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Saturday, 16 November 2013

A full sexual history

When we first met I recall explaining to YSL that i was a blogger, just for my own pleasure but I felt it right he should know from the outset as from the first night I hoped he would feature in my adventure. Whilst I shared this information i did not share the details of it as I wanted him to get to know me and like me for who I was with him not what I had done with others. He seemed happy with my request and it wasn't until about 4 months into our relationship, the first time we spent a weekend away together that I shared the URL.

Until this week YSL still hadn't read the back story, I've always been open about my past and experiences both good and bad but that's different to reading the intimate details. On Wednesday YSL informed me that he had read the blog, every single post and picture. my heart felt like it was stuck in my throat until I discovered it was all good.

We spent the night sipping drinks and discussing some of my experiences. Something I hadn't expected had occurred from YSL reading the blog., he had been aroused and even masturbated over it. Most of my blog had reinforced many things I like, it had explained my thoughts behind many things that we have experienced since together giving him a deeper understanding to me and what I enjoy.

The best thing though that has occurred is that YSL has seen in perspective just how much I value our relationship and how very different our relationship is to what I have previously experienced.
Wednesday nights sex was electric, the passion we had for each other was like we had just met but with the knowledge and experience of each other. The excitement between us feels like it has gone to another level and the closeness like nothing I've experienced.




  1. You have always been 'an exciting girl' and I just love the fact that you are so sexual, passionate and have such a great enthusiasm for the depth of quality times that we share together....and the blog only further demonstrated that you are discrimating in your adventures and who you share them with.

    It also reinforced, what I already knew, about what you were looking for in your life, which was friendship, sharing, mutual pleasures someone that you could rely on.

    You have never disappointed me, only ever brought pleasure to my life and it has been a prvilage to provide what I have for you in return.
    YSL xx

  2. I'm so happy for you, and love this post. My husband just recently starting reading my posts, and it has brought up closer as well.
    I love his comment.

  3. This is a beautiful post!!

    ~Mia~ xx