Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I dont often get gifts for my birthday, I know I will be shocked if I do, last year though I cheered myself up by shamefully asking for pictures you masturbating over the blog and you gave generously! Not enough ladies though!! You guys didn’t let me down I got some wonderful pictures click HERE if you want to see some of them.

This year I’m asked for the gift of an orgasm from all blog visitors, thats ladies and gents including you silent lurkers!

YSL is away and yes the top picture is his gift :) we have a special trip planned in a few weeks as well which I'm looking forward to, a few days of quality time together will be do good.

Do from you guys....

I wanted a sexy picture of anything you think will turn me on along with ONE OF THE FOLLOWING

a) If youre a naughty blogger a link to a sexy post that us ‘wank worthy’ (and I welcome a shameless plug of your blog for others to read)

b) A naughty thought you’ve had about me (and YSL if you fancy a virtual moresome) – the more detailed the better

c) Post a fantasy on your blog about us playing together, send the link and I will post that with the picture

d) A link to a porn flick you think I would like

e) Just a simple birthday wish for those well behaved people ;)

If you want to send a belated wish....Send the images and links/filth to (no spaces just trying to outwit the spam bots) Y U M M Y X 72@ G M A I L . COM

You might want to book mark this page! so much to read and so many great posts!!

From Jack and Jill (fellow naughty bloggers, well worth a read, friends and often found on my time line on twitter)

The story we've written for your birthday can be found here:

This is such a wonderful gift, so detailed and erotic. Please take your time to read it and leave comment either here or over there. Now I just need 2 tickets to cross the Ocean to do it for real!


From @Hardinreddy

Happy birthday, Yummy! I've had so much enjoyment reading your blog and vicariously participating in your sexual enjoyments that I'm more than delighted to play this little game . . .

a) If youre a naughty blogger a link to a sexy post that is ‘wank worthy’ (and I welcome a shameless plug of your blog for others to read)

My woman and I aren't active bloggers any more, but we have left our blog up for people to enjoy. It's so difficult to pick out just one "wank worthy" post, but looking through them I thought this one would come closest to matching your mood today . . . it's about Cherrie and one of her lovers: and scroll down to "Elevation."

b) A naughty thought you’ve had about me (and YSL if you fancy a virtual moresome) – the more detailed the better

Naughty? Consensual sex among adults isn't naughty . . . it's a necessity! It's fun! It's fulfilling!

But here's a naughty thought inspired by your amazing pliability: you, lying on the corner of a mattress, legs spread and in the air, orifices lubed up, taking my fist in your cunt and YSL's fist in your ass as you alternately suck and stroke our throbbing, purple cocks . . .

c) Post a fantasy on your blog about us playing together, send the link and I will post that with the picture

I'm not going to resume the blog, but here's a scenario that intrigues me: we're at a BDSM dungeon with a woman you're hot for. She and I position you on a mattress covered with a black sheet and tie you up with red rope, your arms bound behind your back, your legs spread straight out, as wide as they will go. Then I insert a meathook through the ropes in your back, which is attached to another rope leading through a series of industrial pulleys. Slowly we winch you into the air, until you are about two feet above the mattress, swaying slowly, your cunt beginning to drip. She stands on the mattress and makes love to you, running her hands and tongue all over your exposed, bound body, licking your cunt lustily. Your inability to reciprocate by touching and kissing her is driving you mad. Meanwhile, I slide my nude body under you and stroke my hard cock as you watch . . .

Just as you reach the peak of your stimulation, she stops pleasuring you and puts her hands on the winch. Tortuously, she lowers you, inch by inch, onto my erection, with you helpless to stop it--or speed it up. And when the tip of my cock parts your throbbing labia, you scream . . .

d) A link to a porn flick you think I would like
I've watched Shortbus with three lovers, and it's made each of them uncontrollably horny. Turns out women like watching gay men fuck as much as men like watching women. But you know that.

e) Just a simple birthday wish for those well behaved people ;)
Or even those who aren't?

I thought about sending you a cock pic, but thought you'd like a photo of me engaged in my favourite activity even more. Enjoy!

Hardin xxx

Thank you Hardin, I adore your comments on my posts, you often see the depth of what is happening and it is very much appreciated and I can confirm you have gifted a couple of orgasms :)


From 13messages (such a sexy blogger and again found on my timeline on twitter if you wish to follow his sexy ass)

He also has a sexy ass blog .... he has some wonderful photograohy to go look at.


From Brian

Oh , naughty thought . i'd like to tie you face down , spreadeagled . lick your arse and cunt . spank you with my hand till your arse glows , then i'd like to to take your arse and ride you till i come . that do ?

Yes :) lush picture thank you!!!


From @saz49

A naughty picture from Saz

You can see more of me and Saz playing together HERE
This picture is of the double ended dildo she has fuck me with before and has promised to give me my gift of an orgasm directly in a couple of weeks when we meet again.


From Cliff

This sounds like a fun thing.
I have written some stories over the last few years of some adventures my exwife and I had. The first one I wrote happened some years after we were married. I would love to gave you read and evaluate them.

The story I want you to read first is found at once in, on the right, click the link for june then 09. Then click on 'paying the bet' .
This is a true story. All the names...and positions of the individuals involved have been changed. The words spoken by each person is to the best of my recollection. I did video the event from four separate cameras so i do remember fairly well.
Hope you enjoy.

I loved it, a very arousing read and highly recommended to my readers

click here for link


From Libido Scot

So, you're after the gift of an orgasm, eh? Well, I think porn is probably different for guys that girls, yet, this particular clip crosses the bridge. The story pretext is a bit thin, but the use of the bandage, and the confident direction is - in my view at least - really erotic.



From Cooper @eroticwilde

An invitation to junp in and rub a dub dub :)


From @Maddcountrygirl (a fellow blogger, naughty pup and a friend)

Dearest Yummy,

Happy Bloody Birthday or Penblwydd Hapus!!

Thought I would send you a link to my blog, hopefully wank worthy.... :-/

And now to your readers!
Dearest readers of the Yummiest blog,
I hope you agree this might be wank worthy! Otherwise if you disagree feel free to perve at my boobs! Or my muff for that matter!
I would also love to see you all for Maddvent, my Christmas Countdown... a collection of my fave blogs, sexy pictures and some naughty stories too!

Much love


A great naughty blog and a fab post! Thanks babes xxxx


From @JillyBoyd (a twitter friend, a fellow blogger and a bloody nice person al round)

Yummy, you sexy lady, I've got you a birthday prezzie!

First is this link to a post I deem "wank-worthy":

Second is my tits, covered in sweets, as seen on the added picture. Also, my cunt.

Third, is this little thought, especially for you. It's a short one, but I hope it's good enough.

I've long imagined being eaten out by you whilst YSL fucks you vigorously, pounding your sweet cunt until you spill your cum all over the bed sheets. Then, I like to imagine eating you out, whilst he fucks me. I bet he's good. I bet you're amazing. And I want to fuck you both. And I definitely want to bite those sexy nipples of yours ;)

Fourth, I would love to recommend anything by Tristan Taormino to watch. She's a top educated/pornographer and deserves to be watched. The Chemistry series is amazing to watch btw.

And fifth

I wish you all the love and luck you deserve, and I hope to meet you and YSL some day, because you both seem absolutely wonderful.

xx Jilly

Thanks Jilly! and the sweets look good but you look delicious! and likewise I hope our paths cross one day on our travels.

and its her birthday next week so head over and give her a gift!!!


From @blacksilkblog (a naughty blogger as you will discover, a woman with no shame and all round hot chick)

Hi Yummy!

First of all, happy birthday! I hope you have a really good (and sexy)
one! Your gift of an orgasm idea was really awesome, by the way,
thanks for letting me steal it for my birthday too. :)

I hope you like the picture I've attached. Sorry the picture quality
is a bit rubbishy. My new camera only came today and I'm still getting
used to it so I couldn't get any nicer shots out of it in time. Still,
me and my Tantus Adam had some fun before that and I thought you'd
like it!
As for the "wank worthy" post you were after, I found it kinda hard to
pick, but I figure probably Showers and Strawberries is one of the
hottest things I've written in a while:

Anyway, like I say, thanks for the great idea, hope you like the
'presents' and hope you have a great birthday!
I'm really looking forward to getting more into your blog, by the way,
so maybe next year I'll be able to give you a naughty fantasy as well!

Lots of love,

Blacksilk x

P.S. Obviously I don't mind you posting that picture on your birthday
post, I've practically no shame after all! :P

Fabulous! thanks so much and I will be replaying the compliment for your birthday.


from cookies and cream

Happy birthday wishes to you on your born day! We wish you all the best and many more sexy one's.

We would like to dedicate this post
to you ;-)

Also attaching a pic for your pleasure ;-)

All the best,

Creaming Cookies Team


It's a good thing you V reminded me it's your birthday, I almost forgot to give you your present.

First it's over my knee for a hard paddling, you have to count out as many smacks are you are old. That should get you nice and wet.
Then it's on to a good hard ass fucking doggy style, with you pushing back hard against me because I'm holding your nipples and really giving them a really good pull. That's the present all naughty girls want on their birthday.

I even took a picture while I was doing you so you could look at it afterwards and remember. Yes that's your ass and my cock. Mmmmmm



God love photoshop!!! That is amazing! Thanks xx

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Im going to get some naughty lingerie. help me choose tell which you think I will look hot in.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Beautiful! I hope you get everything you wish for!

    I'm a huge fan of corsets and I think you'd look fabulous in this ~

    I've been in zombie mode for a long time now, so nothing naughty goin' on here! Sorry.

  2. Happy birthday, Yummy, and what a sensational post! I'll be coming back to it to check out all the links your horny fans provided.

    Saz49s photo shows something we love doing with a double dong, but we also have this, which is great fun if you like vibration:

    As for what I'd like to see you wearing when we play (oops--Freudian slip), I'd vote for this:

    Now can I give you some birthday spankings?

  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

  4. It's an honor to be included here. I hope your birthday is a fantastic one.

  5. Wow Yummy, thanks for including me!
    Have realised I am obviously to overeager and use way too many exclaimation marks.... its the effect you have on a girl ;)
    Happy Birthday, here's to our stocking fillers!
    Maddie xxx

  6. We thought we had posted a comment on this entry, but apparently we hadn't. Apologies for that. We are very pleased that you saw fit to include a link to our story here. We are glad to know both you and YSL and consider you our friends. We hope your birthday was wonderful, and we look forward to writing another story for you in a year's time.