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Sunday 4 December 2011

Full of cum and off for a 4some

I arrive early but I need to be out of sight as I'm meant to be away, I chill and prepare tea as far as I can. YSL is due at 7:30 so I relax and open a bottle of wine. I doze off and wake to the message he is delayed, I'm disappointed but know he is so busy at the moment, I'm grateful he is making time to see me, I feel like I'm being a demand and drain on his time that he doesn't need right now but when he gets home just before 9 i know he is pleased I'm there and I'm so pleased to see him.

It's hard to explain how I feel in his arms, especially with everything that's going on at home at the moment. Just being held by him means the world to me, he always looks at me in such an appreciative way, always noticing the small things, making me feel attractive, wanted, cared for and loved.

I make dinner and we enjoy wine and conversation with the food. YSL needed to pack for another busy week away, I lie on the bed watching him, I can feel my arousal build knowing as soon as the chores were finished I was next on the 'to do' list.

As he steps out of the bath I remove my chemise and we climb under the covers together naked. Initially just holding and kissing each other. His hands take hold of me firmly and he pulls me so close. He whispers I've been so good and patient that I deserve a treat.

He kisses me again before disappearing under the covers to lick me. His ability to give me pleasure this way is unquestionably the best I've ever experienced, I think it's his adoration and passion for doing it that is the secret to his skill. I had for a couple of days before seeing him failed at cumming while masturbating, either through interruption or too stressed. Right now I'm adrift on a cloud of building arousal, knowing my destination is going to be such a deeply rewarding orgasm, worth the past few days of frustration. I start to cum just as his fingers push inside me. As I cum he continues to devour my cunt making my orgasm even more deep, longer and worthy whilst making me writhe with the intensity. I feel like I'm going to burst into tears, the physical relief and the emotional connection feels overwhelming, YSL moves up the bed and takes hold of me, he gives me everything I need right at that moment.

His cock is rigid and pressed against me, he pushes my thighs apart and I take hold of his cock. Slowly masturbating each other as we kiss, such a simple pleasure but the connection makes it so special. Both giving each other pleasure. He tells me to roll on my side, he needs to fuck me. He mounts me and takes my breath away as his cock pushes through my lips and deep into my soaking wet cunt. I pull open my arse cheeks to allow him to be as deep as possible. Building rhythm from slow and deep to hard and slamming into me YSL has me cumming on his cock. He rolls onto his back and invites me to lick my cum off his soaked shaft.

I lie between his thighs, looking at him in the eyes as I slowly, meticulously lick his cock, sucking the tip, teasing him before taking his entirety into my mouth and throat, ensure I took every drop of my cum off him.

He tells me to move further up the bed but to remain on my front. He rims me deep preparing my arse for his cock. He covers his fingers in lube and pushes them inside ensuring his thick cock will slip inside when he is ready to enter me.

He positions his tip against my hole and slowly fucks me just with the tip, opening me up, then he pushes in deep, I moan with intensity and sheer pleasure.

He tells me in a minute he is going to push his hand inside as well, just the thought of his hand in my cunt and his cock in my arse sends a swill of desire through me, then I feel his fingers push, he is up to the knuckles and awaiting my cunt dragging his hand inside. He pushes and my body takes him. I'm almost growling, reflecting the animalistic lust for this moment. I immediately go head first into an orgasm, it's mentally so arousing, to be taken in this way and filled so much. He remains still for a moment before adjusting his hand and cock. I feel so full, I gasp the words of how good it feels, he holds his cock through my cunt walls and fucks my arse beautifully. He pulls out his hand to allow him more room to fuck me harder. After a few minutes of pounding my arse so hard he pushes some fingers into my arse and feeds his cock in along side. I'm stretched and loving it, my face buried in the pillow and he leans forward and bites the back of my neck.

A fulfilling wave of an orgasm ripples through my body again, after he pulls his cock out and pushes more fingers inside, I think he has all inside me, up to the knuckles, my arse is hungry for more but also at its limit. As I catch my breath he replaces his hand with his tongue, I must of been so open as I feel the warmth and tenderness of his tongue deep before he pushes his cock back inside, this time I feel his cock swell and ready itself to spurt cum inside me, i can feel each jet of cum hit the inside of me.

As we curl up on the bed for a while he kisses me and tells me he thinks I'm an amazing woman, I giggle but realise the sincerity of his words as he takes hold of me and his eyes tell me how much he wants me.

We venture to the kitchen and playfully make cocktails together taking them back to the bedroom where we enjoy each others bodies more. We don't want too late a night as we need to leave early in the morning for a 4some we have planned so we turn off the lights and settle down together.

We spoon together in the darkness and YSL knows I'm still in an aroused state, I don't want to be a drain on the night, so I lie still and dismiss my greedy urge. YSL kisses my neck and suggests I masturbate he knows what I need, I blush and decline but he encourages me until I give in and plug in the Hitachi. I pass him my dildo and open myself for him to push it in side, the hitachi is pushed against my clit and he takes hold of me again. Not a gap of air between us as he spoons me and tells me to take my pleasure. I feel him stiffen again and he pushes his hardness into my vacant hole. I'm so close to cumming, I tell him I want more of his cum inside me, ready for the morning. I want my arse full of his cum so that I know and can feel it when Mike fucks me in a few hours. The thought is enough to make me cum and clearly urges YSL on as he follows suit, as I finish cumming he jets more cum inside me.

I fall asleep and sleep well for the few hours we have, the alarm goes off but we have 20 minutes before we need to move. YSL kisses me gently, my eyes aren't open yet, his kisses trail to my breasts and he gently suckles my nipples. I'm not expecting sex as he never lets me have it if we are going to a club, he keeps me aroused but never sated. Im surprised but very pleased about it as he moves between my legs and pushes inside me, pulling the duvet up so we are still snuggled together as we make love. Im soaking up the closeness and affection I can feel flow from from him to me. The angle is perfect, I can feel myself fill up with the urge to cum, I tell him, I'm going to cum on his cock. As I shuddered and my cunt grips his cock he holds me close before returning to lie next to me. I take hold of his hardness and ask for him to cum on me. I start to wank him then he takes over and my hand is free to hold and caress him as he moves closer to cumming. The warmth of his cum as it covers my tummy is heavenly and a physical confirmation of his want for me. We cuddle for a few more stolen minutes before bathing and dressing to go meet our friends.


  1. Extremely hot!! Now hurry up and post what happened next with the other couple!!! ;-)

  2. Can't wait to read what happened next...

  3. I love reading your descriptions of sex with YSL, how each act and scene builds fluidly to the next until you collapse in each other's arms . . . and still have enough energy for another go.

  4. You do such a great job describing the physical and the emotional connection you and YSL share. You are a natural storyteller and your every vivid detail paints such an enthralling picture. Your accounts are as arousing for your readers as the actual events were for you.

    We, too, are anxious to hear about your foursome!