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Sunday, 8 April 2012

RAMPAGE - YSL's Birthday treat part 5

Physically we were both pleased, they looked even nicer than their pictures, French was classically dress and had a very continental look to her and Scot was a well dress and friendly looking guy. Conversation just flowed from the moment we sat down with them, Scot insisting on getting the drink in leaving us ladies to chat. Her French accent was arousing on its own but added to her intellect and sense of adventure I found her quite enchanting.

The Pied Piper, YSL led the way back to the hotel, it was probably about 11pm. I went to the bathroom but decided against the chemise as I didn’t want to be too forward with it being their first time as a couple. I knew she had a thing for the ladies so i sat on the bed and asked her to join me. She giggled, blushed and then walked over to the bed and lay next to me. Her lips locked onto mine and we kissed passionately, my hands wandered to between her thighs and we joked that we had matching panties on, none. The passion just flowed from this moment hardly any of us stopping for breath. Scot had said from the start he was more likely to be a voyeur, his cock was clearly not up for an audience but his hands delved in from time to time to get pleasure where needed.

I asked French to sit on my face, I held her well rounded bottom as she gently ground down on my face. YSL parted my thighs and promptly stuffed his very hard cock inside me. I can only imagine what a wonderful view he must of had as he fucked me and watched French sit on my face. Scot climbed on the bed and presented his cock to French. I wished we had a 5th person just to capture this moment. Just then YSL stopped fucking and his urgency and panic I could detect but I could do or say anything as I was buried at the bottom of the pile. French shrieked and jumped off me... I was so disorientated from being in such a heady state of pleasure now sensing the panic around I was trying to work out what was happening. I sat up and Scot was nowhere to be seen, then the penny dropped.... so had he, his head and his feet just visible above the bed as was trapped in the small space between the bed and the wall. Once rescued and checked for damage the giggles set in, tears flooding down my face.

Once back in the mood again French started to lick and finger me, with a little encouragement from YSL she works her hand inside, its the first time Ive had a woman fist me, it felt so good. YSL started to fist her at the same time. Both of us girls were in raptures and orgasming. Scot took over fisting and licking me and I got in a state, I needed to stop as I knew I was going to end up an emotional mess if I came again, something that I have previously avoided but pleased to do in front of YSL, alone. After coming to hold me and check I was OK I encouraged YSL to continue to devour French. I gathered that Scot like being spanked and decided to show him the delights of some of our toys. He clearly enjoyed being cropped and earned himself some very nice stripes as I went to town with the riding crop.

So much pleasure was enjoyed in so many position, it was getting late, or perhaps it was getting early and suggestions that they would have to leave were made as French had work in only a few hours.

We get out the Hitachi and share the delights. Scot and YSL have her clawing at the bedding and all of a sudden she starts to squirt, its literally like a fountain, about 1 foot in the air then covering YSL to the elbow and her to her thighs, such a erotic thing to see.

Both French and I turned our attention to YSL’s cock, licking and kissing over it and taking turns sucking it. It doesn’t take long till YSL paints both of us with his cum, we kiss each other and lick any left over cum off our faces.

French is reluctant to leave, we could tell that they had enjoyed their first experience greatly and I joke that she mustn’t get our knickers mixed up!

We crawled into bed and enjoyed holding each other, YSL knew I needed to cum and get it out my system so he focused fully on my pleasure. I wasn’t expecting it but his cock was hard again and he placed it inside me as he held me, making me cum so hard as he filled me.


We lay in bed making love for over an hour when we woke, just slowly enjoying each other bodies, his cock alternately holes until bother of us lay shuddering together. We catch sight of the time and just make it down for breakfast. The annoying posh woman behind us gave great opportunity for my humour and we giggled at her clear lack of reality as she explained her decision making moral based on a TV programme about some poor people.

After refuelling we headed back to the room so as not to waste a moment of being naked together. The Jacuzzi ran as we cuddled on the bed. Bathing each other slowly and lovingly we reflected upon our adventures, laughed at some moments but equally agreed that the most wonderful high points were those where we had just been together, loving each other.

We headed back to the park armed with bread and fed the swans, we even got to stroke them they got that friendly with us. We walked slowly back to the otel, stopping to buy some treats and a little memento of our trip together before heading to the train station.

Parting at home was only brief as the very next day we had another trip planned. A very naughty trip indeed.


  1. Well, now we're envious of French and Scot! Such a lucky couple to get to play with you both. And you were right: The pictures are incredible and such a sexy delight.

  2. This has just been such a sexy, horny, loving, naughty series of total rampage!!! It will be so good to hear what that "naughty trip" entails!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. Quite an adventure you had...especially with a man getting stuck. ;)