Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The chocolate game

Thursday night we arrived at the club and after an enthusiastic show round we grabbed a drink and met a few of the other guests. The couple in the hot tub caught our eye and by the looks of their smiles we seemed to of caught theirs.

We finished our drinks and headed upstairs to one of the main play rooms. On the bed opposite are a pile of clothes and a bag if chocolate buttons, we wonder whose they are and joke about pinching a chocolate.

I sit on the bed and YSL parts my legs and kneels on the edge of the bed, just as I'm lying back the couple from the jacuzzi come into the room. Its their clothes and chocolate, we say our hellos and I confess I wanted to pinch a chocolate.

The lady, Sue, curvy figure, large breasts and a very naughty glint in her eye comes over to sit next to us. The guy, Jim, a tall well built guy with a shaven head wanders over with a confident swagger opening the chocolates.

"we have a game do you want to play?" he asks playfully.

"yes" the only answer clearly

"place a chocolate where you want me to lick" he explains "I can't stop licking until you place the next one down".

I take a chocolate and place one on my thigh, i didnt wang to empty the bag on my pussy straight away! Jim starts licking and nibbling away, I place another on my other thigh and Sue goes for it.

I pass the bag of chocs to YSL and make him in charge of placing more. He places a trail to my cunt for Jim to follow and Sue heads for the ones on my breast. I ask for a couple of chocs, everyone thought I just wanted to eat one but instead I reached and placed them on Sues arse and told YSL to join in with the licking. Before long the chocolates were forgotten and the 4 of us were just in a knot of entwined bodies.

I was on my knees kissing Sue and sucking her breasts, YSL licking her and she's whispering to me how wonderful it feels as he makes her cum. Jim is fingering me and then trying to work his huge hand inside me until he manages to fist me fully. His hands are so big I can hardly breath I'm so full of him. He touches my clit gently and makes me cum.

He starts to fuck me slowly at first then builds up pace to thoroughly pounding me, taking hold of my hair as he pulls me back onto his cock. He slows down and pushes his thumb into my arse gauging reaction to see if Iike it or not. He grabs some lube and slicks my hole ready then pushes his cock inside. I love the connection, YSL is holding my hand as Jim fucks my other hole.

When he finishes fucking my arse I take a break and head to the bathroom and was followed by Jim, YSL is still licking Sue and she is adoring every moment of it. Jim makes it clear in the toilets he wants me, he tells me he think I'm hot and how much he has loved having his cock inside me.

As we head back to the playroom
Sue is sucking on YSL and Jim starts to spank her. He invites me to join in and keep her legs open as he played with her. I could see YSL wasn't enjoying her oral as much so I politely take over the administration. Jim starts to fist me again and spank me firmly with his unburied hand until I cum again.

Sue was on all 4's ready to be fucked, I sit back and enjoy watching while slowly stroking my wet pussy as Jim gets at the front end so she gets a spit roast. He is clearly a dominant guy, he starts to call Sue a filthy slut and pushing her back onto YSL's cock telling her to take it properly. It was a little mismatched to where we were at in play but we appreciated their enthusiasm.

YSL pulls out and finished her off with his fingers and Jim lies back to watch. His cock is hard and YSL encourages me to make use of the erection. I lie next to Jim and take him in my mouth, slowly sucking and teasing him. YSL moves behind me and pushes his hardness inside me, his cock feels so much bigger and deeper the Jims.

I suck and wank Jim until he is clearly on the edge of cumming, YSL is so close to it and whispers to make Jim cum. I lock my mouth firmly round the tip and drain his cum, the open my mouth and let YSL see it all dribble back out.

Sue is sucking another guy who has joined us in the room, he cums and pushes her back in the bed and buried his face in her pussy.

Jim takes hold of me and gently caresses my back and neck while YSL continues to fuck me with such passion, right at this moment my head is full of a fantasy of mine, I've never done a mmf so intimate, just being held and desired by a man while being made love to by another that wants me so much. I cum so deep I'm almost dizzy with it Jim had to check I was OK not being used to how wrapped in a euphoric orgasmic state I can get.

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