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Saturday, 7 April 2012

RAMPAGE - YSL birthday treat part 4

There was a knock at the door, we all fell silent and looked at each other like naughty school children caught in the act. I send Kirsty and James into the bathroom and tell YSL to get in the bed, I answer the door in a see through chemise clearly looking like we had been fucking and ready to be told off for all the noise. The young matradee looked a tad embarrassed as he offered a tray with fresh glasses and sparkling water complimentary for us, no complaint to add thank god!

James kept looking at the Jacuzzi and YSL decided to start running it. While wait for it to fill a little light spanking fun with me enjoying giving to James. Kirsty slapped him hard and left an instant hand print but I switched to the flogger and administered a moderate flogging to James’s behind. The crop was too much for him but the flogger certainly got him excited.

I had to take an important call so I dressed and left the room, when i returned after hearing some extremely good news the Jacuzzi was full of bodies. I sat on the edge of the tub and soaked my feet until YSL insisted that I join them. Under the water I stroked Kirsty’s clit slowly and enjoyed her curves as YSL caressed my back and shoulders. James more to offer his hard cock to Kirsty’s mouth and then switched to mine. YSL and Kirsty exited the tub and James tells me to bend over the tub and starts to fuck my arse hard. We both struggle to keep a grip in the water but the pleasure makes us continue the battle, knowing my thighs would pay for it later. James switches to fingering my holes and wanking his cock until he is close to coming and the cum over my face.

Out of the Jacuzzi and sat on the sofa watching YSL fuck Kirsty hard in the arse as demanded by her. Half of what she is saying passes my by as her accent is so strong and so many local words but what was very clear was her shouting ‘you dirty bastard’ at YSL as he pounds her.

By 6pm they leave and we focus on each other, every time we pass each other in the room we kiss or touch never straying very far from each other. In the fridge a bottle of champagne was chilling ready for when we were dress, I ordered ice and glasses so that we could toast YSL’s birthday and my good news.

As we sat down together YSL poured us a glass each, I was about to speak but he shushed me as he already had something he wanted to say. His words I can’t share but his sentiment I will, to hear him sum up how much he loves me, how much he enjoys our time together and his pride in what I do was very overwhelming in such a good way. I add my agreement and shared how much I love him and how special he is to me. We left for dinner, holding each others’ hand so tightly as if to carry the words with us. My heart was overflowing with want and care for YSL.

Dinner was at a wonderful restaurant that served local fare. Every mouthful was exquisite and very much appreciated by both of us. Our next new friends were already in the bar next door but we didn’t want to hurry, they were relaxed knowing we were just next door and not going to let them down. French and Scot were embarking on their first ever swing together and they had been sending mixed messages, one moment enthusiastic the next saying its just drink. We were of the opinion we would have one drink, two max and if we liked they could come back with us if not we wanted to be with each other so much we didn’t care.

Physically we were both pleased, they looked even nicer than their pictures, French was classically dress and had a very continental look to her and Scot was a well dress and friendly looking guy. Conversation just flowed from the moment we sat down with them, Scot insisting on getting the drink in leaving us ladies to chat. Her French accent was arousing on its own but added to her intellect and sense of adventure I found her quite enchanting.


  1. Needless to say we are quite envious of James and Kirsty! We loved reading this latest chapter, and were very pleased that there were no complaints from hotel staff nor guests. We are looking forward to reading about what transpires in part 5.

    And the photo that opened this post is incredible, and might make a very nice wallpaper for my laptop. ;)


  2. This series of your hotel stay has been captivating. Just to say I am so enjoying reading what you got up to!! All I can say is that you needed all that lovely food to keep your energy levels up!!!

    ~Mia~ xx