giggle as the pissed girlfriend, unaware that the flacid cock had indeed been spent and she is down dragging her hair through it.

We change positions and the guests leave, the girl shrieks at the sticky mess now decorating her cleek dark bob, more group scenes errupt around us but all I want is YSL. I know there is noone else in the room he strikes an interest for, the the young, pretty French people are trying to out porn fuck each other instead of just letting go and being natural.

We grab one last drink, accompanied with some macaroons (my fav) and try our luck in the roman orgy room. The play is lacking the depth of passion we both yearn for and YSL suggests we head back to be alone.

its about 4am and outside its raining heavy as we emerge from the subway type exit, the valet hails us a taxis, from the inside of the car the lights of Paris are blurred and colurful as we race through the streets, its almost like a scene from a movie, YSL kisses my hand and squeezes it gentle to communicate his want to be close to me.

The rain lets up for the brief moment we exit the cab and enter the hotel, im still soaked through though and need to get my dress off, for so many reasons. In the room YSL pulls me close and kisses my exposed flesh between my neck and my breasts, I remove my dress and shed the underwear, I want to be naked and made love too.

Part 2 is here - Swinging in Paris - Part 2


  1. A great recount of our first wonderful day and night in Paris together. It was such a special weekend

  2. Beautiful and atmospheric. X

  3. What an intense, exciting, and wonderful story. You never fail to impress us not only with the fun you have, but with the loving detail with which you recount it.

  4. I'll have to check out Overside next time I'm in Paris...

  5. you have beautiful freckles.... YSL is lucky to get to lick those....