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Thursday 5 April 2012

RAMPAGE! YSL Birthday treat part 2

Our code word was Havana 7 year old... if I ordered one it was a green light. YSL ordered one for himself straight away so I saw that as his endorsement, for me the jury was still out. After another drink I decided ‘what the heck’ they seem interesting in a quirky kind of way and it might be turn out to be fun.

Back at the room I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and change into my chemise, this seems to get things moving along nicely. As I climb on the bed YSL disappears between my legs and starts to lap at my cunt, the couple start to under and as they join us YSL goes down on Heather Jim gives me oral but quite quickly he gets bored and starts looking around the room, more interested in the decor. He focuses again but only in short bursts and I find it hard to get aroused. YSL goes down on me again and it changes, I’m in raptures and cumming for him. After a little more play Jim wants to fuck, I’m astounded that a veteran swinger has not brought condoms with him. If we had been at the club we would of told him to get his own, a harsh lesson we have taught some men, making them leave the scene of potential sex with a diminishing hard on to pay over the odds at the bar. YSL passes him one and once on he starts to fuck me.

Portion wise I was on a diet, I’m used to a huge portion with YSL and its clear on Heathers face as YSL pushes inside her she wasn’t used to the ‘super size’ version. Jim fucks away at me and I’m amused when he tells YSL not to cum yet, clearly confusing his own urgency to get off with YSL nature of giving pleasure and enjoying the moment.

Jim moves round to fuck Heathers mouth then excuses YSL from his fucking duties. They change position she mounts Jim’s cock and rides him a moment before Jim asks YSL to DP her. I see YSL hesitate and but then grabs a condom and tries to get hard, it takes a tad longer than normal, I licked at her arse and cunt while she is riding Jim’s cock. YSL later he shared that he was conflicted, it was his first time doing DP and he had wanted it to be with me. It was such a wonderful thought and consideration and have both decided as Jim had a small cock it didn’t count!

I sat back and watched, slowly masturbating and enjoying the site, then took the opportunity to take some pics stopping to kiss YSL as I snapped away and videoed.

YSL pulled out and Heather dismounted Jim. Jim slips on another condom and fucks me till he came. As they leave, both of us fall into each other’s arms, closeness and intimacy had been missing, it was more like a club meet there had been little warmth or feeling from them as a couple. It wasn’t that it was a bad experience but it was certainly a learning experience.

Dinner was a bed picnic followed by an avalanche of loving and pleasure from YSL. He starts to masturbate me and gets me in a frenzy, each orgasm getting stronger and deeper until I cum so hard I’m almost convulsing with pleasure. He takes hold of me tightly as I’m hysterical with it. He whispers to me how much he loves me, how much he wants me just to enjoy my pleasure and patiently waits for me to pull myself together. I’m still shuddering but sit up as I need to get a grip. YSL moves behind me and keeps tight a hold kissing my neck gently. I feel so emotional and moved by it all and thankful of the deep care YSL has for me.

Eventually we dressed and headed for a quiet drink in the hotel bar together, I wanted to just talk and be close to YSL, reflect on the day and enjoy being in his presence.


  1. You two never cease to amaze me, and this one's amazing in the extreme.

  2. Wow, I am always amazed at what you get up to! I can imagine it is extremely hard for anybody to live up to YSL's hard I mean high standards ;)
    Take care, miiss you
    Maddie xxx
    Ps if you get a moment between sexing and blogging I have a new blog :D xxx