Sunday, 22 April 2012

Going on top- It took a year to do it.

When we first met I was still in agony after a fall I had and I had torn my knee ligaments. YSL was well aware of my injury on top of already having both knee caps pinned and he always accommodated it, ensuring positions were comfortable etc. he suggested a few months later when things were healing I go on top and I declined due to fear of my knee but the honest answer I was hiding at the time was fear of failure. There was never any pressure from YSL to do it but recently I was quite envious of seeing another woman ride his cock in that way, it made me want to do it.

Whilst some of you think I'm this experienced sexual being I have many flaws and frailties I don't show on here. I've only had sex on top once with the Husband, it was before we were married and he told me I wasn't any good and it didnt arouse him enough to get or stay hard.

I took this to heart and never tried it again until in more recent years but any pleasure has been marred by my concerns of performance and being over weight and unattractive.

I came clean with YSL and told him my concerns but also my desire to do it with him. As ever YSL did the right thing, he left it a few weeks after our conversation and when the moment seemed right he asked me to sit on his cock. Not to fuck but just enjoy the sensation. I went for it, I didn't stop to think as I knew that would be dangerous. As I sat on his cock and I could see the pleasure in his face I started to relax and loved the sensation. He slowly moved inside, his hands adoring me me until I came leaving me shuddering and very pleased it had been such a positive experience.

On our anniversary night away after dinner and hours of foreplay and exploring our new delivery of Sex toys from EdenFantasys including some lovely Sexy lingerie and a double ended dildo we fucked for hours in so many new positions. In the midst of it all YSL asked me to go on top again. Without hesitation I climbed on and he fed his cock inside me as I sat back. This time was even more amazing, I felt more confident and gently rode his hardness. His cock was rigid making it easier and more intense. My small movements were met with his push towards me before long I start to cum, my gasps of pleasure are joined by the squelching of my now frothing loins, YSL's balls and thighs were covered in my gush of an orgasm. We continue until I cover him again, our eyes locked, seeing his pleasure in having me there taking my satisfaction from his hardness was wonderful not just sexually but in how YSL makes me feel about myself.

My knee injuries are never going to allow me to ride YSL with too much vigour but now I feel it is only my knees that are the barrier not my negative self image or fear of rejection. I get do much from our relationship together, sexual satisfaction being the obvious one but under the surface the impact he has on my self confidence, belief and image has been a very positive and changing for the better experience.

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  1. Like reading your blogs this one reminded me so much of myself unable go in top feeling overweight unattractive :( But now I met Lee were having so much fun :) I even dressed up for him last night in stuff I brought from love honey and he made me feel so sexy x we will be adding to our blog soon :)

    Linda xx

  2. As a bigger woman myself being on top was always an insecurity of mine as well. It was only a year or so ago that an incredibly sexy and open minded man with whom I've never had to hide my fantasies or wanton ways that I, without any hesitation, rode him like he was my own personal carnival ride. Looking down at him, seeing the desire in his eyes, seeing/hearing the way I was pleasing changed me. Do I still hesitate sometimes, sure, but it's no longer a hard 'no' in my sexual bag of tricks.

    Loved this post and adore how much happiness YSL brings you. Kudos, you sexy woman you.

  3. I love your narrative posts, but this one is especially sweet because it shows how much YSL loves you, being considerate about your physical condition and encouraging you to fulfill your desires to the extent you can. And how much you love him for fulfilling his desires despite your limitations.