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Monday 18 July 2011

The Weekend away - Sunday

We enjoy cocktails on the deck in the sky lounge, just chilling, im unaware of how close a guy was and YSL was amused by his shocked face when I said how nice it was when you fucked me arse while I used the hitachi.

We are both hungry and decide to get ready and go for dinner, after consulting trip advisor we call to make reservations, 9 is the earliest, we take the booking and order a snack from room service. We are curled up naked, cuddling while we wait the food and his hand naturally flows to my tummy then clit. Food arrives and we enjoy sharing and then fall back into each others arms.

He pushes in the glass but plug and the dildo and switches on the Hitachi. YSL is sat enjoying the view as he makes me cum over and over. He takes his time fucking both holes and ensuring I’m in a constant state of arousal. I take hold of his cock and wank him, not for his pleasure, for mine, just because I want to hold and enjoy his cock and because I want his cum. He spurts all over my tummy and chest as he shudders with intense pleasure. We notice the time and dress quickly and head for dinner. We walk to the restaurant and settle at our table, the night is perfect. He keeps glancing over his menu at me, I'm smiling inside feeling so adored.

He smiles as he admires my exposed shoulders and chest and suggests I sort the cum out that was drying out across my chest!

When we arrive back, both full from dinner, we sit on the window sipping a night cap as we look over the city all lit up. Taking turns rubbing each others feet, caring for each other. We are both tired and ready for sleep and I fall asleep in his arms so content.

It had been such a great day, beginning to end in his arms.

It most of been 6ish when I woke with him inside me, I didn’t open my eyes I just smiled and moaned with delight of his early morning alarm call. We slowly fucked in the spoons position until ysl withdrew and told me to lie on my front. His disappears until the quilt for a heavenly rimming. He must have been adoring my hole for at least 20 minutes before he came up for air and pushes his hard cock inside it.

We fuck slowly until he fills me with his cum, I feel him swell just before he gives me it, I feel his warmth enter me and I holds me tight. We fall back asleep for a few hours and YSL is woken by me sleep talking and moaning, I was having a naughty dream about is picking people from a bar to fuck, when I wake we giggle at my naughtiness and sexy moans and he rolls me over to fuck me.

He suggests I flick on the Hitachi, I don’t take a second telling. He fucks me hard in both holes as I tease myself with the wand, loving every moment he is filling me. It isn’t long before I cum hard, im so aroused I keep the wand on me and go for another, I cum again this time harder. I keep going and can feel myself almost welling up, I know im going to cum again and so hard. He is fucking me with such passion when I start to cum,
Im can’t put into words how strong I came, I would say one the hardest ever but that comes later in the day.

We head down for breakfast and refuel before heading back under the covers. When we return we head straight into bed with a few toys to try and play with. He tells me to lie with my head near the bottom of the bed, he is sat between my legs and he pushes in the dildo before switch on a new toy, its purely for clit stimulation and very pleasurable on my engorged clit. He enjoys teasing me and making me cum.

Im soaked when he pulls out the dildo and pushes in his hand. He licks my clit as he fists me only pausing from his rhythm to push his other hand inside me. Im so totally his. I can’t do anything except cum, im an emotional mess its so intense.

It’s the hardest I think I’ve ever cum.

Id sent him a message earlier in the week with something I had wanted to do to him. I wanted to be sat at the top of the bed, him on all fours in front of me to I could rim and explore him while milking his cock. Part of the plan worked but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I couldn’t get the angle just right to rim him.

I work my finger into him getting him ready for a toy, small one first then the feeldo. He is so hard as I wank him. I love to hear his response, his breathing tells me how much he is enjoying me penetrating him. I'm sat with the hitachi just touching my cunt lips telling him I'm doing this to him for my arousal only. I pull the dildo out of him and he stands up so his arse is presented to me so I can lick and penetrate with my tongue. Reaching to hold his cock as I do this to find him wanking himself, I'm pleased he is feeling the pleasure I'm wanting to give him.

In the box of sex toys I won last month was a strap on, I've never used one before until today. He had packed it in case the moment was right for us to try, this was the perfect moment. He helps me put it on, I had mixed emotions from feeling silly with this big purple fake cock sticking out from me but also conflicting with that as my confidence grew was the arousal, the feeling of almost sexual power.

We moved to the full length mirror and he stood with his hands against the wall, legs apart with his ass presented to me ready to penetrate. I smother my cock with lube and prepare his hole then ease the tip in slowly. I encourage him to push back onto my cock so he can control the depth and speed initially.

Once inside o start to slowly fuck him. I never thought I would feel as much pleasure as I was, I think this is down to the closeness and affection I have for YSL but whatever the reason I'm loving penetrating him. It gets too much for him and I pull out slowly, I hold him and we kiss deeply, the passion and urgency for each other evident.

YSL turns back towards the wall almost in a frenzy taking hold of the cock and feeding it into his ass as he begs me to fuck him. I oblige taking him deep and firmer this time.

We move to the desk and he sits upon it, I'm on the chair in front his legs over my shoulders, his ankles crossed pulling me so close, his cock in my mouth. He is so aroused by the position, we can see so many angels in the mirrors that surround us. Im slowly sucking and wanking him until he shares his cum with me.

It's time leave the hotel and I'm surprised and pleased to hear he has plans for us for the day. My I had felt this weekend hadn't been just about the sex but his plan of a visit to a country park to spend time together confirmed it for me.

On the way down in the lift YSL looks at us in the mirror and rightly points out how happy, refreshed and relaxed we both look. The park visit is wonderful although I did think the huge hill at the end was going to be the death of me. Just walking holding hands and talking about anything and everything.

A few hours later we arrive back at his, take bags in and I enjoy a cold drink before heading home. We hold each other and kiss, I think he feels as I do, not wanting our weekend to finish. As I finish up my drink he moves between my legs and apologises he just has to do this before I leave. My clit is do sensitive from the 3 days of his attention that it doesn't take long to get close to cumming. He is licking and sucking my clit firmly and I start to cum. He re-appears from between my legs, his face soaked and smiling.

A perfect way to end a perfect weekend!

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  1. Wonderful story of a what seemed like to be a fantastic weekend. You two seem to have a fantastic connection. Looking forward to the next adventure!

  2. Absolutely loved it... always a sexy adventure with you

  3. Well, if that isn't a well spent weekend I don't know what is!