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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Part 3 - Saturday Night, Le Glamour: The best swing club experience (ever)

It’s a little after 10pm when we arrive at Le Glamour, they are just setting up the door so we grab a drink at the adjoining bar giving us an excellent view for some people watching. I had worried if I had dressed appropriately and I was relieved we I saw how the other ladies had dressed. The place was open now, an attractive make bouncer who looked like Don Gillet was on the door, clearly his job was to keep the standards high. In the 15 minutes we sat watching, more people were turned away than allowed in even for such basics as wearing the wrong shoes.

We finish our drinks and I swagger with as must style as I can muster and I’m relieved when the bouncer looks me up and down and allows me to pass. Entry isn’t cheap but again it holds the quality up and once we stepped inside the 50 Euros in seemed cheap. It was like something off a film set. A huge thumping night club but with subtle differences, the cages and poles surrounding the dance floor being one, the glass double shower unit in the middle of the room being a few. We go for a look around before settling down to enjoy. The outside terrace was vast, lots of seating, Bedouin type beds and another bar, a quiet area with seating and the most amazing lighting. The bathrooms and mixed shower are space age, fluorescent light up was basins!
There is a small sign above a non descript spiral staircase, it reads ‘Couples Pleasure’ we head down the stairs to discover a warren of sex rooms more than I have ever seen in any sex club and to such a high standard, it was like a labyrinth of pleasure. To the left of the security station was trios, only for couples and bi fems, we ventured along to discover large beds currently vacant , alcoves with mirrors for those after something different and more intimate, private rooms and rooms clearly for the exhibitionist. We discovered a room that was dark with some kind of stalls, we weren’t able to work out its purpose but figured it might be self explanatory later. At the end of the corridor is the BDSM area, just small but with a few fun toys including stocks, a St Andrews Cross and a medical table with stirrups.

We head back to the other corridor, this allowed single males in, whilst the club was couples only the ladies it seems stay on the dance floor at times and the guys enjoy some fun, its slightly colder looking, setting a different harder mood. Various beds and rooms flow from the corridor, still empty but you get the sense of what it will be like later. There were 2 rooms that were pitch black, as we edge into them and loose all sense of direction and dimension we are both freaked by a hissing noise, we reverse and run away like school children giggling and a little scared but laughing at the reality of the security guy with an air freshener.

We head back upstairs and grab a drink and seats at the bar, we position ourselves for a serious spot of people watching. Couples filter in varying from the sublime to the ridiculous. The overriding dress theme seems to be Eurotrash, I have never seen as many men in white trousers in one place before, some being daring to wear the matching pimped loafers. The ladies vary from ‘nice n sexy’ like they were going clubbing or for a romantic dinner through to naked other than a fluorescent mesh dress, allowing everything to be seen. I felt like I fitted in well with my choice of attire.

In the main the place was oozing with class and swilling with the rich and beautiful at 10 euros a drink even if its Coke the standards of visitors are going to be kept high. The music was thumping, the DJ was heating the place up, I'm compelled to stand and start moving, I slowly roll my hips as YSL sits on a bar stool, his hands move to hold my hips and we kiss. I turn around and ensure my bum grinds against his crotch.

Of all the things me and YSL have done together dancing has never been one of them, he grabs my hand and takes me on the dance floor. We make some shapes, flirting and dancing with each other, totally high on the excitement, both in a positively euphoric state. I lead him off the dance floor and down the rabbit hole to have some fun, I need him to fuck me.

We had been so distracted by dancing we hadn’t seen the dozens of people head down the stairs. As I walked through it was obvious I was attracting attention, my height and full figure had a few of the men and couples turning their heads. Most rooms had people in them in varying states of undress. We stop and watch as 2 Harley guys that we had seen early in the day pleasure 2 curvy girls on the bed. The room was partially obscured by a chair mail curtain but we pulled it aside and blatantly watched as the dark haired German woman came hard. Sounds of fucking came from the end of the corridor, a woman was on the medical table getting a thorough seeing too, couples stood round watching and enjoying the site before them. A small French couple were flowing us, the guy clearly interested in me.

The curious room from earlier had people in it now, we joined them and learned quickly in the darkness what the room was for. YSL was holding me, kissing me, we talked in low whispers how in awe of the place we were, YSL whispered how pleased he was to be here with me. He holds me tight giving me a loving hug, his arms around my waist and back. I then ask him “is that you?” hands appear on my arse, slowly tracing my shape, another hand, a different touch this time, “more hands are touching me” I say. YSL holds me close and tells me to enjoy as he pulls up my skirt ensure any wandering hands had easy access. The mystery hands continue to explore me, I’m so aroused by this scenario, YSL loosens his hold but doesn’t let go. 2 people are sucking my breasts and a hand is parting my pussy lips. YSL starts exploring one of the mystery people, a small female, not normally his type but the excitement of the unknown and darkness has him aroused.

The hand on my clit is working its magic and YSL holds me as I cum hard. As I recover I'm presented with a cock in my hand, a good size but at a short height, the penny drops it’s the Small French Couple (remember these as they pop up again!) I wank his ample cock and YSL drops to his knees to rim and lick the woman. Other hands caress me and then the Small French Man moves to penetrate me, Im not interested in that and I refuse politely. He urges forward again and I only have to say YSL’s name and he has hold of me and takes me from the room reinforcing to me that I am here with the right person, he never gave his pleasure a moments thought he just ensured I was OK.

We head back upstairs , half way up are streamers and glitter, its like we have been in a time machine and we have arrived at new years eve. The club its packed, the European exhibitionists elite in full throng dressed up in some of the most elaborate outfits from a man on the floor, rubber kilt and fuck boots catches my eye clearly inspired by Jean Paul Gautier through to dressed like Egyptian Gods. The poles surrounding the dance floor where in full used, some just with amateur wives getting sexy for hubby to those that could earn money as they slide almost naked down the pole held only by their thighs.

We grab drinks and dance some more, drinking in the atmosphere. Both of us are so aroused by the atmosphere and freeness of everyone surrounding us.

Refreshed we head back for more fun, this time we headed for the room that we had watched the Harley guys in and go for putting on our own show. YSL hitches up my skirt and goes down on me. I’m soaked, I know as I was dancing it had been flowing down my thighs, he is slurping away at my juices and takes me to the edge of cumming, his mouth locks around my clit and sends me over the edge. I instinctively close my legs but YSL pushes them back open and delivers a spank to my cunt making me gasp. The crowd outside was gathering and YSL started to fist me, for mine and their pleasure, I dare say he enjoyed it too.

He slowly worked his way inside but once inside his vigorously fisted me ensure I would cum hard and quickly. He knows what angle to get to make me cum so hard. I feel it starting to build and YSL tells me to cum for him. I know I’ve soaked him as I shudder with pleasure, my nipples so hard from cumming.

We head back into the grope room, this time ready for the hands. YSL lifts up my skirt so there is no doubting what he wants to happen. As we kiss hands appear on me again. I reach out and caress a woman’s breast and then her arse, YSL joins me exploring others. I reach for YSL's cock, he unbuttons his trousers and lets me have it, Another cock is offered to my hand its small but enthusiastic and I whisper to YSL “I’m wanking 2 cocks now” I’m smiling and inside laughing at how outrageous the whole thing was! If you had asked me even 6 months ago would I be doing this I would of bet my life on never.

YSL has an idea and tells me to stay next to the wall and if I’m not happy just to say his name. He walks out the room and a moment later his cock is presented to me through a hole. I slowly wank him as 2 couples play with my breasts and caress my bottom. I bend down and suck him slowly and see that next to him are couples fucking. After a few minutes he tells me to join him there is something I need to see.

Behind him on a sofa is a 4’some the ladies are kissing and caressing each other while the guys fuck them hard but next to YSL is what I can only describe as a porn star fuck. The guy, clearly a fan of the gym, so tight and muscular has hold of a waif of a girl, her legs both wrapped around him, suspended in the air he holds her and fucks her so hard and fast. Slapping noises as his balls bounce off her ass and cunt fill the room as he grunts and continues to pound her. His trousers still around his ankles, something we later learn is the 'French way' It was a spectacle to see, I always thought this would be pure porn acting and no pleasure but as the frantic fucking came to an end he pulled out quickly and jetted cum.

As we walked out the room more porn moments were to be seen; a woman on the bed holding her self open like a circus act, her legs so far apart she either does yoga or dancing, the guy licks her exposed cunt and in a flash as she cums he steps back to the wall and unzips his pants to unleash his large cock, the woman in one movement rolls forward unzips her jacket to expose her breasts and kneels before him with his erect cock in her mouth.

One of the larger play beds is set up like a Tumblr photo shoot, bodies naked and fucking in so many ways but sat perched on the edge of the bed is a woman dress in a latex suit and wearing a police hat as if she was overseeing play.

We head to the other side of the play rooms and watch some fucking but were more of a mind to play than see. We go towards a bed YSL takes hold of me, unzips my skirt and pushes me back on the bed. He pushes my legs apart and starts to fist me again. Licking my clit at the same time I feel more fingers I know whats is coming next. I reach for the lube as I want to make sure I don’t get sore as I have a full week ahead of me. He lubes up both hands and starts to push inside. I don’t hold back, we are in the harder play area and I don’t care who hears. Both hands are inside and a crowd is gathering to watch, even the security staff are coming to see what is drawing the crowd. YSL has me cumming and squirting so much and he doesn’t stop, there is no let up in his pace or intention. As I cum again and start to shudder he pulls our and takes hold of me knowing I was passing that point where I need to be held so tightly. When I regain composure I tell him to lie back and so I can suck his cock.

He is so hard, I take him in my mouth and slowly lick and tease him. I deep throat him which draws more attention from the guys passing, Couples stop and discuss how I’m taking his large cock all the way in. After about 10 minutes of ‘showboating’ YSL orders me on all 4s and ploughs his cock inside me. It feels so good. He pounds me hard until my cum is visibly running down my thighs. A few of the Harley guys try for an invite onto the bed but remain respectful and just watch as we cum together on the bed. The wrong setting but we lay on the bed holding each other close for a moment before we dress and go back upstairs for a drink and some fresh air. We enjoy people watching, discussing the sights before us and enjoying each other’s company, but still excitable and blown away by the night so far.

We move back into the trios area. It was about 4am and as we headed up the corridor we spotted the medical table was empty. YSL tells me to lie back, he places each foot slowly into the stirrups and Im instantly exposed to him, he takes his time licking me slowly, inserting a couple of fingers inside me and rubbing my gspot. A couple are watching us and the both step forward and start playing with my breasts. Im astounded by how forward people are, its like a help yourself buffet but I don’t care, its turning me on, I have a fantasy playing out in my head, Dr YSL is being very naughty and the nurses and feeling me up. YSL is loving my cunt and has me close to cumming again, he pushes his hand inside and starts to fist me, I feel the orgasm start to build I know I’m going to cum so hard I could almost burst into tears, I feel it and I hear it, YSL exclaiming how much I’m cumming, its clatter on the floor as I gush repeatedly soaking him, me and the bed.

As I recover and try to straighten myself its clear I’m ruined, my skirt is soaked, my basque is drenched, YSL is covered evn his trousers were caught in the torrent. We decide to head back to the apartment, weve been awake for 24hrs straight and have only had 3 hours in 48hrs, pure adrenaline and arousal have kept us awake.

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  1. wow. that was hot. i have to go now and see this place.xx i love u2

  2. Phenomenal evening, made better by everyone respecting your wishes to be touched or not touched, depending on the situation.

  3. That place sounds amazing and definitely somewhere I need to go. Sod the gym this is the way to get a work out!

  4. Just amazing! Sounds like so much fun!