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Saturday 3 December 2011

I could not stop the tears

After the trauma of the weekend I thought the week could only improve but alas I was wrong, it even surprised me how bad it got. 4 solid days of dealing with a drunk mother and suicide attempts, I was drained, I was beyond running on empty. I was having to keep dad afloat, mum alive and my brother at arms length. Chuck into that my last marriage counselling session and i was a wreck but not allowed to show my weakness, smiling and holding it together at work and In front of the kids.

Seeing YSL for an hour or so the only thing that kept me going on the Thursday, I just wanted to curl up and cry.

I messaged him an hour or so before he got home to say don't ask me how I am, I'm going to crumble. He didn't see the message, he had dashed straight from his last meeting to see me and before he finished the sentence the tears were down my face. I hated that I was crying, ruining what little time we have that night but he held me so close and told me to let go and not worry.

A few tissues later and I was back in control. We ate chips(fries) and talked through the few days I'd had. He took me upstairs, initially he stood behind me, I felt glued to the floor, unable to move, he held me and kissed my neck which felt like it unlocked me. I stripped and lay on the bed, he joined me.

He scooped me in his arms and pulled me close, the next few minutes was like something from the movies, my grief and sadness changing with every kiss he placed upon me, our bodies changing from being silent and motionless to writhing against each other and hungry for greater connection. He moves between my legs, leans forward to kiss me and his cock naturally finds its way inside me and he makes love to me until I cum. He pulls out and locks his mouth around my clit then laps at my hole before slamming his cock back inside and fucking hard, he knows I need it. He tells me how much I mean to him and I feel the tears build again, this time for the right reasons. I hold them inside but embrace the feeling as I cum again.

He invites me to enjoy his cock. Not for his pleasure, just for me to use it. I lie with my head on his tummy and relax as I toy with his cock. Just teasing precum out of it, feeling the softness of its skin against my face, the scent of his arousal filling my nostrils. Despite the lack of direct stimulation he remains rigid, he tells me it's because I turn him on so much.

YSL asks me to sit between his legs and masturbate for him as he holds me. He remains rigid, I lie back with my head near his cock, as I slowly massage my clit, YSL takes his precum and rubs it slowly and sensually upon my lips and the surrounding area making me hungrily lick it from around my mouth. His hands hold and encourage me, stoking my skin and turning me on more. I bring myself to orgasm and bask in the afterglow as he holds me close, he was the prescription I needed to feel better.

Right at that moment as he pulled me close and kissed me I could feel the emotional relief following the physical relief he had given me, I was smiling again.

He told me to get on all 4's, he wanted to fill my cunt with his cum. YSL entered me and paused, i enjoy that moment it gives me the opportunity to appreciate his length and girth, feeling him fill me and my cunt accommodating him. He starts to fuck me, holding my hips and ensuring I get my fill of his cock. My whole body feels every thrust. I'm close to cumming as I feel his cock swell, I know either one of us is going to trigger the others climax. The first squirt of cum from YSL as his grip on me tightens tips me over the edge, I feel my cunt tighten and my body rejoice as my climax rips through me.

We collaps in a heap on the bed, spending our last few minutes before I have to leave close and leaving our eyes to do the talking.

I already know I'm so lucky to have YSL in my life but weeks like this, when I needed a friend and a great deal of TLC he was more than there for me. I dont just mean physically but everyday regardless of how busy he has been he has been there and sent me caring messages when I needed it most.

Inspired by the post a twitter friend wrote these words....

Softly she weeps, no one can hear
Mask slips from her fingers when he is near
Gentle and strong he lets her release Pushes back and holds her dear

Thank you so much xxx (go visit her)


  1. I have actually never tried comforting my wife with sex after something bad. I feel like maybe it would make her feel better, but just don't know how to approach something like that. So sorry for the tough times.

  2. That was heart-warming. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm so glad that YSL was there to comfort you and make you smile again, sweetling. It's not the sex that fixed it, he did, and that's a beautiful thing.

  4. Knowing all of the trouble you're going through, we're very glad that YSL is in your life. We admire him for all the happiness he brings you as much as for the sex. Beyond the physical, he gives you what you need emotionally as well, and presumably gives you the strength to go on. For this, we're grateful to him.

    It wouldn't be us if we didn't comment on how much this entry turned us on, so we'll say that also. :)

  5. Sounds like a bitch of a week, I bet that moment of escape pulled it all back into focus and allowed you to breathe long enough to continue. Sometimes it's important to make the world stop.

    *hugs lovely*

  6. Loving sex may not be the answer to every problem, but it's close.

  7. I realized I did not comment. I'm glad you are brave enough to share with us and to open up to him. I feel blessed to be along for some of the journey by reading the blog.