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Sunday 18 September 2011

Day 2 - flight, arriving and omg!

We dress and head for the shuttle bus to the airport and stand holding each other at the bus stop. I know on our trip away in July we did 'couple' stuff but this just sticks in my mind as a moment I really feel as a couple with him. Just doing something mundane and ordinary as stood waiting for a bus but it's together, shared experience, constantly connected together.

We arrive just before the checking opens but YSL is like me and we like to be early and organised. We are the first in the queue and it's a first for me flying with Ryan Air!

The staff bark efficiently but I imagine they are frequently at the receiving end of many a disgruntled passenger. Once the bag was checked in and we dodge a nutter going through security we relax and grab breakfast together. The place is packed clearly a load of flights waiting to go, after their departure gates were called the room was left with an eclectic mix all of which I wondered if I would see naked at the resort in the next few days. Some girls exit the toilets in front of YSL checking how many condoms had been bought, we thought they were a Cap D'Agde certain but later we saw them heading for Glasgow! Clearly with plans!!

As we queue for the plane at the gate you could spot the Cap D'Agde tourist, they were split into the Naturists crowd; spotted by their age, greyness and comfortable clothing and the swingers; spotted by their manicured nails, perfume and hair dye.

As we get near to the plane steps a scene from 'Terry and June' plays out. Old couples reunited with excessive use of the word gosh!

I move into the first seats at the rear of the plane and we enjoy the shambles of boarding without allocated seats unfold.

An old chap, looking trampy and disabled is in front sitting on the aisle seat, he shall be called Andy from now on, we named him this from a comedy show, you will hear more about him in posts to come. A posh couple ask him to move along or let him in. The husband encourages his wife "do you think he would mind awfully moving along" Andy plays stupid pretending he can't understand or operate the arm rest, posh husband clearly getting frustrated by the charade pipes up "he clearly bloody minds doesn't he!" me and YSL sit giggling and watching more people attempt to move poor Andy and fail.

I'm a bad flyer, I think I've mentioned it to YSL before, it's silly really as I fly loads with work. As the plane gathers speed on the runway YSL sees how stressed I am, he holds my hand and after a couple of bad jokes he does a great job of distracting me.

Once in the air YSL sets up his iPhone with matching Bose head phones, we might be on a budget airline but we are doing our own first class!

He flicks on our inflight movie. I start to giggle so much as "real couples group sex" is played. I can't believe we are watching this never mind the fact I think YSL is awesome for thinking of such a naughty treat as in flight entertainment!

We get to the main inflight movie the choice was "the secretary" or "friends with benefits" we opt for the later, I'd rather watch The Secretary in an environment I can be bent over and spanked.

I love that he has been so thoughtful and planned such a treat, the flight was over in a blink of an eye as he held my hand firmly as we landed.

The terminal was a posh modern shed with nothing more than a coffee shop and a toilet. Outside taxis waited for those that had prebooked. We gathered our cases and headed to the taxis rank. The sun was shining, it was hot but bearable as we waited for the taxis. None appeared only what seemed to be prebooked gathered waiting for their fares. We discovered we were wrong as people enquired and took the taxis we had been stood next to.

I gather confidence and request help in my best French. We hadn't discussed each other’s lingual abilities so I felt shy and a tad foolish to begin with but YSL was pleased of me stepping up and sorting. I think he is used to having to step all the time and I think he liked that I had the confidence.

Once in our ride, a very plush executive ride I started taking in our surroundings, my trips to France previously had never been as far south. The French landscapes I had seen previously had mirrored the English countryside with more plushness and ordered horticulture, the vista before us wasn't that. There was still the ordered horticulture but it was muddled between more arid land, more what I would expect for Spain or Italy.

Within about 10 minutes and a few breath taking driving manoeuvres we arrive at the village gates.

We settle with the driver and prebook our return taxis, the first of the up sells we had been offered that we wanted.

You have to buy a ticket to gain access to what is essentially a walled community. It's changeover day so the ticket office was busy, 2 queues of people still divided by cosmetic products. A few guys in Harley jackets also littered the queue, I wondered if getting naked would they keep their waistcoats on? I knock a few people over with my back pack on as I fidget in the queue, excitement was building even more.

I stay close to YSL, I'm close to nervous but not apprehensive as we enter the village. We walk round the corner and it was confirmed visually that we were in the naturist village as a naked man of about 60 years if unpacking his car quickly followed by a couple of the same age whizzing by on bikes.

The office of the agent where our keys are was closed for lunch so we head to a bad for a cold beer.

As we sat at the bar just in the shade we absorbed our surroundings. To the right were 2 couples chatting over coffee, sounds normal until I add that both ladies wore nothing but dog collars, all were totally naked, heavily pierced. As they got up to leave they kissed each other and hugged as if they had been in any normal situation, this was to be 'normal' for the rest of the week.

More naked people pass, a couple naked except for she was wearing stilettos and a sparkly belt! Men wearing t-shirts but no pants? The Naturists and the sexual exhibitionists so easy to separate.

The keys weren't ready still so we dropped the bags and went for a walk. YSL has been here twice before but as a Naturist and a voyeur when opportunity allowed him, he gives me the guided tour. The place is vast, different shopping and restaurant areas, people emerging naked from the supermarket, sipping beers, eating lunch, it's like a different planet. I'm actually feeling uncomfortable in my clothes as people look at me and YSL as the odd ones out.

We pass Le Glamour, said to be the top swingers club in Europe, music is thumping from it, there is a lunch time pool/foam party inside. We venture onto the beach. YSL had explained in advance of how the beach is split but seeing for my very eyes was surreal.

The first section is Naturists, families, young and old enjoy being naked enjoying the sea, sand and sun as god intended. About 500metres on is a bar, it cuts the beach between the Naturists and the swingers. Beyond the swingers area becomes the gay beach.

As we pass the bar the beach becomes dense, the towels and parasols are literally touching each other. As we walk along the beach we notice couples wanking each other, others performing oral as they sunbathe, I'm trying my hardest not to let my jaw drop or point!

We head back and grab the keys after a rapid unpack I realise my mobile isn't working. Partially a blessing as it means work calls won’t be a nuisance but I need to contact home and do the "hi I'm here" call. YSL is such a caring guy he did everything to help sort my phone including hiking up the tallest building on site to see if he could get a signal but to no avail, he did find a phone box though.

We shed our clothes (well I still clung to my see through sarong) we head to the shops to get supplies and make my phone calls.

I call my Dad first to ensure everything was ok, he told me to chill and go enjoy my holiday and he would text hubby and let him know about the phone issue.

We buy loads of treats for the apartment, lots of wine,  pastis and my fav Whisky Ballantine’s! YSL had offered for us to eat out in restaurants all week but both of us are good cooks and enjoy the fresh French produce so we opt for cooking for each other. I saw it as more time alone together which I value so much.

We head back and prepare food, enjoy drinks and curl up on the bed for what should of been a nap seeing as we had only had 3 hours at most sleep the night before but being lay naked with each other and the excitement of our adventure has us both aroused. We slowly masturbate each other as we discuss our excitement and expectations. I know it's different circumstances but I feel even closer and so in love with YSL. Every moment of the holiday so far he has been such a gent and so caring, from carrying bags, opening doors to holding my hand and pulling me close at every opportunity. I'm normally like a human version of buckaroo carrying everything and seeing to everyone else's needs, I almost feel guilty except YSL makes it clear he wants to do these things and reassures me I'm not being lazy! It's funny as we are both giving and caring people and constantly want to care for each other. He has never told me he loves me directly but I feel so loved by him and it has me smiling inside and out.

We realise the time, its 9:30pm and the nap isn't going to happen, going for the burn is our only option now!

We shower and dress, Le Glamour is our destination tonight. I slip on my leopard print basque, fence net stockings that YSL attached, turning me on as he caressed my thighs, then I adorned a black satin corseted skirt and pinned my hair up, the look finished with black patent leather heels.

YSL was pleased with my look his face told me before he verbalised it.

He looked so handsome, head to toe in style wearing Mui Mui linen pants, Ralph Lauren shirt and stylish shoes, freshly shaven and smelling great!

He took my hand and we headed to what was to be the most eye opening evening ever!


  1. wow u guys are amazing. love the fish nets to. great blog hope i dont have to wait to long for the next part.

  2. There is an "Andy" on every flight!!

    You made it sound so wonderful, I was wishing I was there.

    Great Post...looking forward to the next one. :)


  3. What I enjoyed most about this is the tender and deep love you have for each other, which shines through every word.