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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I have a fantasy

I have a fantasy, something special thatsometimes if I'm wanting to slowly masturbate and daydream I think about. Thesedays in my mind YSL is always by my side. I shared the intimate details of itwith YSL as with many of my fantasies I love his interest in what arouses meand he always picks up on the little details and nuances that make thescenarios meaningful for example when I told him about my MMF fantasy heunderstood totally it wasn’t about just fucking with 2 men, he knew it wasabout being held in a caring way by one and made love to by the other, and he’snot about racing into things when the moment was right, the right other personwas there I got my fantasy without having to say another word.

The fantasy I shared quite some time ago was originallysparked from the masked ball/orgy from the film Eyes Wide Shut, the wholedecadence and anonymity added to the exclusivity and class of the whole thingmakes me ache with arousal. When I fantasise about it I'm wearing a mask and only a full length hooded velvet cape, YSL is dressed and wearing a mask. we observe others fucking and pleasuring each other, the women the central focus of every ones attention. YSL pushes me forward and removes my cape and the sea of hands reach out and touch me. I love the idea of not knowing the identities, just hands giving pleasure, each time it differs how but the anonymity remainssomething again Id fantasised about and adored the reality when YSL held me asa complete stranger in the dark room presented his cock for YSL to feed intome.

Now for those that don't know YSL like I do youshould be aware that a mere suggestion, like I did yesterday of "have youseen the BBW night is on at Le Chambre, it's a shame you’re not workingnear there" a few hours later a reply comes back from him and a bookingfor a luxury hotel for us both. He is very much a solutions  man; nothing stops an idea turning intoreality.

So back to my 'Eyes Wide Shut' fantasy....

When we were on our rampage up in Scotland lastmonth YSL showed me a website,’s an upmarket swingers club or libertines as they say in France, the placelooks like the set of Moulin Rouge from the pictures and for thosethat follow the link you will see they host ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ themed nightsamongst other delightful pleasures. 

This morning I woke to this message from YSL....

I nowfind myself free for the whole weekend in June starting from the Friday. As Ialways say, just because it is convenient for me, I never expect you to fall inline with my conveniences.............however, if you are available, andit has been priced up and looks good to me. How do you feel about a flight toCDG on Saturday, a night at Les Chandelles, fly from CDG to London on Mondaymorning, then get the train home on the Tuesday?

Yes I'm free! OMG! I have done NO work today due to looking on EdenFantasys to find somesuitable sexy lingerie and planning cover stories! They have yet to publish what is one that night theme wise but frankly I don't care! it looks like a swingers delight and one that I wish to share with YSL. I quite like the idea of this lace gown from there plus size lingerie selection, what do you think?


  1. Wow... lucky you, sounds a weekend of utter bliss.


  2. We've always wanted to attend a party of this type. Your description thereof only makes us want it more.

  3. Something to look forward to your description here!